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C1222 intentional obstruction

There is a very famous night snack restaurant on the eighth floor. However, people who come here are not ordinary people. They are all rich people. There are many kinds of night snack here, but each one is a fine product. The price is naturally astonishing.

Luo Jinyu and Yang ChuChu came in and met a man.

"President Luo?" Fang Kexin looks at the man with a surprised face. However, the surprise on her face disappears the next second, because Yang ChuChu is holding his arm. She quickly pulls off the mask, makes a face at her, and then puts it back on. "

you..." Fang Kexin, no matter how noble and elegant he is, is also angry now. He glares at Yang ChuChu angrily.

"What happened to me? You stare at my boyfriend. Can't I remind you? " Yang ChuChu doesn't want to let go of this woman. After all, she remembers what happened last time when she came to her company to pick things up. Fang

Kexin's mind was directly pointed out by Yang ChuChu. Her pretty face instantly blushed, and she stared at Yang ChuChu angrily, and then walked away quickly.

From the beginning to the end, Luo Jinyu didn't say a word. After all, he didn't have a good impression on Kexin, and naturally didn't want to meet her. "

I'm pissed off!" Yang ChuChu's mouth was raised, and he said happily.

Luo Jinyu patted her on the shoulder gently: "well, we're here to eat. We're not here to fight. Just ignore it!"

"Well, listen to you!" Of course, Yang ChuChu doesn't want to fight. It's important to have a full stomach. Two

individuals choose a good card seat. After sitting down, they call the waiter to order.

Luo Jinyu was afraid that she was really hungry. She ordered a lot of delicious food for her at one go. Yang ChuChu took the menu and calculated the money. It was so expensive. She immediately shouted, "Luo Jinyu, don't be so generous next time, just have a night snack. It's too expensive!" "

what? Want to save me money so soon? " Of course, Luo Jinyu is willing to spend money for her. Even if she wants the stars in the sky, he is willing to find a way to pick them. Of course, this is not realistic. "

save it, after all, it's not easy for you to make money!" Yang ChuChu said with his head down. "

the money I make will be spent on you later. Anyway, I can't spend much money all year round!" Luo Jinyu doesn't have many hobbies. Most of the money he makes has been reinvested. But after careful calculation, it's enough for him to spend his life. However, no one will dislike more money. Naturally, he has to continue to earn it. Yang's face is even redder after listening carefully. "

that's what you said. If I lose my family one day, don't blame me!" Yang ChuChu was angry with him. "

it is clear that I will go abroad in a few days. Do you have time? Give you a chance to lose! " Luo Jinyu used to go abroad with his company's team. Now, with Yang ChuChu, he really hopes to take her with him to look after her from time to time.

"Well, it's just that I'm free now!" Yang ChuChu readily agreed.

"That's the decision!" Luo Jinyu hears her to promise, the mood is happy at once.

The two men came home after supper. It was already eleven o'clock in the evening. Yang ChuChu was so full. When he came back, he wandered around the living room. Luo Jinyu took a bath and saw her walking back and forth. He couldn't help laughing: "what's the matter? I don't feel well. " "

No, I'm burning calories. I accidentally overeat today. When it's over, my weight will definitely rise. I'm afraid of this!" As a female star, Yang ChuChu cares about her face and figure most of course. In recent years, she has been eating in moderation. With exercise, she is so graceful and slim that she is afraid of becoming fat. Luo

when Jin Yu heard that she was worried about her weight, he couldn't help sneering: "you are light as a feather, what are you afraid of?"

"You didn't eat much. Of course, don't worry. I just had three bowls of porridge and a variety of desserts and fruits. In the evening, I ate so much!" Yang ChuChu covered his face with a face less expression.

"Come here!" Luo Jinyu suddenly called her.

"Why!" Yang ChuChu blinked his sad big eyes at him.

"Don't you want to exercise? Just in time, I know a sport is very useful for losing weight! " Man's evil smile, that burning eyes have made people blush and heartbeat. "

you..." After two seconds of bewilderment, Yang ChuChu suddenly understood and said shyly, "no, don't do this kind of exercise. Last night it was..." "

that was last night. I haven't done it tonight!" The man is only wearing a white bath towel. His tall and strong body is as strong as a tiger and a leopard under the light, which can't bear to be seen. Yang

with a clear mind, he immediately backed away and resolutely did not meet his requirements. When

however, all this is in vain. In the end, it was forced to exercise.

When the wind stopped and the rain stopped, Yang ChuChu supported his waist and accused the man of ten crimes.

Luo Jinyu carried her into the bathroom, cleaned her and put her on the bed: "well, go to bed, don't you want to get up early tomorrow?" "

MM!" Yang ChuChu was already sleepy. She felt that the man was lying down too. She immediately moved over, hugged one of his arms, and her face was close to his temperature. She fell asleep gradually. Luo

Jin Yu didn't sleep steadily. Maybe he had a bad dream because he was so obsessed with the word "marriage". In the dream, his bride became someone else. He threw the diamond ring on the spot. After throwing the woman away, he went all over the world to find Yang ChuChu. He had been looking for her all the time, but he couldn't find her. He asked people anxiously, and no one could tell him. Luo

Jin Yu woke up at more than three o'clock in the morning. The dream was too real. The taste of loss, like ice, frozen in his heart, made him sweat all over.

When he woke up, he found a warm little body lying on his back. He subconsciously reached out his hand and held her in his arms. The girl murmured and went on sleeping in his arms. Only

holding her real, the fear in that dream disappeared little by little, but then he couldn't sleep. Fang

Yang didn't get Luo Jinyu's help at last, but he didn't give up. He was still looking for relationships and contacts. However, he found one thing. No matter how good the contacts he was looking for, in the end, he couldn't achieve his goal, because he felt that someone was deliberately obstructing him.

Indeed, if someone deliberately blocks his way up, he can't get what he wants no matter how sincere he asks for it. Who is it? Who is so malicious to block his way?

Fang Yang didn't have a good rest for several days. There was a black around his eyes. He lost his temper in his study.

Fang Kexin saw the lights in his study and brought up a glass of milk. The relationship between his father and daughter has eased recently. Because Fang Kexin felt that his worry seemed to be superfluous. Her father was always the only daughter who could get on the stage. Yang ChuChu was always the illegitimate daughter hiding in the dark.

She reached for her hand and knocked on the door. Fang Yang opened the door and saw that it was her. She looked relaxed. "

Kexin, why haven't you slept?" "

dad, you've been sleeping late every day recently. Have you met any difficulties?" Fang Kexin is still worried about his health. Seeing that he has a bad rest in the last few days, he looks haggard and naturally wants to ask.

"I'm worried about my work. The mayor has been hanging around for a while. I don't know how it's arranged. Can I be promoted?" Fang Yang sat wearily on the sofa with his hands on his forehead, looking extremely worried.

"Dad, did you get through the relationship? Didn't the gift get to the table? " Fang Kexin was born in business and politics. He was very familiar with these things of networking since childhood. "

I want to give gifts, but no one accepts them!" Fang Yang said angrily.

"Dad, don't worry. I'll ask my grandfather for help!" Fang Kexin quickly comforted him. "

No, don't let your grandfather know!" Fang Yang's spirit was frightened, so he quickly interrupted her. "

why?" Fang Kexin frowns. "

because the team I want to stand in this time is not the same as your grandfather!" Fang Yang said with a heavy face.