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C1555 finding the backing

Blue fiber didn't go home directly. Instead, she went to the hotel. She rubbed her body several times over and over again. She almost rubbed off the skin. She was red all over, but she felt that she was dirty. She couldn't do it. So she even decided to go to the hospital and have a thorough examination before she could rest assured.

Lanlin sat on the sofa outside, playing with the car key in her hand, and a sinister smile flashed on the lovely baby's face.

She didn't expect that blue fiber would be strengthened by a group of wild men. Who is going to find someone to deal with her?

Although she once wanted to do it, she had no heart and no courage. Now someone punished blue fiber severely for her. She was really happy and happy.

Blue fiber so proud of women, now, just afraid to learn to hold the tail, low-key life bar. "I can't stand being dirty." Blue fiber changed a suit of clothes and came out. He was angry and black. He covered his face and cried.

Lanlin immediately changed her face, sat next to her, reached for her and comforted her: "elder sister, don't be sad, you should be strong. If you are desperate and painful, won't you let some people achieve their goals? You should put this matter down and hit the people who hurt you hard. "

After listening to her advice, LAN Xianxian feels that what she said is reasonable. She can't fall down now. She wants revenge.

"Damn Blue Yan Xi, it's really insidious. I won't let her go." Blue slender hate hate hate hate hate the eyes all want to spurt out fire, two hand pinches dead tight dead tight.

"Yes, I can't make her feel better, sister. You should let her pay for your pain." LAN Lin said indignantly.

Blue is shivering. She feels that even if she dies, she will go to hell with blue Yanxi.

"I'll call her now, and I'll ask her why I should be treated like that." Blue fiber said, he reached for his cell phone.

Lanlin stopped her: "sister, you are going to question her now, she will not admit it."

"Then what? What should I do? She now has Ling Mo Feng behind her back. She doesn't take me seriously. Am I going to be bullied by her for nothing? I don't like it. " LAN Xianxian finally understood the pain of inferiority. Before, she had her parents' support and would wear small shoes for LAN Yanxi when she found the opportunity. Now, LAN Yanxi has found a bigger backer. She is afraid that she will not take her seriously in the future. She is flat and round, and that she can rub it.

LAN Lin sees LAN Xianxian's pessimism and desperation. She wants to smile, but she still has to pretend to share the same hatred and hatred with her. She comforts her: "elder sister, don't lose heart. Even if LAN Yanxi becomes the first lady, she has a higher status and is more afraid of making mistakes. Even a small thing can give her a fatal blow. She can't have no weakness."

Blue fibril raised his head, looked at her with a confused face, and held her hand tightly: "Xiao Lin, you must help me, I have only you now, you must help me."

"Elder sister, of course, I will help you. You have taken care of me so much. If you suffer this kind of grievance, I will certainly give you this evil spirit." Lanlin immediately expressed her enthusiasm and loyalty.

"OK, Xiao Lin, as long as you are willing to help me, I will certainly benefit from you." Blue fiber found a helping hand, which made her feel a little better.

"Elder sister, what are we doing with these polite words? Do you remember what the man who hurt you looks like? Do you want to investigate the identity of the other party first, so that you can get evidence to accuse lanyanxi of the crime? " Lanlin begins to instruct her. If this matter is investigated, I'm afraid that Lanlin will have a worse appearance. The person behind her will not let her succeed in the investigation.

"Yes, that's right. I'm going to check. I'm going to find those bastards. I'm going to kill them." Blue fiber gnaws its teeth.

Just when blue fiber was full of grief and indignation, Mei Jie was sitting in the office with a cup of coffee, enjoying the video in the computer, showing the abnormal and proud cold laughter.

"Blue fiber, aren't you very proud? Don't you want to get married? I'll let your fiance enjoy your performance now. I don't know if he is willing to marry you. " Sister Mei's mind has collapsed. At this moment, she just wants to take revenge on those who have humiliated her.

Mei thought about this, and immediately turned off the video. She said to one of them, "send a copy to the man named Li Changsheng, and share the good things."

Next to the man a face surprised to take over, feel Mei Jie's expression some terrible.

"Remember, it must be sent to Li Changsheng." Mei elder sister sees the other party's appearance is different, and sternly admonishes.

The other party immediately nodded in panic and turned to handle affairs.

Mei sister smashed half of her coffee cup on the wall. She hated fate's teasing and her husband's unfairness. She saw that the overall situation would come true. The big tree she relied on collapsed and she wanted to crush all the people to death.

Sister Mei is in great pain. She has always believed that her ability is not bad, but the situation has changed. She can't turn around alone.

"Old stubborn, you are dead, and I have to back you up. In this case, I will bring more people to bury, so that this yellow spring road is not so lonely." Mei Jie's face was grim. She took out her mobile phone and pulled out a phone.

The woman who answered the phone trembled, and her voice trembled with fear: "please, let my child go. He is only 15 years old. If you want to kill me, kill me. Where did I offend you? Are you looking for me? "

"I'll give you three days to kill Ji Xiaohan's child for me. I'll let your child go. You didn't offend me, but you're too good. All the people I sent didn't pick you up. You just picked you up. You sent me to kill me. I can't blame you." Sister Mei is biting the root of her teeth in hatred, cold and heartless.

"I just want to get the job. I need money. I don't want to kill anyone. Why do you do such a bad thing?" The other side is helpless and powerless, crying and panicking.

"It's said that Ji Xiaohan dotes on his daughter very much. Let's reduce my demands. Just kill his daughter. I'll see what it will look like to face the despair of losing his beloved daughter." Sister Mei is too sick to be cured.

"No, no, that child is so young, she doesn't deserve to die." The girl over there cried.

"Who should die? Me? Who was not born to expect someone to love someone? Ji Xiaohan's daughter has been loved enough. She was born a very rich princess. Think about your son again. He can't go to the best school. Don't you hate him? " Sister Mei's sharp smile made her hair stand on end.

"No, no, I can't do this. Kill me if you want. I've lived enough. Don't hurt the child." The woman cried out in despair and kept her last conscience.

"I give you three days, only three days. If you don't do what I ask you to do, you will lose your son." Mei finished and hung up.

She covered her face like a madman and began to cry. Was there any mistake in her striving for the top? She just wants to stand tall and not let those people point at her failed life. Is she wrong?

Jishi garden villa.

After playing a piece of music, Ji xiaonai turned around and saw her piano teacher coming with red eyes. She was holding her mobile phone in her hand, as if she had been hit by a huge blow, and the whole person showed no spirit.

"Teacher, what's the matter with you? Did you cry? Isn't it that Neri's too hard to hear. " Ji xiaonai's two little hands were pinched together, thinking that they were not good at playing, which made the teacher cry.

The piano teacher stared at her, the pure and flawless face, full of the novelty of the world, so lovely children, like the elves falling into the world, how can she give up?

"Xiaonai, you practice piano first. I want to talk to your mommy about something." The piano teacher squatted in front of her, tears kept falling out, she gently patted Ji xiaonai's face, turned around and walked out.

Ji xiaonai blinked big eyes, some worried jumped out of the chair, took two legs to chase outside.

"What's the matter with the teacher?" Ji xiaonai still can't understand why the teacher saw her and cried even more.