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C2002. He's in her heart

Life suddenly returns to a single way, surrounded by natural oxygen bar, in the morning, birds singing and flowers fragrance, the vitality of nature, will give people a quiet mood.

Ji Tingyan has never experienced this kind of primitive life. She didn't bring a pen and a picture book with her this trip. However, a simple pencil and a notebook have become all her hobbies.

Cheng Yue follows her all the time. When she moves her fingers, a beautiful picture will jump onto the book. She marvels at herself. At the beginning, Ji Tingyan also draws randomly. But slowly, it becomes a picture that she can't understand or learn. When the overall scene appears, it is already a beautiful picture.

"Xiaonai, your hands must have been kissed by God, otherwise, how simple a few strokes can make people separate their relatives from different landscapes, even I, a vulgar person, feel incredible." Cheng Yueyue feels more and more that he has no artistic cells. He is very ashamed.

Ji Tingyan chuckled, then compared her hand to a camera, and compared it with Cheng Yue: "otherwise, I'll draw you in as a gift."

"Really? Thank you, Xiao Nai. Please make my painting more beautiful. " Cheng Yue is a little excited. She straightens her collar to show her spirit.

Ji Tingyan said with a smile, "you are very beautiful. You are different and handsome."

Cheng Yue's mouth is more powerful. She is very happy.

Ji Tingyan looks up from time to time and looks at Cheng Yue. Her facial features are smoothly outlined with the tip of her pen. Soon, the expression of God appears on the notebook. She only draws Cheng Yue's upper body, which is integrated with the scenery. There is no color filling, but a single black color, which makes Cheng Yue's smile very vivid.

After Ji Tingyan finished painting, she tore the page off and handed it to Cheng Yue: "here you are. I'm not confident in the figure painting. You don't look like you."

Cheng Yue quickly took over his hands, looked at them carefully, and then scratched his back head: "you've painted me so beautifully, haven't I laughed so well?"

"It's more beautiful than the painting. No wonder Wang Cheng is always thinking of you." Ji Tingyan laughs at her. Cheng Yue's face blushed. Suddenly, she found that tie Ting came back from the training next to her. She was wearing only a T-shirt. Her handsome face was covered with hot sweat. Her body was very strong and charming.

"Xiao Nai, otherwise, draw down your sweetheart. It's a very meaningful thing. If you give him a picture, he will keep it forever." Cheng Yue immediately made fun of her.

Ji Tingyan's beautiful eyes dye with affection, looking at the tie Ting coming towards this side. Then, in a low voice, she said, "I dare not draw him."

"Why?" Cheng Yue is stunned. She dare not draw tie Ting, but her paintings are so vivid.

Ji Tingyan's face is not confident. She sips the corner of her mouth and sighs: "I'm afraid of how to draw, but I'm not satisfied. It's better not to draw than to be afraid of losing."

"Oh, I see. Mr. tie is in your heart. You don't need to draw him at all." Cheng Yue laughs.

Ji Tingyan quickly reaches out to cover her mouth. This shy action and expression are eager to cover up, but she is seen by tie ting. He immediately comes over with a smile on his face and asks them curiously, "what are you talking about? It's such a happy conversation."

"No Nothing. " Ji Tingyan's pretty face is bright red. Cheng Yue quickly says, "xiaonai, talk to me. I'll see what Wang Cheng is doing."

Cheng Yue took the picture and walked away happily. Tie Ting saw Ji Tingyan carry her hands behind her. His tall body forced her with an oppressive breath: "what's in her hand? Show me."

"Nothing, just a few pictures." Ji Tingyan's beautiful eyes flickered, but she dared not look into men's eyes. In fact, when Cheng Yue came to find her, she had drawn a picture of tie ting in the room. However, the picture was not satisfactory, and she dared not show it.

"Oh? Let me see. I haven't seen your painting yet. " Tie ting a listen, the interest is stronger, the long arm a stretch, want to snatch from her back.

Where is Ji Tingyan's opponent? She asked him to take away the book. The man opened a page and looked at it. His eyes were deep and his smile fell on his face: "it's a good painting. It's very talented. If we have a daughter in the future, she will certainly inherit your painting talent."

Ji Tingyan blushed and murmured, "who wants to have a baby with you? I haven't written a single word yet."

"Who are you going to live with if you don't live with me?" Tie Ting Jun's face is startled, and then he looks at her bitterly: "xiaonai, you won't change your mind."

"I don't have one." Ji Tingyan puffed her cheeks: "well, give birth to a daughter and let her inherit my talent. Just like I inherited my mother's talent, she is a fashion designer and also a natural painter."

Seeing that she had promised, he was very happy: "no wonder you have such a hobby."

Ji Tingyan saw him turn page after page, and looked at him carefully. When his hand turned down, Ji Tingyan gasped with fear. She wanted to grab it back, but the man subconsciously put his hand up. With his height, Ji Tingyan couldn't even jump up, and she stared at the man angrily.

"Return the book to me."

At this time, tie Ting opened the next page. When he saw a man painted on it, he couldn't help squinting his eyes: "this is not me, is it?"

Ji Tingyan could not be shy. She lowered her head, put her hands behind her back, and kicked the stones with her toes. She pretended to say easily, "yes, it's you, but I don't seem to draw very well, unlike you."

"It's not like me. You painted me too strong." Tie Zheng couldn't help laughing. The voice line was clear, but it was from the heart.

"Nonsense, I don't. You're not in such a good shape." Ji Tingyan's retort.

Tie Ting is coagulating her however, voice line sinks gradually: "my figure is not good, aren't you familiar already?"

"What's the use? Maybe it's not easy to look good." Ji Tingyan deliberately annoys him.

"What do you say?" Tie Ting didn't expect that she would question her male ability, and immediately narrowed her eyes displeased: "Xiao Nai, it seems that I have to correct your dangerous idea."

"What do you think?" Ji Tingyan asked, blinking her eyes.

Tie Ting immediately tugged her into her arms, with thin lips against her ears, and exhaled in low heat: "otherwise, let's have a try at night and see if I can use it."

Ji Tingyan found that she seemed to touch the bottom line of a man. He was angry. She put her hands on each other's chest and her beautiful eyes were full of shyness. "Tie Ting, I don't question your meaning. In fact, if you think tonight is right, I don't object. Otherwise, try it."

Tie Ting: "..."