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Yang ChuChu had a headache after a cold afternoon at the seaside. She had to go back to her car. "

clearly, you seem very sad. Would you like to take you home?" The assistant looked at her all the way. She was really distressed. She didn't know what Yang ChuChu was going through now. However, she followed her for so many years, and for the first time, she saw the broken and desperate light in her eyes. "

No, send me to Roche Group!" Yang ChuChu stared at the front, looking tired. Yang

came in from the lobby of the company, reported his name at the front desk, and the front desk immediately opened the exclusive direct elevator of Luo Jinyu for her. Yang

the relationship between Chu Chu and Luo Jinyu has been made public. Many people are predicting that she is the future grandma of Luo family. Naturally, she dare not block her way.

Yang ChuChu leaned against the wall of the elevator. She didn't know why she wanted to come here. Maybe, she just wanted to see Luo Jinyu. By the way, she asked him to quit Fang Kexin.

When Yang ChuChu knocks on the door of Luo Jinyu's office, Fang Kexin is also standing inside. In addition to her, there is another female assistant. Two people send documents to Luo Jinyu for signature. See

when Yang ChuChu arrives, Luo Jinyu holds the pen's hand, and suddenly tightens it. Then he says to the two assistants standing beside him, "go out, I have a private matter to deal with!" A private matter is like a knife in Fang Kexin's heart. What she talked to was business, and when Yang Chu came, it became his private business. Yang's eyes were clear and full of resentment. She gave Fang Kexin a look. She couldn't really like this woman. Fang

Kexin is shocked by Yang ChuChu's eyes and thinks to himself that he doesn't have such a deep hatred with her, but why does Yang ChuChu look at her eyes like he wants to kill people. Luo

Jin Yu put down his pen. Just now, he was still on the handsome face of the iceberg. Now he was full of a happy smile, and his gentle voice line was unexpected: "delicate, how are you coming?" Yang

looking at this gentle and doting man in front of her, her heart is like being held in the warm spring sun, and suddenly becomes soft. "

How can Fang Kexin work here?" Yang ChuChu asked in a low voice. "

do you know her?" Luo Jinyu was shocked. Fang Kexin's mother forced her into his company. He thought Yang ChuChu could not know her. But now, she asked directly, which made Luo Jinyu Jun's face a little panic.

"Not only do I know her, but I have hatred with her!" Yang ChuChu laughed at himself in a low voice.

Luo Jin Yu's expression is more abundant. He can't help but ask with a curious smile, "did she offend you?" "

LUO Jinyu, can you not let her work beside you? Please! " Yang ChuChu lifts her eyes instantly, and the bottom of her eyes is overflowing with a layer of moisture, like crying out of sadness. Luo

Jin Yu was completely confused this time. He came over in a hurry, grasped her arm, and asked softly, "what's the matter? Tell me, I'll think about it! "

"I can see that she likes you a little, doesn't she?" Yangchuchuchumeimou asked with tears and a touch of grievance and jealousy.

Luo Jin is stunned. Do women doubt anything and love intuition? But often, women's intuition is the most accurate.

Luo Jinyu also sees that Fang Kexin really has that kind of meaning to himself, and his mother must know that, so she can be arranged here.

"Well, first, put away your tears, and tell me about your feud with her?" Luo Jinyu takes her hand and takes her directly to his office chair.

When he's done, let Yang ChuChu sit on his long legs. He looks like he's trying to coax children. His eyes are tender and caring.

"Tell me, if she is really your enemy, I will let her go at once!" Luo Jinyu's love for Yang ChuChu is nothing more than doting on her. He hasn't seen her for several days. Suddenly, he saw that she had tears in her eyes and was in a real panic before he was relieved from the surprise.

Yang ChuChu doesn't know why he wants to run to him and ask him to dismiss Fang Kexin. Maybe her heart has become dark.

"I don't like her!" Yang ChuChu gave a reason.

Luo Jinyu said with a low smile, "you are really childish. If you don't like a person, will you drive her away?" "

isn't it? I don't like it, but I have to cater. That's what blocks my heart. " Said Yang ChuChu, frowning. "

OK, I accept your reason, but should you listen to my reason?" Luo Jin's fingers gently wiped the corner of her eyes and wiped away her tears.

"Your reason?" Yang ChuChu looked at him with astonishment. "

Yes, Fang Kexin is not hired by me. She is my mother's eye liner. First, she monitors me. Second, she hopes to replace you in my mind. Do you understand?" Luo Jin said with a light sneer.

"Your mother introduced her? So your mother is happy with her? " Yang ChuChu was shocked again, which was hard to believe. "

I have investigated Fang Kexin's background. She may be the right candidate for my mother's ideal daughter-in-law, but I don't like her." Luo Jin's brow is twisted for a while, and the bottom of her eyes is boring. Yang was stunned again. Suddenly, she felt that she had come to find the guilt again.

Luo Mu likes Fang Kexin? Deliberately arranged her to work beside Luo Jinyu, and wanted to use the opportunity for them to have feelings. In this way, there was really no such thing as Yang ChuChu.

The heart is like being stabbed by something, and blood flows into a river. "

then I Don't bother you! " Yang ChuChu suddenly stood up from his long legs and was about to leave.

"Well, you're angry?" Luo Jinyu pulled her wrist, and her tall body stood up closely.

"Since your mother has arranged such an excellent woman for you, otherwise Think about her. " Yang ChuChu did not know how much courage it would take to say this sentence completely.

She was dying of pain, but what could she do? She thought that a word could make Luo Jin say goodbye to Fang Kexin, but now it seems that a word from Luo mu can easily push Fang Kexin to his side.

"What are you talking about? Clearly, if I really had fun with her, I would not have told you the truth. " Luo Jinyu heard that she actually said that. It's really hurt. It's hard to avoid some frustration. "

haven't you listened to your mother? You let her work. " Yang ChuChu's mood suddenly went out of control. He shook off his big palm excitedly, turned around, and with tears in his eyes, said sadly, "do you think I'm a child and you don't understand? Luo Jinyu, I want to be excellent for you, and I want to marry you as your wife, but maybe I'm not qualified. "