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C841 give him a kitchen knife

Bai Yiyan is hiding in the house. She is like a mouse. She can't see the light. She feels that she has killed her life. It's a mess. Her dreams and future are all gray. Maybe her mother and Xu Weiwei are right. She's not like herself anymore.

The failure of a relationship can really change a person.

At the thought of Ji Yueze's words in the ward, Bai Yiyan felt headache, heartache, how high she held them and how painful she fell. She understood them.

The sky outside the window is dark again. Bai Yiyan opens a small side of the curtain and stares at the lights outside the window.

I thought, do you want to take advantage of the dark, go out for a walk.

At this time, there should be no need to recognize her.

Bai Yiyan thinks about the balance of her card again and finds that it's not much. When she was with Ji Yueze, she used him for food and clothing, but he didn't give her money, so Bai Yiyan immediately returns to her original shape.

Come on, let's save some time. I don't know when I'm going to live a life like this.

Maybe she can go abroad, find a place where no one knows her, and start a new life.

Bai Yiyan made a lot of assumptions, but she found that those ideas were not practical.

What she worries about most now is not herself, but whether aunt is in danger.

Where is aunt hiding again? Did she detect any danger?

This kind of danger is not only from Ji family brother, but also the man named Ji Lin.

Aunt seems to be in awe of him. Will he know that Ji's brother is investigating the death of Ji's father in that year, so he thinks that aunt's existence is an invisible bomb?

Would he want to kill?

Thinking of this, Bai Yiyan shivered twice.

A person who even dares to start his own brother can see how ruthless he is. The existence of his aunt is his biggest weakness. He will certainly not let go of his aunt.


Bai Yiyan punches her head hard. She's stupid. She's too late to think of the crisis.

What to do? If aunt was found by Ji Lin, she would rather she came back to face Ji Yueze's two brothers. Anyway, they can still reason.

Just as Bai Yiyan thought more and more terrible and thought more and more about the cold sweat, suddenly there was a knock outside the door.

This time?

Who is it?

It's definitely not mom's. mom has a spare key for her home.

Bai Yiyan jumped up as if she were frightened, and immediately ran to the door to have a look.

I don't know when I have caught a kitchen knife.

Bai Yiyan doesn't know why she moves so fast to get the kitchen knife. Maybe the event she just thought about was too terrible. She instinctively thought of protecting herself.

"Bai Yiyan, open the door for me!" People outside seem to have lost their patience.

When Bai Yiyan heard the voice, her eyes were slightly shocked.

Is it Ji Yueze's voice?

How could he come to find himself?

It's like a dream. It's not true. But when the voice outside the door roared again, Bai Yiyan woke up and opened the door without saying anything.

There was Ji Yueze standing outside the door, but there was something wrong with his face, and there were several bandages on his face.

Wearing a long Khaki windbreaker, he is young and handsome. "Put your knife down? I'm not here to trouble you. " When Bai Yiyan looks at him in a daze, Ji Yueze feels cold all over, and his eyebrows are cold. This woman even holds a shining kitchen knife in her hand. This picture, like a nightmare, makes men

extremely unhappy.

Bai Yiyan thought that she still had a knife in her hand. She was so scared that she threw it away. The knife made a more sharp and harsh sound on the ground. Both of them were shocked.

"Sorry, I thought it was a bad guy!" Bai Yiyan gave a dry smile twice, but the smile was very strong.

"Bad guy? Me? " Ji Yueze sneered at himself, then said coldly, "yes, in your heart, I am a bad man."

Seeing that he misunderstood her, Bai Yiyan quickly explained, "don't be angry, I didn't say you are a bad person!"

"What are you doing with a knife? After hearing my voice, I didn't put the knife down! " Ji Yueze is still upset. Does this woman take him as a tiger?

Bai Yiyan can't laugh this time. She just thought of the fact that she and he had broken up.

Her two little hands were hanging on her side, pinching her clothes, and her voice was a little dry: "Why are you here? What can I do for you? "

Ji Yueze put his hands in his pockets, and after a pair of eyes crossed her face, he looked at the small room and found that it was chaotic enough, even worse than a dog's Kennel. "Because I broke up with you, you abandoned yourself at home?" Ji Yueze finally looked back at her, and found that she was wearing wide pajamas and long hair. The whole person was no different from the madman. If it wasn't for the face to be able to see and the face value was still online, only

I was afraid that Ji Yueze would turn around and leave immediately.

Bai Yiyan was shocked. She appreciated herself from head to toe. After that, how could she make herself like a ghost girl?

"Wait for me, I'll clean up!" After Bai Yiyan finished, she ran into her bedroom and closed the door.

Ji Yueze frowns. This woman is really going to give up treatment. Bai Yiyan chooses one of her limited suits to wear, washes her face, combs her long hair, and comes out again to see Ji Yueze stooping to help her clean up the snacks on the table. His noble figure squats on the ground, and her slender fingers pick up at a little bit. This picture makes Bai Yiyan feel ashamed and ashamed Just want to find a hole to drill in.

"When you used to live alone, it was so bad?" Ji Yueze picked it up and sneered at her in a cold voice.

Bai Yiyan hurriedly ran over and helped to clean up together. She whispered, "of course not. I had a good time before, but I was not in a good mood in the last few days. I didn't clean up!"

"I broke up with you and made you feel bad?" Ji Yueze sneers.

Bai Yiyan bit her lower lip, unable to answer.

That's not it!

Ji Yueze straightened up and found that he couldn't save her room at all, so he said lightly, "have you eaten in the evening?"

Bai Yiyan shook her head honestly: "no!" "Let's go. I'll take you to eat!" Ji Yueze suddenly took her hand and walked out the door.