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What if I say no?

When Tang You You heard of Tang Xue Rou's name, she immediately held her breath. On the day she returned to her home, she specially went to the Tang Family to retrieve her mother's remnants, but who would have thought that this man would forcefully throw her out of the house.

Tang Xue Rou said bitterly that day, she wanted to burn all of her mother's things.

Tang You You knew that he wasn't just threatening her with these words, maybe it was the truth.

How could she, a woman with nothing, contend against the wealth and power that this man possessed?

Could it be that she was going to watch as he snatched away her pair of children?

No, she couldn't, unless she died.

Otherwise, she must snatch her children back.

Tang You You lowered her head, remained silent and was unable to speak.

Ji Xiao Han's fingers knocked on the chair's support, his deep and sharp eyes locked onto the woman in front of him.

She was still wearing a black job suit with a light pink shirt inside. She was wearing a tight skirt that wrapped around her straight snow-white legs. At the moment, she was sitting opposite to him. The light in his eyes dimmed.

Her long black hair was unbound and scattered around her shoulders. Due to the argument earlier, it was a bit messy right now.

She was still very young, barely in her early twenties. It was hard to believe that she was already the mother of two four-year-old babies.

The small snow-white face of the melon seeds, a pair of black clear eyes and a pure appearance, it was still very captivating.

Just when the atmosphere was quiet, a cell phone rang.

It was from Tang You You.

Tang You You was currently lowering her head in sadness, but she did not realize that the man opposite her had sized her up from head to toe.

She found her cell phone in her bag and pressed it directly to her ear.

"Hengcheng-ge?" Her beautiful face flashed with a trace of surprise because of the man who called.

Ji Xiao Han's eyes lightly swept to another place but he heard her sweet call for help. His gaze once again fixated on her.

To be called so sweet, their relationship must not be ordinary.

"At night? "Alright, I'll try my best to get there." Tang You You never thought that his childhood sweetheart, Lu Xuan Chen, would actually call her at this time and even invite her to dinner together.

After not seeing each other for so many years, back then when she had gone abroad, she did not even say a single goodbye. Tang You You felt really guilty.

If she ever had the chance to see him again, she really wanted to apologize for not having told her earlier.

After hanging up, Tang You You once again asked Ji Xiao Han: "Quickly find my child here. I still have things to do tonight, so I don't have time to waste here with you."

Of course, Ji Xiao Han knew what urgent matter she had at night, so he could not wait to see the man.