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C780. He's scared, too

LAN Yue's eyes were still fixed on the photos. She stopped in the middle of what she said just now, because she found that these photos were not taken by others, so she stopped talking.

However, Ji Yueze's ears are sharp. Even if she stops in time, he can still hear some clues.

"Nothing, I just feel strange. Where are these pictures from?" LAN Yue immediately turned her attention to the photos, her face full of anxiety and uneasiness.

"Mom, did you know my father had other women outside? What's more, grandma knows about it? " Ji Yueze has seen that his mother is hiding something from him, so his tone doesn't sound very happy, or even angry.

LAN Yue's expression was also momentary, looking at her son, for a moment, she didn't know what to say.

"How can grandma do this? Does she care if her son steals people outside?" Ji Yueze suddenly got angry and even spread the anger to the old lady.

Now, he only knows how much his mother has been wronged and hurt, while his grandmother is conniving at her son and ignoring him, which is despairing. "It's not like this, Ozawa. Don't get excited. It's not what you think. Your grandmother didn't know about it before. She didn't know about it until recently. I found her and showed her some old photos. She was also very sad and remorseful." When LAN Yue saw that her son resented the old woman, she immediately explained.

"Really?" Ji Yueze still has a bad breath, but he calmed down when his mother said so.

Sitting beside Bai Yiyan, her expression is still nervous.

She glanced at the picture and immediately turned away. She was afraid to look at it. She felt very guilty.

"It's true. It's none of your grandma's business. If she had known about it, she would have intervened." LAN Yue nodded in affirmation.

Ji Yueze hit the table with an angry fist. Then he picked up the photos and tore them into a pile of waste paper in two or three times, biting his teeth angrily: "I didn't expect that he was such an irresponsible bastard!"

The person he scolded, of course, was Ji Nan, his most respected father. Now he is too disappointed.

LAN Yue saw that he really hated Ji Nan, and quickly urged Wen Sheng, "Xiaoze, it's over, so don't care about it!" "How can I not care? If it wasn't for him, we wouldn't have separated for more than ten years? It's him. It's all his fault. He has nothing to do with it once he leaves. But does he know how much harm I have suffered with my eldest brother? Has he thought of you? " The more Ji Yueze said, the more angry he was, the more excited he was.

LAN Yue quickly reached out his hand and held his big hand tightly, his eyes filled with tears, sobbing and comforting: "Ozawa, don't be angry, I don't care about it, it's all over, don't mention it again, our mother and son can let go and make peace, it's the happiest thing."

Ji Yueze's eyes suddenly stare at Bai Yiyan. Bai Yiyan's whole body quivers with fright. A cold feeling comes from the bottom of her feet and climbs over her heart, which makes her breathe a little tight.

LAN Yue immediately wiped her tears and began to ask Bai Yiyan about it.

"You said your surname is Bai. It's a coincidence that an old man I know is also Bai!" LAN Yue doesn't associate Bai Yiyan with Bai Zhenzhen, because there are a large number of people with the same surname in the sky, just a single surname, how can it matter?

The expression of Ji Yueze and Bai Yiyan is stiff.

"Mom, it suddenly occurred to me that we had something else to do. I'll come back to you another day!" Ji Yueze suddenly grabs Bai Yiyan's small hand and stands up to leave.

LAN Yue was stunned and stood up to see off: "if there is something urgent, hurry up and hurry up. Anyway, I can come here at any time."

"Mom, what I said just now, you think about it. In two days, I will come to move for you. Don't refuse!" Ji Yueze said before he left.

"Besides, I like the location very much. It's convenient for shopping!" LAN Yue said with a smile.

"It's convenient for you to stay in my villa. What do you want? Just ask the housekeeper and servant to buy it for you. It's settled. When elder brother comes back, we will help you move it together!" After Ji Yueze finished, he dragged Bai Yiyan to the elevator.

LAN Yue stood at the door, looking at the two young people who were talking and talking. His face was full of laughter.

Bai Yiyan looks embarrassed and tries to make a good impression with LAN Yue, but Ji Yueze takes her as a chicken and moves forward. She can't even smile.

Finally, Ji Yueze got into the elevator. She threw her hand away. Bai Yiyan was unprepared. The whole person threw himself on the elevator wall and stared at him angrily: "Ji Yueze, what are you doing? Why did you suddenly drag me away?"

"No reason, I just don't want you to destroy the good atmosphere that my mother and I recognize!" Ji Yueze said with a handsome face.

Bai Yiyan's head drooped in frustration: "I'm sorry, you really shouldn't have brought me here!"

"I won't bring you next time!" Ji Yueze snorts.

Bai Yiyan felt a pain in her heart and immediately lowered her head to a lower level without saying a word.

When Ji Yueze saw that she was quiet like a blank, he immediately put out his hand and put her in his arms: "angry?"

"No, I just feel that you really shouldn't be with me. You won't have such trouble!" Bai Yiyan said to herself.

"Do I have any other choice? I've got a crush on your body! " Ji Yueze said boldly and directly.

Bai Yiyan was shocked by his directness. Her small white face and hard blushed Pink: "you can try other women. Maybe, you will also be infatuated with them. Most of them are younger and better than me!"

"You are not so casual!" When Ji Yueze saw that she had said such a thing, his face became darker and more ugly.

Bai Yiyan chuckled, "I don't mind if you are really casual."

"Shut up!" Ji Yueze gave a low scold.

Bai Yiyan had to say nothing more.

The atmosphere is still stiff.

"Ji Yueze, or you can tell your mother the truth!" Silence for a long time, near the car, Bai Yiyan suddenly stopped and looked up at him.

"No way!" Ji Yueze replied coldly.

"Why not? Sooner or later, I can't hide it! " Bai Yiyan is aware of this, so let's admit it. Otherwise, she will suffer endlessly.

"No way!" Ji Yueze turns around fiercely, pushes her slender body to the door, and then the healthy body comes over and locks her frightened face: "Bai Yiyan, listen to me, I will tell my mother, you are not allowed to talk about this!" Bai Yiyan opens her mouth slightly, but before she can speak, the man's thin lips are suddenly angry.