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In the winter, there was a sun. In the morning, lanyanxi opened the window and saw the sun shining on the snow. She was in a good mood. She cleaned up her clothes and planned to go downstairs for breakfast.

Now the weather is getting cold, and breakfast is also delivered. LAN Yanxi feels that Ling Mo Feng looks rigorous and cold, but he knows how to be tender and considerate. I believe that many men don't necessarily care about the details of a woman, but Ling Mo Feng doesn't talk about it, but does enough.

"Miss LAN, Mr. LAN asked me to send you something in the morning. I put it on the tea table. Go and have a look yourself." Aunt said with a smile.

"Well, thank you!" Lanyanxi immediately grabbed a piece of bread and ran to the living room to check it.

Unexpectedly, the package was very beautiful, and a bow was made with a blue ribbon.

"It's hard for him!" LAN Yanxi chuckled, but still wanted to know what was inside.

Opening the outer package, a piece of paper suddenly fell out. It was Ling Mo Feng's handwriting.

His writing is vigorous and powerful, and the words are well-rounded, just like his whole temperament.

LAN Yanxi bored to appreciate his words, and then saw what he wrote.

"I hope you like the gift I promised you!"

LAN Yanxi's beautiful eyes blinked. Yes, she seems to have asked Ling Mo Feng for this, but she forgot all about it. Ling Mo Feng even remembered it.

Well, her memory is better than hers. Let him remember anything important in the future.

LAN Yanxi picked up the beautiful purple box, and his heart thumped. This box should be filled with rings, right?

"Ha ha, as expected, the sullen man dare not express himself to me face to face, so he wants to express himself to me secretly?" Lanyanxi's heart is happy and can't wait to open it, but she finds that the contents are different from what she imagined.

"How could it be a brooch? I'll go! " LAN Yanxi's face is messy. It's a rose shaped brooch, decorated with precious stones. It's very delicate.

"Ling Mo Feng, wait, sooner or later, I want you to give me a ring!" Bai was very happy. LAN Yanxi was unhappy, but he still pinned the Rose Brooch on his clothes. Because their tooling is pure black, there is no bright thing, so there is no special regulation in the general office that Brooch can not be worn as a small decorative object.

LAN Yanxi was in a good mood. After breakfast, he drove to work.

Just arrived at the office, I saw Yang He walking towards her. LAN Yanxi's face was tight, trying to pretend not to see her.

"Hope!" Yang He called out her name.

LAN Yanxi had to show a fake smile and looked back at her and asked, "Yang He, what are you doing? Do you want to come here to get the documents? "

"No, I just want you to find out something for me!" Yang he said anxiously. "Oh, what's up?" LAN Yan hoped that he would answer with his mouth, but he didn't want to.

"Have you heard? Wan Qianqian was hired to work. Do you think vice president hired her? " Yang he asked her in a low voice, angry on the face.

LAN Yanxi's mind is about to explode. She thinks Yang he really cares about Ling Mo Feng. It's really not a good thing.

"Yang He, I'm not sure about that. I don't know if you ask me." LAN Yanxi looks at her in embarrassment.

"Your boyfriend is not adjutant Chu. You just need to ask him. Yan Xi, you can help me to find out. I'm afraid." Yang he drags her arm and pleads.

LAN Yanxi is the one who is going crazy. Can she say that she is more afraid?

"Yang He, about Ling Mo Feng Well, don't ask me about Mr. vice president. I really want to work here. It's against the law to ask about Mr. vice president behind his back! " LAN Yanxi accidentally said that she had lost her mouth, which scared her to correct.

Yang He is not stupid. She has seen that Lan Yanxi doesn't want to help her. She has to let go of her hand and look lost: "Yanxi, we are not friends even if we don't help this little favor?"

"I......" What does LAN Yanxi want to say? Yang he doesn't want to hear anymore. He turns around and leaves.

LAN Yanxi shrugs his shoulders helplessly. Well, it's better not to be a friend.

Yang he thought angrily that Lan Yanxi would not help her. She certainly didn't want her to be with the vice president. Women are the same. She just didn't want to see her friend's life better than her own. LAN Yanxi's boyfriend is adjutant Chu. If she was really liked by the vice president, she would feel that her boyfriend is inferior and unbalanced Well, it's selfish and snobbish. Forget it. Don't ask her.

At 3:00 p.m., LAN Yanxi was holding a pile of materials in the classification, and a male colleague came to help her. They talked and laughed, but the atmosphere was good.

But LAN Yanxi didn't find out. When she was working with her male colleague, a pair of tall figures came slowly out of the window.

If this point is not busy, Ling will go to the library next door to read materials. Today, it is his first time to pass the window of lanyanxi's work.

Deep eyes, far away swept past, I thought I could see her secretly blinking or smiling to say hello to him.

Obviously, the greater the hope, the more the loss. What he saw was that the woman was bending over and was close to a male colleague. They seemed to be talking and working together.

A sullen, straight to the chest, Ling Mo Feng felt that his timing was not right, or the way this woman works?

The adjutant Chu followed, and naturally saw LAN Yanxi working with a male colleague at the window. He was stunned. When it was over, he had to be angry again.

"Sir, do you want to..."

"No!" Someone cold handsome face, stride away.

LAN Yanxi didn't know that she had offended the distinguished vice president again. After filing the materials, she stretched her neck to look out again, and then shouted, "doesn't it mean that she will come to read in the afternoon? It's been several days. I haven't seen the shadow. It must have been deceiving me. "

Just when LAN Yanxi was depressed, she suddenly received a text message. She looked at it as if it was a private number of adjutant Chu: "Miss LAN, please come to the library!"

LAN Yanxi's spirit was refreshed, and a kind of inexplicable happiness filled her chest, which made her whole person energetic.

Her job is the archives, and sometimes she needs to go to the library to help with something. At this moment, lanyanxijue's self should be able to walk around the library in a reasonable way.

She said hello to the people next to her, and then she got up and walked quickly to the library.

As soon as she entered the library, she looked around with beautiful eyes.

Suddenly, she saw adjutant Chu sitting in a position, and then pointed her in a direction.

Lanyanxi's breathing was suddenly tight and sluggish, with a sense of tension and excitement of stealing people.

She slowed down a little, walked to the bookshelf in the last row, and saw that in the long passage, the man was leaning against the bookshelf with a book in his hand, reading carefully.

"So handsome!" Lanyanxi first praised in his heart, and also raised a strange feeling. In the past, when he was in college, there were also boys who pretended to hold a glass of books and lean against the library, with a melancholy and deep expression, just to attract the attention of female students. That kind of little boy, lanyanxi didn't look much.

But at the moment, it seems that Ling Mo Feng is really reading a book, and she doesn't make it at all, but why does his face look ugly?

"Ling Mo Feng!" She laughs and walks over to say hello.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes just turned from his hands to her face, and saw that her smile was curved, but he directly put the books together and threw a glass of books into her arms. Blue Yanxi could catch them and turn around to get other books.

"I knew you enjoyed reading these politics books!" LAN Yanxi looked down and said with a smile.

But soon, the books in her hand were increasing at a rate that was visible to the naked eye.

"Ah How heavy! " LAN Yanxi did not expect Ling Mo Feng to call her over, not to talk to her about love, but to use her as a schoolboy.

"Hold on, don't fall!" The man also ruthlessly threw a word at her.