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C1044 he has no objection

Ji Lin greets all the people he talks to, and follows him to the corridor where there are few people. Where everyone can't see, Ji Lin's eyes suddenly change and the gloom flashes by. Xiao Han stands at the end of the corridor. His eyes are on the square under the hot sun outside the window. In this warm moment, his heart is still cold as ice.

"Xiao Han, what can I do for you?" Ji Lin asked with a fake smile. Season

owl cold eyes fixed on his face, sneer: "how is yunning dead, how don't you investigate, in case she died unjustly?" Ji's face changed a lot. As expected, he suspected that Ji Xiaohan might have guessed the result. He is worthy of being an old fox. His acting ability is very good. He became red in his eyes and said angrily: "what else can I find out? She told me earlier that it's no fun to live, because she can't get the person she loves. She has always been a very extreme person. You know, Xiao Han, do you know who she has been thinking about for so long?"

Season owl cold heartstrings a stretch, eyes narrowed, sneer more than: "you think she is because of love and suicide?"? But I think she was murdered. "

Ji Lin didn't expect that Ji Xiaohan would not be afraid of him. Instead, he took an aggressive step towards him. His fierce eyes could see people through. Ji Lin's subconscious panic.

"The police have confirmed that she is not a suicidal act. She is a car accident that happened when she was driving too fast and couldn't help herself. Xiao Han, I don't know that you care so much about yunning. If this girl knew that you had such a heavy feeling for her before she died, she didn't know how happy she was." Seeing that Ji Xiaohan didn't believe it was suicide, Ji Lin immediately said it was an accident. Ji

Xiao Han knows that he is deliberately shifting his focus. He is a cunning old fox and will never stand on the same position with you. In fact, Ji Xiao Han is helpless. After all, he has no evidence to prove that Ji Lin killed Ji yunning.

"Yunning's soul won't rest. I'm sure she will come back to complain!" Ji Xiaohan finished, turned around and left. The fake smile on Ji's face froze all of a sudden. He turned around and gave Ji Xiaohan a resentful look. In fact, he didn't have a rest these days. He had several nightmares. He dreamed that Ji yunning had turned into a ghost to avenge him. However, some people were all bad in their bones. Even if the other side was killed by a ghost, he was not afraid. His heart was much worse than a ghost.

"Ji Xiaohan, you are at the top of the food chain. Of course, you don't need to be a villain. But in those days, you used the same means to kick me down?" Ji Lin is indignant and unwilling to sneer at the bottom of his heart. After a person's thoughts are distorted, he thinks all he has done is right. "

it's the girl who betrayed me. She shouldn't have betrayed me. You shouldn't have seduced her." Ji Lin's face was ferocious and tightly clenched his fist. He had all these causes and effects on Ji Xiaohan. Bai

Yu International Media Group has today ushered in a happy event. Lu xuanchen has successfully separated from his original small company and become a contracted artist of Bai Yu media. He has launched his first annual ancient costume IP drama, and then Yueze has played man 1 in the following season. This news has swept the whole network in a flash, making almost all fans boiling, Continue to brush the news below, as expected, the long good-looking men will eventually come together and become friends. At Lu

xuanchen's press conference, Ji Yueze, as the boss of the company and a popular idol, sat down with Lu xuanchen for an interview. Two men with super acting skills and good looks sat side by side, each with his own handsome looks, but all of them were perfect, attracting fans to listen to him.

At this moment, Wu Chang and a person in charge of the nebula group, with a dark face, sat together and watched the live broadcast of this mu. Almost all the popularity and eyes were occupied by Ji Yueze and Lu xuanchen at this moment, which was almost hateful. Wu

Chang's angry fist hung on the table: "this Lu xuanchen is so shameful. I asked for three times and four times. He didn't sign a contract with us. Now he signed in under Bai Yu's banner. Is it aimed at us on purpose?"

"What's the use of being angry? They have officially signed a contract. Let's try to get some new people to compete for the popularity flow." "

shall we trip Lu xuanchen to let him know the consequences of offending us?"

"It's hard that we can kill him. We won't do anything against the law." "

does he have any weakness? We'll find his weakness. " "

as far as I know, his parents divorced in the early years. He was brought up by his grandparents, and his grandparents were no longer there. He struggled alone, had no girlfriend, had no interest in hobbies, and wanted to find his weakness. It was really difficult!" Wu

Chang lengheng said: "if you don't have one, you have to look for it. You have to be angry." "

I know that he seems to make an appointment with his friends to play in a club. What is the biggest fear of male stars now? Drugs, why don't we make a play for him! " Now, all the leaders in charge of the venue have a sly smile. It seems that this method is not bad.

Tang youyou also saw the signing of Lu xuanchen and Ji Yueze. She was a little surprised. However, she felt that Lu xuanchen was able to sign in Baiyu. She was also happy for him that his future career development must be a higher level. The mobile phone in her hand suddenly rings. Seeing Ji Xiaohan's name, she answers without hesitation. "

are you looking at your mobile phone when you answer the phone so quickly?" The man's voice was soft and smiling.

"Yes, for a while!" Tang youyou answers honestly.

"Are you looking at Lu xuanchen? Today seems like a great day for him. " The tone of the season owl changed and became sour.

Don youYou can't cry or laugh. He would call her at this time. He would not just grab her bag.

"He seems to have signed into your brother's company. You Are you ok? " In fact, Tang youyou is worried about Ji Xiaohan's attitude. In case he is not happy, what should he do against this?

"I thought you wouldn't ask me that?" Season owl cold sour tone no longer, but a smug.

"I don't mean anything else, but I hope you don't object!" Said Tang youyou softly. "

If I object, there will be no such thing today. My brother has asked my opinion." Season owl cold charming laugh.