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C855 her past

Mulin looked at the red hot sticker on the table and began to have a headache again.

Ji Xiaohan and Tang youYou are going to be engaged. Of course, she feels happy and blessed that they can achieve success. They have the courage to get married. They have the courage to delay the sweetness of love with marriage, which is very enviable. At least, she can't.

Murin reached out and touched her still flat stomach. There was no trace of pregnancy. Except for her vomiting from time to time, she felt that she was normal.

"What a bore!" Mu Lin has long hair on her forehead. She is not in the mood to deal with her work. She feels that this is the worst moment in her life.

"It turns out that enjoyment comes at a price. I should be more careful." When Maureen was a child, she grew up in western countries. So, in her opinion, it's not a big thing that a man and a woman are together and something happens. On the contrary, since she was together with lohnin, her life seems complete. She enjoys every moment with him very much. However, what she brings after enjoying is the moment Perplexed.

The mobile phone beside suddenly rings. After a look, murin immediately covers her ears. This is from lohnin. She doesn't want to answer his call, at least not now. She was afraid that he would talk about marriage and children as soon as he spoke. She didn't want to talk about these topics with him. She was afraid. She would rather offend him and ignore him than talk about such a topic.

Is she ill? How sick is it? When Mu Lin was covering her ears and pretending that she couldn't hear the phone, the door of the office was suddenly pushed open by a big hand. Lohnin's beautiful figure stood outside the door. When he saw Mu Lin, he found that Mu Lin was covering her ears. This feeling was like a basin of cold water pouring on his head. It was more disturbing than the disaster.

Murin covered her ears tightly. Naturally, she didn't hear the sound of the door being opened. Moreover, she closed her eyes tightly and wanted to hide in her own world.

When lohnin walked in front of her with heavy steps, murin felt that someone was coming. She slowly released her hand, raised her head, and looked up at the deep hurt eyes.

"Er Why are you here? " Mureen's brain was buzzing, and the whole person was blank. Open

a question, only to find that he asked a nonsense.

She rarely blushed, and had a few unnatural flushes.

"Are you ok?" Lohnin's voice was low, with a touch of care.

Murin pulled her long hair in a mess. She spread out her hands and shrugged her shoulders. Then she gave a dry smile: "do you think I look good now?"

"Do you dislike children so much?" Lohnin asked, leaning slightly over her desk, his hands slowly, his eyes fixed on her expression.

Mu Lin bit her lips and thought carefully: "I should not hate it, at least, I like my little niece very much. I think she is as lovely as an angel." "

why don't you have an angel yourself?" When lohnin heard her words, he was still very hopeful to persuade her.

Murin raised her head and looked at him. Then she said to herself, "you haven't experienced my childhood. You don't know the shadow in my heart. I'm afraid to have children, either because I don't like them or because I'm afraid." "

What did you experience in your childhood? I never asked you. Can you tell me now? " Lohnin changed her posture and sat directly on her desk. Her voice was peaceful and gentle, so it was not defensive.

Mu Lin hung her head and closed her eyes tightly. When she opened her eyes, her eyes were stained with loss: "when I was very young, my mother threw me abroad to live alone. I was not as lucky as my brother, because he was a son and I was a daughter. My mother's idea of valuing men over women was not hidden. She told me directly that she might want to take me as one People left abroad to live with my grandma and grandpa. She was going to take her younger brother home to live with my dad. I didn't know independence at that time. I ran a long way after my parents' car. I thought I cried. They would come back and pick me up and leave together. But they didn't. They left. " Luo

Henning heard her saying these words slowly, and her heart was clenched into a ball, as if a clear picture gradually emerged in her mind. A little girl, chasing a car, knew that she could not catch up, but still refused to give up. "

I hated my parents for a while, but later I thought that without their free education, I would not be such an independent woman today. They wronged me and made me!"

"Did you have a bad time with your grandparents? Is it often bullied? " Asked lohnin in a low voice, very concerned about her. Mu

Lin raised her head and looked at him with a smile. The smile was gorgeous: "no, I often bully others. My grandparents belong to the royal family. You know there are many rules in the royal family. I often break rules and get scolded and punished. But I still break rules every day. My cousins and cousins, unlike me, have parents around to watch and educate They never take the initiative to bully people, but I will, I will often be beaten, my grandparents are often angry to get sick, many important occasions, I will not take me to play, I am more bored, lonely, especially once, my grandma held a birthday party, afraid of being damaged by me, I locked in a small house, I You can't imagine how lonely I was at that time, but if you want to come now, I deserve it. Who made me disobey? " Luo

Henning's heart felt as if it had been stirred. It was very painful. He suddenly understood why Maureen was so afraid of marriage and children. Was she afraid her children would repeat her childhood? Or, what she's afraid of is the shadows of her past.

"Mureen, if only I knew you earlier, I would be with you!" Lohnin came to her side, reached out, gently put her in his arms, tightly holding her. Mu

Lin is a very strong woman. She has hardly cried since she was little. But now, inexplicably, she feels that she also needs protection, is also very fragile and needs comfort. "

Yes, why don't you come to me earlier?" Murin murmured with a smile, but her voice choked.