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Ji Tingyan looks at Li Jingwen's tears like rain. She is shocked. Mei Mou looks at the room where tie Ting is resting subconsciously, and her heart suddenly gets confused.

"Nai, I have no father or mother. I grew up in my grandmother's house. I long for warmth. Coach tie is the first one to make me feel warm. In these three years, I have been thinking about him. In fact, I have my own heart to take your task this time. I just want to come here to see him. Unexpectedly, God treats me well. As soon as we get off the plane, I saw him. I followed him He's got a chance. " Li Jingwen's tears, as if the line was broken, every time she said a word, she would run away and let people watch it. It's really pitiful. If it's not for deep love, it's impossible to cry so much.

Ji Tingyan quickly takes out the tissue from her pocket and hands it to her: "Jingwen, will you stop crying? Wipe your tears. "

The staff in the distance looked curiously towards this side. Ji Tingyan didn't want to be misunderstood.

"Xiaonai, you are a good man. I have worked for many years, and you are the most friendly employer I have ever met. It is because of your kindness that I tell you the secret. Can you please don't tell people, i I feel ashamed. " Li Jingwen accepted the tissue and pleaded with her as she wiped it.

Ji Tingyan is surrounded by the card of good people. She has never denied that she is a good person. Her family has taught her to do good things since she was a child. She has always done this. But at this moment, she suddenly feels that the burden of being a good person is too heavy. She can't bear it.

"Jingwen, thank you for your trust. I didn't expect you to have such a past. I I'm a little thirsty. I'll get a glass of water. " Ji Tingyan smiles a little. She quickly changes the subject.

"I'll help you. You sit still. You hurt your foot." Li Jingwen suddenly grabbed the cup at her hand and quickly poured hot water for her.

At last, Ji Tingyan has to breathe. She looks at Li Jingwen's figure, and her mood gets tangled.

Li Jingwen peeps at Ji Tingyan's reflection from the corner of her eyes while standing on the water. Seeing her staring at the ground, she knows that her move still works.

She is to see that Ji Tingyan is a woman with pure mind, so she kidnaps her by virtue of morality. If she is a person with strong mind, Li Jingwen has no way.

After resting for half an hour, tie Ting came out. He went directly to Ji Tingyan and asked her in a low voice, "how is your foot?"? Does it still hurt? I'll see for you. "

With that, the man squatted down and reached for her feet.

Ji Tingyan subconsciously shrunk her foot and said politely, "I'll do it myself."

Tie Ting's eyebrows wrinkled. This woman has a sense of distance with him. Is it his illusion?

Ji Tingyan stretches out her feet. Her socks are bloodstained. She gasps.

"I'll dress you up again." Tie Ting took a look, and he was hurt.

"Tie coach, such a small thing, let me come, I have been trained." Li Jingwen suddenly came over and said softly.

Tie Ting doesn't want to fake her hand, but listen to Ji Tingyan's voice: "let Jingwen help me."

Tie Ting was a little depressed, so he had to stand up, with his hands around his chest, and stand by and watch the whole process.

His eyes started from Ji Tingyan's injured feet. At last, his deep and quiet eyes fell on Ji Tingyan's beautiful face. His eyebrows were wrinkled because of the pain, and there was another style.

Ji Tingyan also felt the straight eyes on the top of her head. She couldn't help but look up and look at him. The man snorted with an unknown light.

Ji Tingyan's heart is tight for a while. She deliberately avoids his eyes and is in a mess.

She didn't know why. She felt upset. She didn't even feel like playing.

"Xiaonai, it's bound up. You'd better stop walking and sit for a while." Li Jingwen's voice concerns her tenderly.

"Well, thank you." Ji Tingyan said gratefully.

The atmosphere became stiff little by little. Feting found that she seemed to be driven into the cold palace by Ji Tingyan. On the way to Mingming, she looked at her eyes and the temperature. How could she avoid him now and everywhere? Did the woman change her mind just in the half hour when he was resting?

Two hours later, Wang Cheng's team came back, one by one, blushing and panting. However, it seems that this trip was a good one. Wang Cheng shook the snow on his clothes and stared at Cheng Yue angrily: "my sister almost buried me in the snow because of her skill."

"If you want to have a snowball fight with me, it's just you......" Cheng Yue looks at him in disgust.

"I'm not young. I'm twenty-one." Wang Cheng is not willing to move forward immediately. In terms of height, he is indeed taller than Cheng Yue, but his momentum is weak.

Ji Tingyan looks at the way they quarrel. Suddenly, she feels funny. Although Cheng Yue is like a man, she seems to be very manly.

"Boss, let's have lunch here. Let's talk to the staff. There's a barbecue in it. Let's start to make lunch." Wang Cheng asks for instructions with a smile.

"Well, go ahead." Tie Ting nodded. Anyway, he came out to have fun. He was a very open-minded boss. He reimbursed all expenses just to let his subordinates relax.

"Jingwen, let's come and help." Cheng Yue immediately pulls Li Jingwen by.

Li Jingwen was a little unhappy, but she thought of her own duty and helped in the past.

In Nuo's living room, there are only two masters left. Ji Tingyan holds the thermos cup, drinks water with one sip and looks out of the window. It's white and pure, as if she can wash her mind.

"Where did I offend you?" Suddenly, the man sat next to her and asked her bitterly.

"Ah?" Ji Tingyan was shocked. She didn't expect that he would suddenly lean over. Besides, she asked the unknown question.

"I'm not your type, am I?" Tie Ting is a person who doesn't like to think nonsense. He has problems and just wants to solve them on the spot.

Ji Tingyan's heart beat faster. God, does this man want to be so direct? She'll be embarrassed.

"You didn't offend me, and you are very popular." Ji Tingyan blushed and answered softly.

"What do you mean now? Dare not even look at me, afraid of me? " Tie Ting evil spirit of the thin lips, feel Ji Tingyan is an interesting woman, love to open their eyes and tell lies.

"Why should I be afraid of you? I'm not a casual woman, and I'll do it if I don't look at you. " Ji Tingyan throws a small snowball out of her side, which seems to vent her unhappiness.

"My grandma also said that you look like a good girl, so I must not miss it." Tie Ting suddenly appreciates her. Ji Tingyan looks stunned and turns to look at him.

"Grandma Zhang really wants to hold her great grandson. You really should think about marriage." Ji Tingyan laughs at herself. Grandma Zhang is old, and her only wish is to have a successor.

"Since you are in a hurry for me, would you like to help me end my single life?" Men on this topic, played a rogue.