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C1784 greetings from friends

Ji's family fills in two cute little Mengbao. It's such a happy event that many people come to bless him. At noon, Ji Yueze comes with his wife and daughter. Because of the company's business, he leaves first. In the afternoon, Mu shiye and Pei Anxin also come to visit Tang youyou with a lot of gifts, and see what the two little Mengbao look like Son, however, the parents' genes are so good, the little guy will certainly be very beautiful.

The ward is very big. It's a living room outside, so it can accommodate a lot of people to visit.

At the moment, Ji Xiaohan is holding his little son who hasn't slept. The little orange is close and close. A pair of big black and white eyes are staring at the little man. They want to touch his little face with their hands, but they are afraid of the deterrent power of Ji Xiaohan. They dare not start all the time, but her little face is full of envy. She also wants to have a younger brother and sister.

Mu shiye has been paying attention to her daughter's expression. Seeing her staring at the little man without blinking his eyes, he reaches out his hand and touches his wife gently. Pei Anxin is talking with LAN Yue about the experience of taking children. Suddenly, she feels Mu shiye pushing her. She looks back at him and says, "do you want to do it?"

"Look at your daughter. The envious little eyes are pitiful."

In fact, Mu shiye always wants to have another one, but Pei Anxin is too busy with his work recently. He has not shown the meaning of wanting to have a life. He dare not mention it, for fear that this grumpy woman will bring up the old thing again.

Pei Anxin also looked at her daughter. As expected, she saw her daughter's big envious eyes and a small mouth. She made faces at the little guy in Ji Xiaohan's arms. It seemed that she wanted to make the little guy happy.

"Let's talk about it."

Pei Anxin also wants to satisfy her daughter's wishes. However, she feels that she is very busy with her work at the moment, and her daughter is not bad at all.

Mu shiye shrugs his shoulders helplessly and looks at Xiao Han of last season with a smile. He makes a very aggrieved expression. Although Ji Xiaohan wants to comfort him, he can only sympathize with him at last.

Lohnin came here alone with two gifts, one for his eldest brother and the other for him. Last time he gave birth to a son, Ji Xiaohan also sent a generous gift to him, which is a good deal.

"Xiaohan, do you think I envy you or envy you?

We are about the same age, but you are the father of four children. We both have only one child, so you have all the good things. We can only hate you. "

After putting down the present, lohnin sat down, half joking and half serious, with a sad expression on his face.

Mu shiye agreed with him very much and nodded: "Yeah, let's break up with him. It's too hurtful to be friends with him."

Ji Xiaohan knew that these two bad friends would not be polite to him at all, but he shrugged his shoulders indifferently: "well, if you want to break up your friendship, you have to hurry up if you want to climb the door."


Mu shiye frowned: "you don't want my daughter to marry your son, do you?

It's a good choice, but when the children grow up and have their own ideas, I can't count even if I decide. "

Lohnin's son, so he was full of joy at the moment: "Ji Xiaohan, where is your little daughter?

Let me see if I can make a reservation for my son first. Is this in your arms? "

Season owl cold white he one eye: "you pour to want very beautiful."

Lokhnen immediately blushed and laughed: "if you can think about it, you must think about it in a better direction. Which is your little princess in the end?"

LAN Yue looked at his son and his friend, then pointed to the sleeping baby on the crib with a gentle smile: "that's my little granddaughter."

Lohnin went to see it immediately. Ji Xiaohan wanted to throw this friend out.

Small orange turned around, suddenly a little mood, ran to Mu shiye's arms, small hand forcefully grasped daddy's big hand and twisted it. Mu shiye didn't know what was wrong with her little princess, and asked her with concern: "orange, what's wrong?

Do you like Ji's brother? "

"Daddy, I also want a younger brother. Hurry and have one for me."

Little orange is only over three years old. She speaks with milk and milk. However, she is young and sensible. Sister xiaonai has another brother and sister. She seems to want one, too.

"I can't, you have to call you mommy."

When Mu night immediately haha laughed, the belly black of looking at the side of the beautiful woman.

"Mommy..." The little orange drags the tone of the tape toward Pei Anxin, and on that little face, it's full of entreaties.

Pei Anxin can't help it. She reaches for her arms and kisses her face: "when mommy makes enough money, think about it."

"Mommy doesn't have to make money. Let daddy give you all his money."

Orange is also a smart baby.

When the night of mooch, my whole body is stiff. Is this my daughter digging him?

"Well, as long as he gives me all the money, I'll consider giving birth to one right away."

Pei Anxin said, smiling at her daughter.

When he was admiring, he took a light breath from his thin lips at night, but he could not defeat the two mothers and daughters. This was to make him do everything he could.

"Daddy, daddy, do you have money?"

The little orange immediately reaches for the big hand of the night.

"Yes, daddy has money."

The night of mooch immediately smiled softly.

"Then give it all to Mommy, and Mommy will give me a little brother."

Small orange small face said anxiously.

"Well, I'll go back and discuss it with mommy."

Mu shiye can only appease his daughter first, and then he sees Pei Anxin's triumphant expression. He secretly cries in his heart. If this woman controls his money, he can only listen to her later.

Ji Xiaohan holds his son tenderly beside him and sees that his best friend has been trapped by his daughter. He really doesn't want to sympathize with him. After all, emotion is a debt, which should be paid sooner or later. When Mu shiye owes Pei Anxin the debt, if he can get the money to pay it off, it will be a good thing from beginning to end.

Good friends come to celebrate the season. When the night comes, Ji Xiaohan suddenly receives a call from Ling Mo Feng. He wants to bring his little wife to sit here. Naturally, Ji Xiaohan is very welcome.

It's getting dark. It's late winter. A black car, low-key parked beside the side door of the hospital, followed by a car in front of and behind the car, guarding the safety of the car not far or near.

Ling Mo Feng is wearing a dark black long windbreaker, tall and straight body, very safe. When he got off the car, he immediately reached out to help the women around him. LAN Yanxi is wearing a white wide coat, surrounded by a towel of the same color, which is very warm, and her long hair is scattered. Although she has been pregnant for nearly nine months, her body shape has not changed much, but still But the hands and feet are thin.

Ling Mo Feng gently and carefully took her hand and walked towards the elevator.