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Ji Tingyan is angry on the surface, but she wants to laugh. She is so overbearing that she won't listen. Maybe the chat downstairs is more interesting. But for the sake of men's self-esteem and face, she still can't help it.

Tang Weixin just scares tie Xun. Unexpectedly, he is so nervous. She is more and more aware that this man is more interesting than she imagined.

Tie mother left a large group of elders to have dinner. On the dinner table, there was no idle mouth. An aunt began to stare at two daughters in law again and asked.

"You are not too young. My sister's daughter has a baby when she is only 23. You are almost 30. You need to hurry up. The woman is old and has a bad baby. Her recovery is slow."

"That's right, young man. Don't patronize and enjoy it now. The baby has to be born early."

As soon as she heard this, she quickly put food in the bowl of the two people: "cousin, three younger sisters, eat vegetables and eat vegetables. The children have their own plans. This is not the beginning of communication. There must be a time to get used to it."

Tang Weixin originally wanted to say a few words, but she could see that in the future, her mother-in-law was so enlightened and reasonable, and she defended her and xiaonai everywhere. She had to hold back. Forget it, outsiders are always foreigners. As long as mother-in-law is reasonable, she can get along easily in the future.

"Xiaoting, how many children are you going to have?" Another aunt started gossiping again.

Tie Ting Jun's face is a little red, subconsciously looking at the woman sitting beside him.

Ji Tingyan also looked at him with her eyes on her side. She immediately said, "if the child doesn't come, it depends on fate. We say it doesn't count."

"Why don't you forget what you said? You can have as many as you want." Said the elder aunt next to him with a smile.

Ji Tingyan's cheeks are burning hot. Is it not good to say that to so many people at the dinner table?

Tang Weixin looks at Ji Tingyan's blushing face in an interesting way. She is also ticklish. How come no one asks her how many children she has?

"Xiaoxun, how about you?" As soon as Tang Weixin's thoughts flashed, someone stared at her and tie Xun.

Tie Xun was eating a steak. Just after he had two bites, he was named. He choked for a while. He quickly took the spicy hydrolysate beside him and looked up at the aunt in a circle.

"We decided to have a football team." Tang answered with a mischievous smile.

"Poof." Just had a drink of water tie Xun, when hearing her words, the water in his mouth sprayed directly. Fortunately, he turned his head away, otherwise, today's dinner is not needed.

"Are you ok?" Tang Weixin originally wanted to frighten these broken mouth aunts. Unexpectedly, he threw up her boyfriend, and she took two strokes at the corner of her mouth.

The tie mother can't help laughing at Tang Weixin's intentional disturbance. It seems that the women chosen by the two sons are complementary to each other in character. The older son is mature and steady, and the one chosen is a gentle and lovely woman. The younger son is born loose and uninhibited. She is looking for a smart and practical girlfriend with idealism around Xiaoxun. She doesn't have to worry about him not going to work all day Now.

"What the boy said is really frightening. There are so many people in the football team. You have one a year and you are not young." A group of old women looked surprised, obviously shocked.

Tang Weixin was about to speak when she suddenly felt that a pair of big hands were pulling at the corners of her clothes. She looked down and saw that it was the tie Xun who took a paper towel to wipe the corners of her mouth.

She wanted to keep talking. Seeing the man sign her to say less, she had to giggle twice and expose it.

At the end of the dinner, tie mother took the three aunts and six aunts to the car and went back to the living room. Some of them were embarrassed to look at Tang Weixin and Ji Tingyan and said, "they are used to gossiping all the time. If they get together, they will say endless things. Don't mind."

"No, it's normal for the family to chat." Ji Tingyan really doesn't mind, because she's full of heart and eyes. She doesn't listen to what others say.

Tang Weixin nodded: "no, don't worry about it, aunt."

When the two brothers heard their reply, they were relieved.

After taking a bath in the evening, Ji Tingyan is lying on the bed, holding her arms, standing in front of the floor to floor window, and there is a sound of pushing the door behind her. She looks back, and tie Ting comes in wearing a set of black pajamas. She has mature temperament and tall body, which makes him more of a king of the night.

Ji Tingyan just glances at him and continues to stare at the distant scenery.

The man who was ignored, eyes color a surprised, walked quickly, hugged her at the back, sexy chin lightly against her shoulder, breathing hot stimulation of her soft earlobes.

However, the woman in her arms did not seem to have a warm response, just asked sadly, "am I really old? Should we think about the pension plan? "

The man holding her is all stiff, and he says something stupid?

"Xiaonai, you are only 28 years old. Even if you want to be old, I am older than you. I am not worried. What are you worried about?" The man smiles gently, pulls her body gently, lets her face oneself.

"Men and women are aging at different speeds. Maybe you're still the same at 40, but I'm really getting old. Tie Ting, I'm afraid." Ji Tingyan has never thought about getting old, but just now, for a moment, her sadness made her feel uneasy about the future.Tie Ting gas smiled, directly hugged her tightly into her arms, fingers gently touched her back, dumb voice said: "don't be affected by the words of outsiders, we live a good life, after worry about things, let me do, you will be comfortable to do what you like, the person with a good attitude will not be old."

"What concerns?" Ji Tingyan blinked, some don't understand.

"If the baby is born later, his education, life and I will worry about it. Don't be angry with them." The man lowered his smile and joked.

"They?" Ji Tingyan gently pushed him away: "you mean, we don't just have a baby?"

Tie Ting: "..."

"I only have one, not more." Ji Tingyan suddenly has a little mood, like a rebellious adolescent child, push him away.

Tie Ting could not cry or laugh, so he had to continue to coax: "well, if you say to have one, we will have only one, and all listen to you."

Ji Tingyan is stunned. Is this man so talkative?

"Well." Women's sense of security, as if back, if this life, men only listen to her, she may not really old, at least not old mentality.

The room here is warm like water, but the atmosphere in the other room is strange.

Tang Weixin sat on the sofa with her legs crossed like a queen, and Fuxun stood beside her nervously and asked her, "Weixin, is what you just said true or false?"

"Which one?" The woman picked out a beautiful eyebrow: "the child?"