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"Old Mistress Ji, Yun Ning is also here. We haven't seen each other for more than a year. He's come out so lively, do you have a boyfriend?" An old lady who was standing by the side immediately noticed Ji Yun Ning and asked.

It was only then that the old lady remembered that Ji Yun Ning had been left alone. She quickly pulled her hand and asked, "Yun Ning, tell Mrs Zhang yourself, do you have a boyfriend?"

Ji Yun Ning knew that the other party was planning to introduce him again, and it was truly annoying. But, since they are all people in the same circle, Ji Yun Ning did not dare to lie, and could only reply: "Not yet!"

"She's so beautiful, and yet she still hasn't found a boyfriend. Old Madam Ji, is your Ji Family's home tutor too strict? Like that granddaughter of mine, her boyfriend has been changed quite a few times. " A few old women immediately followed along.

"That's right, I'm already old enough to get married and negotiate with her. I can look for her if I want!"

The old lady smiled and said, "I wanted to find a suitable family for her, but she kept saying that I'm not in a hurry, so I didn't think too much about it. Which family has an outstanding young man, remember to introduce him to Yun Ning."

"Grandmother …" Ji Yun Ning immediately had a bashful expression and grumbled.

Seeing that Ji Yun Ning was getting shy, some of the wives started laughing, and the old lady said generously: "What's there to be shy about? Look at your big brother, he has two children, the difference in age is not that big, you should hurry up too."

After Tang You You heard this, her beautiful eyes looked over to Ji Yun Ning. As expected, she saw that her face had stiffened for a moment.

Immediately after, Ji Yun Ning glared at her with full of resentment, as if all of the responsibility were solely on her.

Tang You You fearlessly looked into her resentful eyes, and then casually took a sip of the tea in his hand.

"My family has one, my grandson just returned from overseas and is studying to manage his family. If Miss Yun Ning doesn't mind, how about we meet another time for dinner?" He immediately had a wife selling off his children.

Although Ji Yun Ning was the adopted daughter of the Ji Family, she could still be considered the daughter of the Ji Family.

Another old lady immediately said sarcastically, "Isn't that grandson of yours talking about girlfriends? "I think, my grandson is very compatible with Miss Yun Ning and the two of them are about the same age."

Ji Yun Ning felt extremely disgusted in her heart as she looked at the two old ladies fighting each other. Did she know what kind of trash their grandchildren were? There was no door.

Looking at Ji Yun Ning's disgusted expression, Tang You You knew that she must have a lot of thoughts in her heart right now.

"Oh, right. Old Lady Ji, may I know which famous clan or young lady your grandson's wife is from?" Suddenly, an old lady on the side untactfully asked this question.

The hand Tang You You was holding the cup with, was slightly stiff.

Ji Yun Ning secretly heaved a sigh of relief as she sneered in her heart, and finally brought up the topic of conversation with Tang You You.

The old lady's face did not look good, but she had to protect Tang You You, because she was no longer an outsider.

"Although she is not from a famous family, her family background is not bad. This is not a big problem. The main problem is that my grandson likes her very much. I also like her. She is sensible and gentle!" The Old Granny knew that Tang You You's family background was nothing to talk about, so she could only praise her character.

Tang You You truly felt that it was too difficult for the old lady to protect him.

When they were chatting with the old lady before, they had often heard the old lady mention her daughter-in-law, saying that she was born into a bad family and didn't have a strict upbringing. As soon as her son died, she impatiently married him.

However, the few old ladies present were all intelligent, seeing Old Lady Ji's expression, they knew that he did not like this topic.

Thus, no one dared to ask anymore questions.

"Grandmother, I've met some friends. I'm going to greet them!" Ji Yun Ning saw her usually playing with other sisters, so she stood up and then looked at Tang You You intentionally: "Sister-in-law, you are also a young man. How about I introduce my friends to you?"

Tang You You did not expect Ji Yun Ning to call her over. She wanted to reject him, but the old lady immediately said: "That's fine.

Tang You You could only stand up: "Okay, Grandma!"

Tang You You and Ji Yun Ning walked towards the group of young girls in the distance. Halfway there, Tang You You stopped in her tracks, "I want to go to the washroom!"

But Ji Yun Ning laughed sarcastically: "What? "Do you not have the guts to get to know the women in our circle?"

Tang You You curled his lips: "Why do you think I'm afraid of this?"

"Isn't it? Because you were born, you feel inferior! " Ji Yun Ning used her birth as a warning to her.

It was as if this was what hurt Tang You You the most.

Tang You You was startled, then she confidently and confidently raised her chin and replied: "Ji Yun Ning, the one with low self-esteem is you, I thought you said before? I have never belittled my birth. On the contrary, you, by saying that my birth is low, in terms of low status, I can't compare with you. I was loved by my parents since I was young, and you, I heard you were taken back from the orphanage! "

Ji Yun Ning never thought that Tang You You would actually treat her like the place where she felt the most pain in her heart, causing her face to turn white.

However, she couldn't take this slap in front of so many people.

Just then, Ji Yun Ning's sisters seemed to have discovered them and immediately walked over.

It was too late for Tang You You to avoid them.

Seeing her sisters coming over to support her, Ji Yun Ning laughed coldly.

This group of sisters all had sharp eyes, and their only hobby was to compete with others. On Tang You You's body, other than her clothes, she did not have any eye-catching ornaments, nor any expensive handbag that others could see.

Ji Yun Ning hoped that she would be criticized by her group of sisters with the most vicious words.

"Are you Tang You You?" Suddenly, a girl ran over quickly and grabbed onto Tang You You's arm. "I've been to your New product launch before, your autumn winter attire is very beautiful this time."