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The wedding invitations of Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou have been sent out and have been blessed by many people. LAN

Yuehe old lady helped Tang youyou to choose several sets of wedding dresses, and a pure white wedding dress with thousands of water diamonds inlaid with a value of nearly ten million. Tang

youyou knows that Lan Yue and the old lady have given her such a big gift. Her eyes are red with emotion. She feels that she can marry into Ji's family, which is really a blessing that was cultivated in the last life. Knot

wedding diamond ring has been customized for a long time. It is the best diamond selected. The most exquisite craftsman polished it in nearly a month. This diamond ring has not been named yet. Finally, the buyer, Ji Xiaohan, gave it a name and took the only two words! This is Tang youyou's wedding, but she hardly needs to be polite. The old lady and LAN Yue are willing to take care of it for her. Turn

between eyes, the wedding date of two people is approaching, and the wedding is just three days later. The old lady said that she had a good day with a superior man.

Although Ji Xiaohan didn't believe in these things, the old lady insisted that he had to decide by her. The wedding planning scheme was sent to Ji Xiaohan half a month ago. After he had a look at it, it was sent to Ji's house. After everyone decided, it was officially launched. Because the weather is cold and not yet spring, it is located in a famous church in this city. For the luncheon, a hundred tables are set up in the East Hall of the church, and all the procedures are ready for the arrival of the day of great joy.

When the two little guys heard that daddy and mummy were going to have a wedding, they all laughed and were very happy.

They have been looking forward to this matter for a long time. They haven't seen any news from their parents. Now, they finally wait until this wish is completed. Don

youyou has just returned to work for a few days and is going to ask for leave again.

Fortunately, all colleagues in the company accepted her identity as a future boss calmly.

I dare not gossip about her any more.

Tang youyou still appreciates this kind of peaceful life. Only

Yes, when she thinks of marrying Ji Xiaohan, her mood will surge. Even in the dark night, when she dreams back in the middle of the night, there will be ripples.

She dreams of waiting for this day, waiting to be the bride of season owl cold. For example,

today, dreams are reflected in reality, she can't concentrate on anything, and her mind is depicting the reality of the wedding.

In order to prepare for the wedding in the last two days, Ji Xiaohan was busy. He had to arrange all the top affairs of the company and take into account the big and small decisions of the wedding. Therefore, he had not gone home for dinner for several days.

Both of them are not used to it. So, this evening, the two kids decided not to go to bed early. They must wait for daddy to come back and talk with him. In

Yes, the two little guys pretended to be asleep, so LAN Yue left. At half past ten, Ji Xiaohan's car stopped outside the hall. Two little guys immediately got up from the bed, secretly opened the door, and heard Daddy's steady footsteps coming upstairs.

"Shh!" Ji Xiaorui pointed to his sister and said, "don't let daddy find us. We'll give him a surprise!"

Ji xiaonai holds out her hand, covers her mouth, and secretly smiles.

If daddy suddenly saw them, he would be very happy. Xiao Han went upstairs and looked at the light in the children's room. It was dark. I think the two little guys were asleep.

Many times before, he would go to see the little guy.

Even if you look at their sleeping face like a little angel, your mood will become calm and your tiredness will be washed instantly. But

today, Ji Xiaohan didn't know which tendon was wrong. He didn't go to the children's room to have a look and pushed the bedroom door open. Two little guys blinked their big eyes. It seems that mommy is more important in daddy's eyes. "

go!" After waiting for a few minutes, they didn't wait for daddy to come in. The two little guys finally became impatient and decided to sneak into daddy's bedroom to see him.

So, two little guys nodded, reached a consensus, quietly ran to the bedroom door. In a second, the little guy pushed the door open and rushed in. And

now! Lying on the sofa in the room, the two people who overlapped each other were shocked at the sound of opening the door. "

daddy, why are you pressing Mommy? Are you bullying her? " Two little guys who broke in suddenly saw the picture on the sofa clearly. "

ah, shame!" Ji Xiaorui can't be so naive as his sister. He quickly reaches out his hand to block her eyes, and then raises a hand to block his eyes. He complains: "Daddy, Mommy, how can you meet like this!"

The two people on the sofa stood up in a hurry.

Tang youyou wants to drill a hole. How can these two little guys break in without knocking? Just now LAN Yueming came to tell her that the two little guys were asleep?

Ji xiaonai quickly angrily pushed his brother's hand away: "don't block me, I want to see. I just heard Mommy calling. It must be that daddy is too heavy. It hurts Mommy!"

Tang youyou has an impulse to cover his face.

Season owl cold handsome face is also a piece of stay! "

xiaonai, daddy didn't bully Mommy. In fact, er, your mommy's eyes are in the sand, and daddy is blowing her hair." It's not easy for Ji Xiaohan to be able to make up a reason for his anxiety.

"Is it? Mommy, how do you get your eyes in the sand? Does it matter? " Ji xiaonai is really a close little cotton padded jacket. She ran to her immediately and asked her anxiously.

Tang youyou blushed and quickly reached out his hand and rubbed his eyes: "I just stood in front of the window and blew the wind. I accidentally blew into the sand. What's the matter with you and your brother, xiaonai? Are you lying to grandma?"

Ji xiaonai smiled twice: "we want to see daddy, so we pretend to lie to grandma!"

"How can you do that? Grandma would be very sad if she knew you lied to her! " Tang youyou is completely speechless, so he has to teach children in a low voice with a pretty face.

Ji Xiaohan's eyes fixed on his son's face. Ji Xiaorui was also embarrassed. He was very sensible. Although he didn't know much about the relationship between men and women, he knew how to avoid it. He was also shy. "

next time you come in, you have to knock, you know?" Ji Xiaohan said to his son sternly. Season

Xiaorui left his mouth and said, "I know. I'll knock next time, so that my parents can be ready."

"Let's go, nane. Daddy will take you back to your room to sleep!" Season owl cold swept an embarrassed Tang Youyou, thin lips helplessly smile. It's going to be scarred by two little guys.