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Furthermore, she actually had the face to say that she had good eyes? Not considering such an excellent and perfect man like him, isn't this also called having good eyesight? He didn't bring his eyes with him when he went out.

Tang You You also clearly felt the man's scornful gaze, but she did not care. There were some things that she had to clarify with him first.

Tang Xiao Rui scrunched his beautiful eyebrows, then curled his lips: "That's not true, we are ranked first in the heart of the Mummy."

He really wanted to loudly tell the two little fellows that it was impossible for him to be linked with the word 'pitiful' in this lifetime. Moreover, he wasn't pitiful either.

But... Why were the two little fellows looking at him with sympathy?

What a joke, it was too laughable, when did he, Ji Xiao Han need someone's sympathy?

Tang You You also felt that the two little fellows were making a big fuss out of nothing, and immediately reached out to rub their little heads: "When adults speak, children don't interrupt, and … That's why, if it wasn't for Mummy wanting to strike down your relationship, your little heart must be a little stronger. Don't think that just because Daddy Mummy is in love with someone that she doesn't want you, Daddy still views you as her most important treasures. No, that won't happen, Daddy still views you as her most important treasures. "

Ji Xiao Han had finally calmed down with great difficulty, but after hearing Tang You You's words, he was hanging back on his feet again.

What was this woman saying? A child of such a young age must be crazy to tell them that an adult couldn't get married.

Tang Xiao Nai's chewing movements became slower and slower, a pair of watery black eyes stared sadly at Ji Xiao Han, her small mouth instantly puckered up, as though she was about to cry: "Daddy, you said you won't marry another woman, you don't keep your promises, I won't care about you anymore, hmph!"

Ji Xiao Han innocently looked at his daughter's face that was turned the other way, his mind racing. When had he ever told his daughter that he wouldn't marry another woman?

Is there?

Tang You You was also shocked by her daughter's actions. Her beautiful eyes looked at Ji Xiao Han guiltily, and then she quickly lowered her head, pretending that she was not the one who started it, and started to eat breakfast.

Seeing that the woman only cared about fanning the flames but didn't help him speak a few words to comfort the little guy, Ji Xiao Han couldn't help but clench her teeth in anger.

But Tang Xiao Rui said with an indifferent expression: "Daddy, when did you promise Xiao Nai that you wouldn't marry another woman? How come I didn't know? "

Ji Xiao Han shrugged his shoulders. "I don't remember either … These two days, I have promised you two that I will do too many things. Perhaps, I have really said something like that. "

Tang Xiao Nai became even more furious when she heard his father, who did not even know where his mistake lay. Her brows were furrowed as she yelled in a high and shrill voice, "It's exactly what you said the day before yesterday morning, you said that you will love me as much as you love your big brother, the Mummy. You don't remember what you said yourself, 5555, I hate Daddy, you clearly said it yourself, you are going to love another woman now, don't love Mummy, and I don't love Xiao Nai anymore."

Ji Xiao Han saw that his daughter was crying so hard that she looked like she was about to cry.

Ji Xiao Han's mind had been in a mess these past two days. To be honest, he really couldn't remember what he promised the two little fellows that day.

Because, no matter what he said that day, it was definitely not heartfelt words. He just wanted to coax the two little fellows. Therefore, since everything was not sincere, then naturally … He just said so and forgot.

However, unexpectedly, the adults said something that the children remembered very earnestly and clearly. When Tang Xiao Nai heard his father say that he did not love the Mummy, but instead, that he loved others, his small emotions crumbled instantly.

Tang You You was also dumbstruck. After hearing her daughter's loud shout, she looked at Ji Xiao Han with disbelief, "You clearly know that it is impossible to do. Don't you think of them as three-year-olds? Even though they are young, your words and actions will affect their mood. You must not give them any promises in the future. "

Ji Xiao Han was already extremely anxious, he felt pain for his daughter's crying face, but he did not think that he would be lectured by Tang You You again.

"Xiao Nai, Daddy was wrong. Please don't cry anymore, okay? Would it make you look bad if you cried like this? "Come, daddy will wipe your tears clean. After a while, dad will take you to the new school to have a look. There are so many kids playing with you, can you stop crying?" Ji Xiao Han's cold and aloof image of a CEO suddenly crumbled in front of her daughter. In an instant, he, who always had a stupid mouth and could not speak sweet nothings, became as gentle as a lover. That tone and that tone, it really felt like he was coaxing his little lover.

"Then if father agrees to Xiao Nai again, he won't love any other woman, only Xiao Nai and Mummy … And big brother! " Tang Xiao Nai cried as she spoke, her little head twirling unhappily. Halfway through her words, she realized that she had thrown her brother away, hence she quickly added on.

Ji Xiao Han had one head and two heads.

His handsome eyes looked at Tang You You, begging for help!

Tang You You was actually listening attentively to her daughter's words. Of course, when Ji Xiao Han looked at her closely, she had also received the message for help in his eyes.

Why should she help him? He was the one speaking nonsense. Didn't he like his daughter the most? Pet her the most?

Pet it, it was best to pamper this little guy into the sky. In any case, it didn't matter to her.

"Xiao Nai, as long as your Mummy can guarantee that she won't fall in love with any other uncle and only loves me, then your father will definitely only love you and your Mummy … "And big brother."

Tang You You's failure to save her had angered the man, and Ji Xiao Han had instantly pulled her into the water with a dark, evil stomach.