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C665 initiative and enthusiasm

After Tang youyou went up the building, he still felt something was wrong. It's always a bad feeling that Ji Xiaohan's cousin appeared at Ji's house at this time.

Don't know if Ji Xiaohan knows this, Tang youyou decides to call him.

"Hello!" The man's low voice came, slightly showing a little tired. In front of the closest people, he didn't seem to cover up the tiredness, so it made Tang youyou feel sad.

"Ji Xiaohan, there's a guest at home. Your grandma says he's your uncle's son. Do you know what he's going to do?" Tang youyou told me directly.

"Is Ji Shangqing here?" Season owl cold really don't know, the tone of a moment is full of depression.

"Yes, he's here all of a sudden. What's his purpose?" Tang youyou doesn't like Ji Lin's family at all, so he wants to remind Ji Xiaohan to guard against them.

"I will go back early in the evening. Don't worry. If he really has any purpose, I will find out!" Ji Xiaohan knows what she's worried about. He calms down and comforts her.

"Well, then you're busy. I'll hang up first!" Said Tang youyou gently.

"Where did you go just now? Who did you meet? " Season owl cold asks a voice suddenly.

Tang youyou Mou color tiny Zheng: "how do you know I went to see a person?"

"The bodyguards I sent to you are not just decorations." There was a sense of conceit in the man's tone.

Tang youyou is annoyed for a while, right? She almost ignored those bodyguards. Did Ji Xiaohan receive the message as soon as she went to see miffee?

"No wonder you cooperate with me so much." Tang youyou murmured, but he was very happy.

Season owl cold soft low smile: "say, in the end what happened? Why do you want to hear that I love you? "

+ - "er This matter, come back to explain to you, you are busy with the work first! " Tang youyou's pretty face is red. For a while, he can't explain clearly.

"Well, go back and tell me!" Ji Xiaohan still attaches great importance to and is interested in her affairs.

"Yes! Hang up! " Tang youyou hung up the phone, the corner of his mouth involuntarily raised a smile.

Tang youyou raised his hand and looked at the time. It was already four o'clock. She wanted to go to pick up the child with the old lady, so she went downstairs.

The old lady is ready to go out.

"Grandma, I'll go with you!" Tang youyou said quickly.

Looking back at her, the old lady said gravely, "you'd better not go out and have a hairdryer. Be careful that your head hurts later. Wait at home and I'll pick up the children."

The old lady's concern, let Tang youyou have to stop, had to nod: "OK!"

The old lady went out in the housekeeper's car. At the moment, the snow outside the door was getting bigger, and a cold wind came. Tang youyou wrapped his coat in some cold.

"Sister Tang, can you show me around the house? It's the first time I've come here. I'm not familiar with the environment here. " A gentle voice, polite in her behind ring up.

Tang youyou looks back and sees Ji Shangqing coming out of the small sitting room beside him, with a gentle smile on his face.

Although he smiled with great affinity, Tang youyou didn't want to go too close to him, so she had to smile: "you can visit as you like. I have work to do. I'm sorry!" After Tang youyou finished, he turned around and walked quickly to the stairs.

Ji Shangqing saw her turn and went upstairs. He was a little lost behind him. Then he walked up the stairs slowly.

Tang youyou didn't expect him to follow her upstairs. Her expression slightly changed. She looked back at him: "master Ji..."

"Don sister-in-law, why don't you call me Shangqing?"

"Well, next to it is Ji Xiaohan's study. Except for the servant who goes in every morning to clean it, no one is allowed to go in." Tang youyou is really afraid that Ji Shangqing will casually look through the things of Ji Xiaohan when there is no one at home.

Ji Shangqing's expression was stunned, and then he laughed: "sister Tang, you misunderstood me. I didn't want to visit his study. I just want to see which room I should sleep in tonight. Sister Tang, can you tell me which room I should sleep in?"

Tang youyou's expression froze for a second, pointing to the row of rooms beside him: "those three rooms are all guest rooms, you can choose one by yourself."

"OK! Thank you, Mrs. Tang! " Ji Shangqing is very polite and polite, but Tang youyou doesn't know what to do.

"Correct it. Don't call me cousin. I haven't married Ji Xiaohan. You can call me Miss Tang." Tang youyou said quietly.

"I'm sorry, it's my faux pas. Then I'll call you Miss Tang. I've been curious about what kind of woman my cousin will like. After seeing you, I found out that you are really beautiful." Ji Shangqing said with a smile.

"You are the young master of Ji's family, and you are abroad all the year round. There must be many beautiful women you have met. I am not beautiful at all." "Yes, there are many beautiful women, but you have a very clean and pure temperament. I think you are not old." Ji Shangqing didn't expect Tang youyou to look so young. Just after asking his grandmother, he knew that Tang youyou was only twenty-three years old. He was already the mother of two four-year-old children, which was really surprising.

"I'm not young either!" Tang youyou finds that the other side is very good at finding topics to talk about, which makes her want to avoid even without a chance. "It must be younger than me. I'm 26 years old. You look like a college student who hasn't graduated yet." When Ji Shangqing saw Tang Youyou, she was still very amazing. She was only twenty-three years old. At the age of flowers, plus her pure and white face, she didn't give people a sense of being a young woman. Instead, she was very pure. She seemed to be not familiar with the world. People wanted to protect and punish her.

"You're flattering me. I didn't even go to college. I graduated a long time ago!" Tang youyou pulled at the corners of his mouth, then turned around and went to the bedroom.

Ji Shangqing feels that this woman is full of self-defense. The light in his eyes flickers twice. He has never failed in dealing with women. What's more, Tang youyou has not married Ji Xiaohan. They just have two children.

Does this prove that he has a good chance?

If Tang youyou fell in love with himself, what would be the expression of Ji Xiaohan? Would he be more miserable than dead?

Thinking of this result, Ji Shangqing's thin lips are proud of it. He thinks it's a very interesting game. He wants to see the result. Tang youyou quickly enters the bedroom and closes the door. Ji Shangqing feels unpredictable. Although he always smiles, she still feels that he is very dangerous.