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In the big conference room, there are twenty interviewing men and women in turn. Among them, Gao Yue is the most dazzling. She is dressed in exquisite makeup, with long hair turning into a ponytail with strong temperament. Her features are bright, her eyes are flowing, and she is full of female charm and breath. The men in the

field couldn't help but drift their eyes towards her, while the women in the field looked at her with envy and jealousy on their faces. Of course, today we are all enemies, and no one can look too friendly. "

here we are!"

Suddenly, a girl lowered her voice and said, "I saw the door in the conference room open. The interviewer just had a few resumes in his hand and said calmly," please follow me to another conference room for the final interview! "

Gao Yue is sitting leisurely with beautiful eyes flowing. She feels that she must be the first one to be named, because she can crush all the people present. But when the interviewer said that the first name was not her, she was stiff and her eyes became fierce.

The interviewer read out five names in one breath, and Gao Yue immediately doubted life.

"Please go to the meeting room next door for an interview. Thank you for your time, the rest of you. I hope you can cooperate again in the future!" With that, the interviewer turned around and left, and the five colleagues who were named went to the meeting room next door with a smile. Gao

Yueyue did not slow down from her astonishment for a long time, until a woman beside her raised her voice and said: "Alas, it seems that those of us who are not selected are inferior. Let's go. I have to catch up with the next interview!"

The word "inferior" directly stimulated Gao Yue. She gave the woman a hateful look and knew that she said it to herself on purpose.

If she succeeds in applying for the job today, she can hit that woman in the face with more ruthless words. Unfortunately, she is also a failure. "

why?" Gao Yue is defeated. She can't believe it. What is the selection standard of Xiaohan company this season? Isn't higher education a priority?

Gao Yue left the majestic office building of Jijia in frustration. Standing at the road in front of the building's door, Gao Yue couldn't help looking up to see the top of the cloud. Her heart was completely shocked by the building piled up with money. A man with such a magnificent building can see how excellent he is. How can a woman not want to have him?

"Ji Xiaohan, you have eliminated me or you are blind. Don't worry, we will have a chance to meet again soon. Since I regard you as the peak I want to conquer, I will never give up!" Gao Yue finished, hate to close the door, the whole person is not very good. Ji

Lin pinches the time to call her. Originally, he wanted to congratulate her, but Gao Yue said he was defeated. He swallowed these two words directly. "

how is it possible? You're so good that Ji Xiaohan doesn't want a talent like you? " Ji Lin is also surprised. Has his nephew changed his recruitment strategy in the past five years?

However, even if there is a change, isn't it necessary to choose the best talents? "

Mr. Ji, our plan has failed. What should we do next?" Gao Yue is also a little frustrated. She also fantasizes about meeting with Ji Xiaohan in the company and seeing all kinds of pictures. Now, the dream is directly broken and she accepts incompetence. "

If Ji Xiaohan has read your resume, he may have some impression on you. You'd better keep a low profile. Don't hang around in front of him for the moment!" Ji Lin's tone to her was not so good because Gao Yue was defeated.

"No way, he just saw a picture of me..." "

you may not know that Ji Xiaohan is born with the ability to never forget. He brought this ability out of his mother's womb. He will never forget the things he has recorded. If you want to have a chance to see him, you should keep a low profile!" Ji Lin really doesn't want to miss her good chess piece.

Gao Yue nodded passively: "since that's the case, OK, I won't walk around recently!"

After hanging up the phone, Ji Lin's face was gloomy and ugly. He clapped his hand heavily on the table. Now he wants to stop the women of Ji xiaohansai. This phenomenon is terrible, because when the beauty can't move a man's heart, is he invincible?

"Ji Xiaohan, do you really love your wife so much? Why don't you learn from your father? " Ji Lin suddenly thinks of his eldest brother Ji Nan. When he arranged Bai Zhenzhen to come to him, Ji Nan almost fell. But now Ji Xiaohan seems afraid to go back to his father's old way. Is he afraid of death? Xiao Han unconsciously turned Gao Yue out of the door and directly disrupted Ji Lin's and the old president's plans. Both of them were in a bit of a rage when they got such a result.

Ling Mo Feng is sitting in his office. The flag is in the center of his desk. His adjutant is explaining today's itinerary to him. "

What's the arrangement for more than two points?" Ling Mo Feng was distracted, so he didn't listen to him carefully. However, he seemed to hear something that had nothing to do with his work, so he asked.

"On behalf of Mr. President, I'm going to attend an exhibition of traditional Chinese painting. It's an hour's journey from 2:30 to 3:30, in which I'd like to meet these painters from abroad to show my friendship!" "

can you reduce this trip by half an hour, and Can you arrange Yanxi to accompany me to this exhibition, just in time to let her go with her to expand her knowledge! " Ling Mo Feng proposed with a frown.

"Mr. LAN is really affectionate to miss LAN. He thinks about her everywhere!" The adjutant looked envious. "

I just don't have time to meet her. It's rare to have a chance. Naturally, I want to take her with me. Anyway, it's not a national event to meet the painters this time!" Ling Mo Feng's face is slightly red. Is it obvious that he dotes on this little woman? Not even his adjutant.

"What Mr. Lan said is that you and miss LAN could get along well. For the sake of state affairs, you two were forced to separate. Fortunately, Miss LAN is a sensible and reasonable person. Otherwise, she really worries about Mr. Lan's marriage." The adjutant sighed. "

Yes, because she is sensible, I am more distressed!" Ling Mo Feng sighed a little. In his mind, he flashed the smiling face and bright eyes, which made him yearn for midnight.

"Sir, I'll arrange for Miss LAN to follow me." Said the adjutant thoughtfully. "

don't just call her alone, call more people together, so as not to arouse suspicion!" Ling Mo Feng admonished again.

"OK!" With that, the adjutant turned and went out.

Lanyanxi didn't have any reception work to do at the moment. He sat in the office to understand the work content.

Suddenly, a familiar face came in, and her beautiful eyes were stunned. Deputy

the adjutant next to the president suddenly came in. Everyone in the office was nervous and waiting for him to issue an order. It must be an important event for him to come in person.

LAN Yanxi recognized his identity, and suddenly a few expectations came out of his heart.

Lingmo Feng's people come here, will they come to find her? "

in the afternoon, Mr. vice president has a painting exhibition to attend. He wants to select several staff members to accompany him. Now, if I read the name, I will gather at the gate at two o'clock in the afternoon and go there by car!" After the adjutant finished speaking, he took out his list and read it. The name of lanyanxi was not the first one. The first one was Yang He. The name of lanyanxi was the last.

When Yang he heard that he was lucky enough to be named by the vice president to attend the painting exhibition, the whole people were surprised to stay. She blushed, rubbed her hands nervously, and sweated her palms. LAN

Yan Xi also happily accepted the job. In fact, Ling Mo Feng made the arrangement on purpose. The man thinks of himself. Ha ha, it's really cute and interesting.

Yang he suddenly turned to LAN Yanxi and asked, "Yanxi, can I borrow your cosmetics this afternoon? My cosmetics are not of good quality and will lose powder. "

"Yes, you can use it!" LAN Yanxi is very generous to give her the make-up bag.