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Ling Mo Feng Jun's face was full of innocence and injustice, so LAN Yanxi wanted to teach him a lesson, and his mind was blank, so he had to toot his mouth: "I've made it clear, just remember yourself."

"The friend who invited you to dinner tonight likes me? Which one is it? I don't know if I have any impression! " Ling Mo Feng knows that if this matter is not handled properly, this woman will be uneasy in the future. "

her name is Yang He. She said you helped her before. She fell down and you helped her up!" LAN Yanxi doesn't know how Yang he fell in love with Ling Mo Feng. If he just fell down and helped him, it would be too exaggerated. Ling

Mo Feng's brow twisted, and he seemed to have a little impression: "I remember helping a woman, her car was scared when my motorcade passed by, and fell down. I went down and helped her personally!" "

Yes, she is. Do you think she is beautiful?" LAN Yan hopes to see that he remembers, and immediately asks him a topic that he is speechless. "

I have a little impression on her. She has received several meetings by her side. She looks very beautiful..." "

speak!" Lanyanxi was in a hurry with him at once.

"Yan Xi, you are so cute. To say that you are beautiful, none of the women in the office will be too bad. For the sake of the national image, they will be selected on the appearance. Do I like their beautiful looks? What do you think I am? " Ling Mo Feng was almost amused by her. He wanted to see her angry, so he would talk nonsense. Blue

Yan Xi found out that he was very careful. He lost his face in a moment. He put out his hand angrily, held his handsome face, opened his mouth and bit on his raised thin lip. Ling

Mo Feng has been used to this woman's puppy attributes. However, when she bites, he decides to fight back.

For the first time, LAN Yanxi felt that the bully had been bullied.

The back is close to the hard and cold table top, but the man's body is hot like fire. Lanyanxi can only cling to his body desperately, because she is eager for warmth.

Ling Mo Feng reason pulled back, only to find that he actually put her on the table, a good bullying. No.

Yes, fortunately, it didn't lead to a big mistake. He calmed down quickly, pulled her gently, and took care of her long messy hair: "what did you just buy back? It smells good. " Blue

Yan Xi suddenly rang out the pancakes he bought. Now it's going to be cold. She jumped off the table and walked over to touch it. There was still heat left.

"I didn't have enough at night. I bought pancakes on the side of the road. Would you like one too? It's delicious!" Lanyan gave him a glove. Ling

Mo Feng didn't dislike it. He took it over and looked at her with a pair of quiet eyes but a smile: "did you hear what I said to you in the right direction, which affected your appetite?" "

of course, I can't accept this kind of thing. It seems that my friends won't have to do it in the future!" LAN Yanxi is biting the cake, and at the same time she feels sad. Yang He is the first friend she made in the general office. "

friends can be made again. Don't be discouraged. Many friends are not good. If you want to make friends, you should be sincere. If the other party is friends with you, just because you are profitable, then stay away." Ling Mo Feng comforted her in a low voice.

"Well, I won't make friends in the future. At least, I don't want to make friends with my heart easily. A nodding acquaintance can be made!" LAN Yanxi smiled with an educated expression. "

I have a very good friend. You should have met his wife. Maybe you and his wife can be good friends!" Ling Mo Feng said with a smile. "

is it Tang youyou? Last time I went abroad to ask her for help, she's very kind! " LAN Yanxi nods forcefully. Some people have this charm. Although they don't have deep acquaintance, they are reliable and gentle.

"Well, I'll take you to see her when I have a chance!" Ling Mo Feng nodded.

"Well, I'm looking forward to it!" LAN Yanxi also laughed happily.

Ling Mo Feng looks at the way she eats pancakes. She doesn't have a girl's Jin at all. She solves one of them at once. It seems that she is really hungry.

