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C1742 still believes in love

Xu Zhouguan set the fire and forbid the people to light the lights. It's Ji Xiaohan's inner play now. In order to care for her feelings, he deliberately ignored the heroine in the film. He thought that Tang youyou would at least consider his male self-esteem and ignore the hero of the film.

Unfortunately, he was wrong.

Maybe he shouldn't think about it at all. Tang youyou seems to have been grasped by him, but in fact, this woman's heart is very free, and he can't control her thoughts.

As soon as the film appears, the man is running after the woman's car. This scene is very touching. Tang youyou's taking popcorn slowly. He looks at the heartbreaking love on the screen without blinking.

So, watching the movie was so fascinating that she didn't find the expression of the man around her was loveless.


Just as Tang youyou continued to reach for popcorn, she seemed to get a hard thing, like a small box.

Tang youyou immediately turned around in surprise and saw the box he was holding in his hand. Mei Mou opened a circle: "Ji Xiaohan, why do you give me this?

What is this? "

"Call me husband, and I'll tell you when I call him."

The man's bad expression reveals his mind, but he will only spend his mind on Tang youyou.


Tang youyou cried softly in his ear.

If this man dared to tease her like this before, she would not be soft and would just follow him to the end. But now, she does not know when to start, and she knows that it's along with his temperament. Because it's not a fun thing to provoke a crazy lion. Instead, it's along with his hair to talk, which can get more love and protection from him.

Smart women know how to show their weakness properly, which is a kind of personality charm.

Ji Xiao's heart was cold, and he didn't think well. If he could call him that in bed, it would be good.

"The present for you was intended for the end of the movie."

The man leans over and whispers in her ear.

Tang youyou's beautiful eyes flashed with joy. I didn't expect that this man also arranged such a program.

"Then why now?"

Because the cinema, can not speak loudly, two people talk, can only be close to each other's ear, so, the sweet smell on the woman, on the man's nose, keep winding, he suddenly wanted to kiss her.

"Turn your attention, who let you just look at the hero, but I feel a little bit."

Ji Xiaohan said, grabbing a popcorn and throwing it into his mouth.

Tang youYou can see that this man is jealous. It's really interesting. He's jealous when watching a movie. Isn't he afraid of being too sour?

In spite of this, Tang youyou secretly opened the box and took a quick look at it. It turned out to be a diamond ring. The diamond is big and shiny. It's valuable at first sight. The man spent money on her again.

The film is a bit cruel, and many lovers around begin to red their eyes, as if they are feeling the same thing.

Tang youyou's eyes are also a little sour. In this world, not all people's love can be justified. There are many obstacles that make love bow to reality. In the movie, when the protagonists and heroines parted ways at the seaside, the most sad cry finally broke out.

There are two women in front of us who can't help crying, obviously very sad.

Tang youyou is also an emotional woman. Although she tried hard to keep herself from crying, she didn't want to let Ji Xiaohan watch the joke. Sometimes, tears can be stopped. That's when facing the challenge of choosing a T-shirt, that kind of tenacious willpower can make tears not fall easily. But at this moment, a touch of sadness from the bottom of her heart can't help Tang youyou to let the tears slide from the corner of her eyes Come down.

She turned away her face a little embarrassed, and reached out to wipe away her tears, but suddenly, a big hand handed in a tissue.

Tang youyou looks stunned. His tears are all forgotten. What a shame. Did he still find out?

She reached for it and gave it a straight snivel, because she couldn't help it.

The man gave a light laugh beside him, and didn't know what he was laughing at.

Don you stare at him, such a sad love story, is he as a comedy to see it?

Does this man have any sympathy in the end.

Originally, it was a sad mood, because the strong presence of the men around him made the tears evaporate. When Tang youyou went to see the movie screen again, he found that his mind had changed a lot.

At the end, the man and the woman passed each other in the subway two years later. The man found the woman and turned to chase her. When the woman came out of the subway, it was raining heavily. She stood by to avoid the rain. Suddenly, the man rushed out of the subway and stood in the rain. The woman saw him. Their eyes touched each other gently, as if the time of separation had been erased Gone, their eyes are still only each other's shadow, the screen is fixed on the screen of their embrace in the rain.

When the light came on, Tang youyou immediately stood up. Ji Xiaohan reached out and held her hand. Looking back, he saw that several bodyguards around him were red in the eyes, and Ji Xiaohan was shaking.

Why doesn't he feel like this?

On the opposite side, these strong men see tears in their eyes?

Several bodyguards were also embarrassed. I didn't expect the light would come on so soon. They didn't have time to clean up their sad expressions.

It was about eleven o'clock when we left the cinema. There was no place for the party to go, so they went straight home.

Sitting in the car, Ji Xiaohan chuckles. Tang youyou immediately reaches into his palm and grasps him with his fingertips, deliberately to make him hurt.

"Take it easy. It's bleeding."

The man pretends to hurt on purpose, but the smile on his face does not decrease.

This time, Tang youyou directly cruel heart, grasp more painful point, man smile a stiff.

"I asked you to come to the cinema, not to laugh at me. Don't come with you in the future."

Tang youyou turns his face out of the window.

"Well, I admit I'm a bit absent-minded, but I think these plots are all made up to be sensational, just to sell."

As a businessman, Ji Xiaohan is right to see the benefits at first sight.

Tang youyou's feelings were destroyed directly by him. She snorted out angrily: "even if it's to sell, there must be so pure feelings in the world. So many women cry, proving that they have experienced, felt, and I think, even if it's a story, it's a story with soul. I think it's pretty."

Ji Xiaohan nodded and agreed: "of course, feelings exist. So many coincidences exist in reality. Just like us, we met once six years ago. Six years later, we fell in love with each other and had two lovely children. Isn't it like fate?"

When Tang youyou saw that he was serious, his beautiful eyes flashed, then he bowed and chuckled.

Ji Xiaohan's eyes lingered at the corner of her smiling mouth: "did you cry just now, because you were moved by their story, or because you thought of our love?"

Tang youyou shivers slightly. The man's eyes are still sharp. Do you see anything?

"Yes, I think of us. When your grandmother didn't let us be together, my feelings were not better or even more sad than the heroine in the film. After experiencing it, I could feel that kind of despair, so I couldn't cry by myself."

The man's eyes were deep and he reached out and patted her on the shoulder: "it's all over, just like the end of the film. The editor has a conscience and gives a perfect ending. If at that moment, the two people missed it, leaving the audience with a shocking ending forever."

"Yes, in reality, we need this kind of positive energy to warm our hearts and stomachs, which makes people not aware of the indifference and ruthlessness of the world."

Tang youyou is also aware of the good intention of editing and arresting. He didn't want to block everyone's heart, so he let the men and women go around for a while, then he went back to the origin and started again.

"Take the ring out."

The man suddenly whispered.

Tang youyou takes it out of the bag. The man takes it and opens it. He takes the diamond ring, holds her left hand gently and puts it on her ring finger: "it's very beautiful."

Tang youyou raised his hand to the street lamp outside the window.