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It had to be said that the murderer who framed Tang You You was not very smart. Lu Qing caught her while he was being monitored.

It's Li Fang Fang!

Fortunately, Tang You You's car had only exploded near the entrance of the Ji Family, if it had made such a mistake on the crowded road, even if Tang You You was not injured, she might have injured someone else and caused an unrecoverable accident.

Tang You You sat in the car and went to the police station.

Outside the gate,'s convoy had arrived as well, and they had stopped at the entrance very conspicuously.

As Tang You You looked at those tyrannical black car, a strange feeling faintly flowed through his heart.

He couldn't say what it felt like, but it seemed like she didn't hate him anymore.

People would always feel grateful to the person who had helped them, even though this gratitude was just a simple emotion.

However, it would also arouse a chain reaction. Perhaps the next time she saw him, her words and expression would unconsciously be filled with a more friendly emotion.

Tang You You walked into the police station and saw Ji Xiao Han in a reception room.

He was dressed in a black suit with a white shirt, no tie, and the collar of his shirt was open to the second button.

The moment Tang You You stepped in, she couldn't help but look at him, and very naturally met her pair of deep and obscure eyes.

The moment the man saw her, he was startled. Following that, he smiled and waved at her, "Come here!"

Tang You You walked to his side with light footsteps, and saw that he was chatting with a middle-aged man beside him.

"This is the Police station's Bureau Chief Wang. She has contributed the most to capturing the culprit!" Ji Xiao Han introduced lightly.

Director Wang's expression was as serious as a professional. He smiled and said, "Miss Tang, the murderer is in the next room. You can go in and talk to her."

"Thank you, Director Wang!" After Tang You You finished speaking, he stood up.

"Do you need me?" Ji Xiao Han suddenly extended his hand out, and grabbed her small hand.

A tinge of red flashed across Tang You You's jade-like face as she replied in a low voice, "No need. Thank you for helping me.

Ji Xiao Han saw that she did not need his company, and the look in his eyes became slightly deeper. There was a hint of faint disappointment on his face.

"Alright, then you go over!"

Tang You You saw the roasted Li Fang Fang in the room next door.

When Li Fang Fang saw her, she immediately gnashed her teeth, her eyes filled with resentment.

"Tang You You, you are really lucky that you did not die!" Li Fang Fang was extremely furious, when he saw her, she started to curse fiercely.

Tang You You saw that there were two other policewomen standing behind her, but she did not want to go forward and slap this woman either.

"Li Fang Fang, why did you harm me? Just because I humiliated you at work? " Tang You You felt that this woman was too irrational. Winning and losing at work, with such a high regard for her own power, was probably the main reason for her misfortune.

However, for the vast majority of people, if they were to suffer a loss or fail at their jobs, wouldn't they have to regroup, find their shortcomings, and work hard to fight on?

If he failed once and seriously killed his opponent, how many people would die every day?

As if realizing that his actions were too foolish, Li Fang Fang lowered his head and did not say a word.

When she entered the company, she hooked up with the CEO. Her work had always been smooth sailing, and almost no one had ever given her face.

She was already enjoying the feeling of being favored.

Unfortunately, Tang You You's appearance had dealt a blow to her sense of superiority, which was why she kept this hatred in her heart.

"Tang You You, you shouldn't have provoked me, you brought all of this upon yourself, you deserved it." Li Fang Fang still had not realized the severity of her mistake. She raised her head and glared at Tang You You with an ominous glint in her eyes.

Tang You You began to sneer, "Isn't it already clear who is causing trouble?"

"You could have found a job and lived a good life, but you were captured to kill me. I'm afraid you're regretting it now."

"What's the use of regretting? If I say I'm sorry, will you let me go? Hehe, didn't you just hook up with the Quarterly, that's why you dare be so arrogant? I will admit my misfortune, but who told me to find a man who is inferior to yours? " Li Fang Fang's eyes suddenly turned red, he thought of the person he loved, she was captured, and even now, she still had not come to visit.

Tang You You suddenly felt that there was no need to continue talking to her, it was meaningless.

She turned around and was about to leave when Li Fang Fang suddenly called out to her: "Tang You You, alright, I know I shouldn't have treated you like this. I'm in the wrong, can you please forgive me? You're fine now, aren't you? "I promise, I will never hurt you again."

Tang You You turned around and looked at her strangely: "What's the use of you regretting it now? The harm you've done to me has already been done, all I can say is that you were lucky enough to survive. There's no way I would plead for a murderer of mine, so you should accept the punishment of the law. "

"Tang You You, you truly do not have any gratitude at all. We are colleagues after all, and yet you are so ruthless? Even if I am to go out next time, I will not let you go, do you believe me? " Li Fang Fang was furious and shouted loudly.

When the two policewomen behind her heard her even threaten them, they immediately scolded her, "You better behave, you still want to commit another crime?"

Tang You You sneered without fear and walked out in large strides.

However, Li Fang Fang didn't know that the threatening words she had said just now had caused her to pass through the prison.

Because, Ji Xiao Han would never allow any hidden danger to stay by his side, letting him be his family.