After eating two cakes, lanyanxi is full. She looks at the man again with her beautiful eyes. Seeing that he still hasn't eaten half of them, she blushes immediately. It's over. Did she devour them just now? "

there are still half of them. You can eat them!" Ling Mo Feng also had a dinner party in the evening, but he didn't have enough to eat. At the moment, the pancakes are burning and fragrant, which really makes people have a big appetite. However, he restrained himself and gave her half of them. "

don't eat it, you eat it, I'm full!" LAN yanxili shook her hand, then took her bag and went upstairs. She walked two steps. She looked back at the man and said, "are you staying tonight?" "

maybe not. I have to leave today. I can't stay here too often for the night!" Ling Mo Feng whispered.

"Oh, when will you leave?" LAN Yanxi's heart ached a little.

"Almost, deputy Chu. They should be coming soon!" Ling raised his wrist and took a look at the watch. Suddenly Yan Xi didn't want to go upstairs. She turned around and came back to him. "

What's the matter? Would you like me to leave? " Ling Mo Feng looked at her face and asked with a gentle smile. "

MM!" LAN Yanxi directly threw his bag on the sofa, walked to his side, reached out and hugged him: "Ling Mo Feng, I finally understand why Yang he fell in love with you without getting along with you. Your eyes can be enchanting." Ling

Mo Feng was shocked and looked at her with low eyes. She closed her eyes tightly as if she had fallen asleep in his arms.

"Yanxi, I I'm not as good as you think! " "

don't destroy my imagination, you are so good!" The girl's little face rubbed twice in his arms: "stand still, let me hold it for a while!" Ling

Mo Feng is still standing still. She feels that the girl in her arms is really going to sleep. She doesn't talk and doesn't move.

Ling didn't know what to do until his cell phone rang.

LAN Yanxi took a step back and accepted the tender feeling on his face just now. He said lightly, "you can answer the phone. It may be that the adjutant Chu has come!"

"Well, it's him, Yanxi. I'll go first and take care of myself!" Ling Mo Feng is very reluctant to reach out and touch her head, which turned out to go out.

Blue words hope that the man's tall back, through the long corridor outside the hall, strong is heartache.

LAN Yanxi breathed a little, then suddenly smiled again. Ling Mo Feng just said something. He said that he was gentle to her, but never to other girls.

Well, take advantage of his sweet words, this long night, there is a dependence. Fang


In a chaotic situation, Fang Yang went to the media and made a good speech for Cheng Ying's mother and daughter. In an instant, the internet violence changed the sky. Many people began to sympathize with Cheng Ying's mother and daughter. Moreover, some people even began to expose Liu Lan's previous behaviors to the Internet for ridicule.

Liu Lan is going mad.

As soon as Fang Yang entered the house, she immediately stepped forward with two slaps: "why didn't you die outside? You still have the face to go back home? See what you've done to this family? " "Mom, don't hit Dad!" Fang Kexin and her brother ran down the stairs and stopped in the middle of the two, persuading them to fight.

"I'm here to pack up. I've found a new house. I'm going to move!" Fang Yang ignored Liu Lan's anger and resentment, and said in a indifferent voice. "

dad, do you want to move out? Don't go, we are a family! " Fang Kexin burst into tears at the moment. The proud little princess used to be, but now she is going to become a deserted daughter. She is very afraid and uneasy. "Get out of here. Don't think Liu Lan can't live without you!" Liu Lan, however, was angry and roared, never thinking about the old relationship between husband and wife again. Fang

Yang Yixiang walked up the stairs, and just halfway there, he heard his daughter Scream: "Mom!" Fang frowned, turned to go downstairs, and saw Liu Lan lying on the ground with a fruit knife, his wrists bleeding. "

mom and dad cut their wrists. Send her to the hospital!" Fang Kexin's face was pale with fear. Fang

Yang is helpless to the extreme, but life is at stake. He can only run down quickly and say to Liu Lan, "why do you do this?"

"You don't want our mother and daughter. What am I doing alive?" Liu Lan is crying. Fang knows that she has another acting, but he has nothing to do in front of his children.