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Although LAN Yanxi was shy, he still reached out to unbutton his clothes. As soon as the man turned around, he saw her back to himself. The beautiful back, white as jade, was set against her long black hair. In the halo, the beauty was a little hazy. He couldn't help but stand up and leaned over.

When he came back to his senses, his thin lips were attached and he kissed her white jade like skin.

LAN Yanxi shivered all over, leaned back on the shoulder of the man, closed his eyes and enjoyed the gentle touch of the man.

In the bathroom, the feeling is strong like fire, the heavy shadows are interlaced, the water splashes out of the ground, and the spots are dyed.

It was almost eleven o'clock in a flash. Blue Yanxi was lying on the bed, dry mouth and dry tongue. Looking up, he saw that the man was wearing a black Pajama and took a cup of warm water and sat beside her: "drink it."

LAN Yanxi Gulu drank a cup, which was like relieving thirst. As soon as the whole person rolled, he lay on her pillow.

"Ling Mo Feng, can you not be so good physically, my legs are all sour." LAN Yanxi murmured at him.

"What's the acid? I'll rub it for you. " The man's warm big palm reached out again, grabbed one of her slender legs, scared the girl to giggle, and hurriedly dodged.

Ling Mo Feng immediately said lazily, "I'm very strong. It doesn't look sour."

"Acid, it's dead." LAN Yanxi answers in a hurry.

Ling Mo Feng's gentle eyes dye smile: "well, you sleep first, I have to see a few documents, it's very important."

"Well, you can have a rest earlier, not too late." Blue Yan shiton loves him so much that he has to work so late.

"Well!" Ling Mo Feng took a look at her and went out.

Blue fibril found it. She was in a restaurant and didn't pay for her food. She was stopped by the waiter. At last, she called the police. The police came and took blue fibril back for questioning. Blue fibril made a fool of herself. The police couldn't help her. Finally, she asked her for a long time. She cried and gave her home address.

Lambert and his wife rushed to see their daughter huddled in a chair like a frightened child, holding her knees, and looking at everyone in panic with eyes. Their hearts were breaking.

"Slim, you scared your mother to death. She thought she would never find you again." Blue mother ran over and hugged her daughter, crying.

"Mom." Blue fibril also reached out to hug her mother, and the mother and daughter cried together.

LAN Bai goes to the restaurant to settle the account, and takes LAN cilia home. After a day's running, LAN cilia is tired. She leans against the back seat of the car and falls asleep. LAN Mu sighs: "how can my daughter become like this? Is she really mad? "

"I won't go abroad for treatment. I'll send it to the best psychiatric hospital tomorrow." Lambert is also in a hurry. If he goes on like this, he really doesn't have the energy to manage the company's affairs. His family is in a mess.

"Well, we can't let her go on like this. We must give our daughter the best treatment." Blue mother agreed with her.

LAN Bai's face turned gloomy. "Lan Lin must have been guilty. She will not come back if she has fled abroad. I will see how I deal with her."

"Lan Lin is a vicious girl who knows her face and doesn't know her heart. She has taught my daughter badly, and I have to scare her half to death." Blue mother said hatefully.

Last time, Lanlin's terrorist threat express delivery was made by her. She just wanted to let Lanlin suffer from the pain in her heart and make her have a shadow in her heart.

"I had a fight with LAN Chen. My father was very angry. Now I'm worried about what kind of decision my father is making. He won't plan to hand over the company to LAN Chen. LAN Chen has been running to the hospital in recent days and has made a filial appearance. I'm afraid my father will make a decision easily if he is confused." Lambert frowned. At this time, what he thought was the interests. If the company is not in his hands, he has no sense of security.

Blue mother has another worry: "I think your father seems to attach great importance to blue Yanxi. Do you think it is possible for him to give her the company?"? If so, how can we live in the future depends on LAN Yanxi's face. "

"My father won't be so confused. Lanyanxi has married Ling Mo Feng. Her daughter splashed water. She's no longer a member of our blue family. My father can't give the company to outsiders." Lambert said confidently.

"Not necessarily. I think your father can do such a thing. He is better than your two brothers to lanyanxi." Blue mother is a shrewd woman. She sees many things in her eyes, so she worries more and more.

Lambert's heart also flashed uneasiness. No, he had to find a way to take the company's power.

Lanlin's plane landed. She contacted her father quickly. Instead of letting her go home, lanchen booked her a hotel. Lanlin sat down on the sofa of the hotel and ran for days. She was very tired. She gritted her teeth angrily: "Dad, what's the matter with Grandpa? Why do I have to come back?"

"Don't complain. Your grandfather's character is stubborn. Now it's a critical period. We'd better not go against what he said." LAN Chen comforted her daughter with patience.

"Well, when do I go to the hospital to see him? I don't want to run into the blue fiber family. They have to kill me." Lanlin said with a pale face at once.

LAN Chen frowned: "what did you say to LAN Xianxian? Do you really encourage her to kill lanyanxi? "

"Dad, I do this for you. I want to make LAN Xianxian and LAN Yanxi fight each other. In this way, our family can benefit from it." LAN Lin said with great grievance.

LAN Chen's face turned ugly. However, he didn't blame his daughter very angrily, because he thought his daughter was right to do so. Their family didn't have a sense of existence in the blue family.

"If Grandpa asks about this, you must not admit it, you know?" LAN Chen told her.

LAN Lin immediately smugly smiled, "don't worry, I'm better than anyone

LAN Chen sees some hope in her daughter. He thinks her daughter is smart, tolerant and resourceful. Maybe the company can count on her in the future.

"Well, your uncle must have no time to go to the hospital in the last two days. You can clean up and meet your grandpa with me in the evening." LAN Chen said immediately.

Blue fiber was forcibly sent to the best psychiatric hospital that night, and the most authoritative doctor was found for treatment. Moreover, it was a one-to-one treatment. Blue fiber had an independent ward in the hospital.

"Let me out, why do you want to shut me up, Dad, mom, you come to save me, I don't stay in this ghost place, you let me out, I'm afraid." Blue fibril was locked in her ward, where she was crying and making noise.

Blue mother wanted to see her, but the doctor stopped her.

"Don't worry about giving my daughter treatment. Don't meet her for a while. I'm afraid her mood will fluctuate badly." The female doctor was quite responsible, and she decided to take pains to treat the new patient because of their parents' heart.

"Doctor, you must cure my daughter. I'll be grateful to you." Blue mother haggard expression, a anxious.

"Don't worry. It's our job to treat patients." The doctor took the blue mother to the ward to learn about the situation of the blue fiber, and then let the couple leave first.

"This damned Lanlin, I will not let her go." The blue mother, who was forced to leave with heartache, cried and became a tearful person, and her heart became more and more resentful towards Lanlin.

"Let's go to the hospital and sell it in front of my father. Let him know how LAN Chen taught such a cruel and vicious daughter. If the company falls into his hands, there will be no future." Lambert was going home. At this moment, he suddenly turned around and headed for the hospital.

When LAN Bai and his wife came to the door of the ward, they heard LAN Lin's voice of concern. As soon as their faces changed, they immediately opened the door and strode in.

Lanlin was still talking to the old man. Suddenly she heard that the door of the ward was pushed open. As soon as she turned around, she saw the lanbai couple. Her face turned pale and she stepped back two steps.

"Grandpa, Grandpa help me..." Lanlin grabs the old man's hand in a hurry and asks for help in fear.