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Ji Shangqing's words made Ji yunning look slightly changed. She immediately laughed and praised: "elder brother, you are also very good in terms of appearance. Maybe you are really capable of making Tang youyou look up to you."

Ji Lin's face was heavy, and he said seriously, "Shangqing, you'd better not provoke this woman named Tang youyou. We're aiming at Ji Xiaohan now. His woman, let's deal with things later." "Daddy, what are you worried about? I promise you, I will never take the initiative, and I will never let Ji Xiaohan and his grandparents catch me. I am curious about this Tang youyou. Besides, I haven't visited his grandparents for a long time. If I don't

in the past, I'm afraid that my grandparents will forget the existence of my grandson. " Ji shangqingjue's father's worry is too much. He has a good way to deal with women. He is absolutely a charming gentleman with grace in front of women.

Maybe Ji Xiaohan has better conditions than herself, but many women like a man. Not only do they have good conditions, but also they are funny, humorous, considerate and gentle. Ji Shangqing believes that he can easily move a woman's heart.

This woman named Tang Youyou, although she is silent and nameless, since she will be the woman that Ji Xiaohan deeply loves, she must also have her charming place. Ji yunning also said with a smile: "Daddy, don't worry about big brother. Big brother must have discretion. In fact, I also feel that Tang youyou is a woman who is not clean up. She used to be very rude to me and angry with me. If big brother can take a bad breath for me, then I will try my best to help him at work." When Ji Lin saw that Ji yunning even agreed, he had to calm down and nod his head: "well, it's time for you to go back to China and meet your grandparents. By the way, say hello to me. If you have the chance to ask about your grandfather's will, it's the best. As for whether you have the ability to deal with this Tang Youyou,

I don't care, just don't make trouble for me."

Ji Shangqing finally agreed to see his father, and he nodded happily: "OK, daddy, I'll book a ticket for tomorrow morning. Xiaoning, do you want to go back home with me?"

Ji yunning shook his head: "I don't want to go back. I hate to see Tang Youyou, and I don't like to see his two children. It's very annoying!"

Ji Shangqing didn't ask her any more, so he decided to go back to see the situation.

At this moment, domestic, Jishi group headquarters.

Ji Yueze opened the door of big brother's office directly and saw big brother sitting on the big black chair with the same ugly face. There were also several photos on the desktop. "Big brother, what's the matter? Who sent us these photos? What does he want to do? " Ji Yueze didn't know that Ji's family was facing the biggest internal crisis, so he was so angry. He felt that someone deliberately wanted to pick up a problem. Ji Yueze wanted to find a solution for big brother.

Ji Xiaohan's face was even colder. He didn't expect that Ji Lin even sent his brother. He didn't let go of any of them.

"More Ze, you sit down, I have something to say to you!" Ji Xiaohan looks at his younger brother's angry face, which shows how angry and disappointed he is.

"Big brother, Dad, he really Is that the kind of person? " Ji Yueze still can't believe these photos are true. It's so heartbreaking. He always thought that dad was a good man, responsible and obedient to his mother. But now What's the matter?

Season owl cold good-looking brow tightly wring, thin lips light open: "you have carefully examined these photos? Do you think it's possible for P to go up? "

Ji Yueze's face was stunned, and his eyes were slightly surprised. "It's not like it's P, it's a steal shot. Besides, these photos look very chronological. I didn't find P's trace."

"That's true!" Ji Xiaohan is not willing to accept such a cruel fact. However, he is more diligent and steady than Ji Yueze. He feels that he can't deny it because he doesn't believe it.

Ji Yueze's tall and healthy body quivered slightly. The whole person seemed to be unsteady, and he sat directly on Ji Xiaohan's desk. Jun's face was sad and disappointed: "how could this happen? How can dad treat mom like this? "

Ji Xiaohan wants to comfort his brother, but he doesn't know what to say. In his heart, he has the same disappointment and sadness.

The two brothers were so silent. The atmosphere in the powerful office was frozen to zero. "Mom must have known that for a long time, so she was desperate. Brother, did we always blame mom? She left, not because of us, but because of her patience to the limit? " Ji Yueze finally figured out one thing. He suddenly regretted and blamed himself. Why didn't he know more about his mother's mood.

Ji Xiaohan nodded: "yes, we misunderstood her. When she left, she must be more sad and sad than us."

"By the way, what did you say to me just now? Do you know who sent the picture? " Ji Yueze's heart was in a mess. He couldn't find the clue for a while. Then he suddenly thought of what elder brother seemed to say just now.

"Yes, I know. These photos were sent to us by Ji Lin. at that time, he must have known about his father." Season owl cold smile, think of this cunning and treacherous uncle, he felt crisis.

"What?" Ji Yueze was shocked once again. A pair of handsome eyes opened wide and stared at his brother's cold face and asked, "sent by uncle? Why did he do it? "

"Because he wants to rebel!" Season owl cold sneers: "he wants to take back the management of the company."

Ji Yueze's face suddenly changed and he became angry: "he still has the face to compete with you for the management power of the company? Don't see what sinister means he used to persecute you. Even if he wants to come, grandpa can't let him go back to the company. "

"Because grandpa didn't let him touch the management of the company again, he began to attack me. He would not be reconciled." Ji Xiaohan sneers.

"Eldest brother, you must punish him well this time, so that he doesn't know the height of the earth and send us pictures of his father's extramarital affairs. This means is too despicable." Ji Yueze is about to explode with anger. His three views have been refreshed once. Season owl cold squint Mou, Mou bottom cold light flickers, voice cold: "rest assured, if he really want to play this time serious, I will accompany to the end."