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This sentence hurt Bai Yiyan's heart. She bowed her head and kept silent for a while. Then she looked up again, with a firm look in her eyes: "Auntie, this is one thing I want to ask you for. I'm leaving. Don't tell him. I'm going to leave secretly." "

what?" Bai Wanqing couldn't believe it. She left secretly. She was in a hurry immediately: "Xiaoyan, did he tell you something? Are you breaking up with him? "

"Little aunt, he has been very good to me, but my conscience is uneasy. I can't bear the pressure of my mother's being shut down at the same time and covet his gentleness to me. It's too painful. So, I decided to let me speed up this relationship. I know that I didn't have enough righteousness to do this, but sooner or later, it will hurt once." Bai Yiyan's self mocking words surprised Bai Wanqing again.

"Xiaoyan, how can you make such a decision? If Ji Yueze likes you, he will certainly forgive you. Why do you want to leave? " Bai Wanqing still loves her and worries that she has made a wrong decision.

"Not all love can be happy and white headed. Before, I always felt that the most perfect way to love someone is to have flowers and results. But many things can't be decided by ourselves. Just like this resentment between me and him, although it's not caused by ourselves, it has a myriad of relationships with us. Do you think we can still love each other peacefully?" Bai Yiyan's eyes are red. She dare not think about this relationship any more. Every bit of Ji Yueze flashed through her mind. It's a life-threatening pain. White

Wan Qing looks into her eyes and sighs for a long time: "well, no matter what decision you make, as long as you think it over, I will decide you. After all, I have raised you as a daughter for more than 20 years, and I don't want to see you suffer so much." "

thank you, auntie. I'll book a ticket to leave tonight. I'm sure Ji Yueze will find me. If he finds you, can you help me hide it for a few days? After I go abroad, I may find a remote town to live in." After Bai Yiyan has determined to leave, she can't let Ji Yueze find herself again. In that way, it doesn't make sense for her to make this decision. "

OK, but you must contact me. I want to know your safety and whereabouts!" This is one of Bai Wanqing's main concerns.

"Of course I will contact you. You may be the only one I can contact in the future!" Bai Yiyan gave a painful smile.

"I'll pay attention to your mother's business. Do you want to meet her before you leave?" Bai Wanqing asked in a low voice. "

How about meeting her? She will surely blame herself for her guilt. I will come back to see her later, but at present, I can't see her either." Bai Yiyan actually went to the police station, but she didn't see Bai Zhenzhen. She couldn't plead with Ji Yueze for help. "

OK, it's all the same when you're gone. You can leave if you want. By the way, I have something for you before you leave!" Bai Wanqing opened his wallet and took out a bank card: "this is not my money. Your mother saved it for you. She said that when you get married, she plans to buy you a dowry. I didn't find out how much, but it must be a lot." "

I can't!" Bai Yiyan looks at the card in a complicated mood.

"Fool, take it. Your mother gave it to you. You don't want it. She must be sad. The code is your birthday!" Bai Wanqing forced the card into her hand.

"OK, I'll take it!" Bai Yiyan didn't push it anymore and put it in her bag.

"Take care, aunty! I'm gone! " Bai Yiyan smiled at her and left. White

Wan Qing's eyes burst into tears quickly, as if her girl is old and wants to marry far away. That kind of mood is indescribable. Besides blessing her, it seems that she just wants to be happy. Bai is also an activist. She doesn't give herself any chance to think.

She went back and packed a box, then took a taxi to the airport, bought a ticket, and went to a country she wanted to go to before.

When standing at the gate, Bai Yiyan hesitated for a moment. If you go, don't think about coming back. Only

it's just two seconds of stagnation, and she's going to cross.

Tang youyou is working in the background of a live conference. She arranges clothes for several female stars.

Although Tang youyou is now recognized as a great and young grandmother, and belongs to a super great family, everyone appreciates her dedicated attitude.

The female stars at the scene, although they want to find something, are instinctively low-key in front of Tang youyou. The diamond ring on the hand is not as big as that of others, and the clothes on the body are not as good as that of others. It is no better than Tang youyou. One by one, they are convinced. They only respect her as a designer and dare not be a demon.

This kind of working atmosphere is very good. Tang youyou took the bottle of water from the assistant, looked up and took a drink: "we are finished here, let's go back to the company!"

"OK! Let's go! " The assistant quickly packed up some work supplies.

Tang youyou and his assistant went to the door. When they were in the hall, Tang youyou saw a familiar person.

It's Tang Youkang. He doesn't know how to appear here. Obviously, he seems to be waiting for Tang youyou.

"Long time!" Tang Youkang walked quickly and called her.

Tang youyou is no longer the woman with unstable temperament. She has been following Ji Xiaohan for so long, and has learned from him some poise to deal with it.

"Why are you here?" Tang youyou asked him lightly. "

I came to see you specially. You didn't invite me to have a drink when you were married last time. Are you still hating me?" Tang Youkang asked with a sad expression.

Tang youyou still said in a tone of Indifference: "I had so many things on my wedding day that I may have forgotten. Don't be surprised. I don't hate you either!"

"You long, Xuerou is mentally ill. I've taken her home to live. She feels guilty for what she did before. Another day, I'll ask her to come and apologize to you in person." Tang Youkang said suddenly.

"Is it? When she's ready, let her stay at home. Don't run around any more. I don't need to apologize. I'm very busy these days, and I don't have time to see her. " When it comes to Tang Xuerou, Tang youyou's expression suddenly gets cold. After all, the wound on the back of her brain has been tingling recently. She can't forgive the woman's disgusting and hurtful behavior.

Tang Youkang was very embarrassed and couldn't find anything to say.

"Come to me. What's the matter? Just say it!" Tang youYou can still see that he has something important to say.

"I was dismissed by Ji Shangqing. I still want to go back to work. Can you tell me something?" Tang Youkang finally said it.