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Looking at the man's lazy appearance, the light in his eyes that was slightly closed faded away, as if he was very easy to bully.

Tang You You forcefully swallowed a mouthful of saliva, her little face was completely red, and her palms were nervously sweating.

How long has it been?

Since she was being urged, Tang You You immediately walked in front of her.

Breathing hard, she suddenly didn't know where to start.

With zero experience, she was like a duckling caught in a haystack. Her little face was red, but she didn't know how to kiss him.

No matter what, she felt that she would turn into a joke today, making this man laugh for the rest of his life.

Just as Tang You You had also closed her eyes and pounced on her lips, she did not know that the eyes which were closed had suddenly opened. Her eyes were bright and bright, with a deep smile in them, as she looked at the woman who was pouting towards her.

From his understanding of women, he knew that this woman didn't have much experience in kissing. Otherwise, she wouldn't have directly smacked his lips like a child.

Seeing her lips that were as tender as rose petals, Ji Xiao Han's eyes darkened and his adam's apple subconsciously moved a little.

Just as her lips were about to touch his, his large hand suddenly pressed down on the back of her head.

"Ugh …" Tang You You, who was just probing a moment ago, immediately stuck her head in front of her, her beautiful eyes wide open in shock.

When he saw the man's eyes, which were as dark as the sea of stars, he couldn't help but laugh.

Was he fooling me?

Tang You You had a very shameful feeling, this man was clearly doing this on purpose.

The thin lips pressed against her lips were as sweet and tender as usual, making him want to pay deeply.

But just as he was about to push her into his embrace to deepen the kiss, the sounds of Tang Xiao Nai and her discussion came from outside the door of the study.

"Strange, where did father and Mummy go? It's not in Mummy's room, nor is it in Dad's room. Did they go out? " Tang Xiao Nai asked in a flustered tone with a Mummy he could not find his father in.

Tang Xiao Rui knocked on her head, "What an idiot, there's a light in your reading room, they are definitely inside."

After Tang Xiao Rui finished speaking, he raised his small hand, intending to turn the handle of the door.

At this moment, the bodies of the two people inside suddenly stiffened. Tang You You instinctively stretched out her hands and fiercely pushed Ji Xiao Han away.

She had just jumped out of the man's arms when she saw her son open the door and walk in with her sister.

"Daddy, Mummy, you guys are here indeed. I want to drink milk … Mummy, how about you make me a cup of your younger sister's milk powder? " Tang Xiao Nai said pitifully.

Tang You You tousled her hair in a flurry. She turned her back, not daring to let the child see her blushing face.

Although Ji Xiao Han felt disheartened, the children couldn't find him and Tang You You, so their hearts must have been flustered. He couldn't ignore the feelings of the children just for their own benefits.

"Xiao Nai, let's go. Daddy will make a cup for you!" Ji Xiao Han walked over to his daughter's side and very naturally held the little guy in his arms.

However, Tang Xiao Rui realized that something was wrong with the Mummy. He went around to Tang You You's front and raised his little head to size him up: "Mummy, what's wrong? Did Daddy bully you again? "

Tang You You stammered, "Nope... "Nope."

Ji Xiao Han immediately said faintly: "Xiao Rui, you are mistaken, it was your Mummy who bullied me."

When Tang You You heard that the man actually thought that the situation was not chaotic enough, and said such misunderstanding words, he immediately turned around and glared at the man.

Ji Xiao Han, on the other hand, smiled proudly, and before she could get angry, he carried his daughter and walked out.

Tang Xiao Rui blinked his big eyes, then said happily: "Mummy, you have great ability, you can bully father now, work hard, and only bully father from now on, I don't want to see you suffer any grievances."

Ji Xiao Han, who was not far from the door, naturally heard his son's biased words, causing his handsome face to freeze slightly.

It was clearly her biological body, why did it look like it was retrieved?

When Tang You You heard his son's words, he burst out laughing. Sure enough, his son still doted on her the most.

She crouched down, hugged her son and kissed him a few times on his cheeks: "Don't worry, your Mummy is strong, you won't be easily bullied by others."

"En, Mummy must not be afraid of bad people, right? Now you have Father supporting you." Tang Xiao Rui touched the Mummy's long hair with a warm expression.

Tang You You looked at her son's swollen face, comforting her. She suddenly felt that all the grievances she had suffered was worth it, because she felt safe under the protection of this tiny little man.

This was the first time Ji Xiao Han helped his daughter wash the milk powder, causing him to be extremely flustered.

The Uncle Yuan watched from the side and reminded anxiously, "Young Master, you've put too much water in, be careful not to get it burned."

Ji Xiao Han just realised that it took so many steps to get his daughter some milk powder.

By the time he brought a cup of delicious milk powder to his daughter's mouth, his back was sweating.

"Thank you, Daddy! Daddy is great! " Tang Xiao Nai praised with her sweet lips.

Ji Xiao Han secretly heaved a sigh of relief, and said gently: "Quickly drink, don't get cold!"

Tang Xiao Nai held the cup and drank her milk in satisfaction. Ji Xiao Han's finger lazily drew across his lips, landing on them as she savored the sweet and warm breath of the woman just now.

When Tang You You led her son downstairs, she saw the man's actions that brought endless aftertaste, and her small face instantly became embarrassed.

"Cough …" "About that, about the matter just now, you …" Tang You You walked in front of him and asked him somewhat hesitantly, "What is the result?"

"We need to talk about this later!" Ji Han turned to her and replied sinisterly.

Tang You You, "..." Do we still need to talk about it?

Wasn't this man too shameless? He had clearly agreed to it just now, so how was he going to negotiate?