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When his voice stopped, Luo Jinyu found that his chest was extremely dull. It was as if he suddenly met with a betrayal, which infuriated him. He wanted to bring the little woman who betrayed him to fight.

Yang ChuChu was directly shocked by his words, and then her voice gradually calmed down: "where are you? I want to explain it to you. "

"Don't you want to have dinner with him?" When Luo Jinyu heard that she wanted to see him, his mood just calmed down a little.

Yang ChuChu's little face was all in a hurry. Then she grabbed the backpack on the sofa and said, "I'll drive over now. You'll wait for me on the side of the road!"

Without waiting for Luo Jinyu to say anything, Yang ChuChu hung up the phone directly. Later, she went to the elder Mu's house and said that without waiting for their retention, she had quickly jumped into her car, and the small sports car was gone in a flash.

When Mu Xiyang ran downstairs, he found that Yang ChuChu had disappeared. He asked his parents to know that she had left without saying goodbye to him.

"How rude!" Mu Xiyang scolded angrily.

Yang ChuChu drove on the road for more than ten minutes. Suddenly, he saw a black car flashing and stopping at the side of the road near the city.

Yang chumeng stepped on the brake, pushed the door out of the car and walked straight to the car.

The wind was blowing her hair and her beautiful face was full of eagerness.

Open the copilot's door and see Luo Jinyu sitting there with a dark face, with a cigarette in his hand. There is a faint smoke smell in the car.

As soon as Yang ChuChu sat in, he didn't even have time to speak. The man pressed the smoke out directly. Next second, the strong and healthy body leaned on her little body. When he pressed it, the thin lips had swept her soft lips with anger.

The man's breath is extremely domineering, Yang ChuChu has no room to resist at all.

Of course, she didn't want to resist, and even she directly hooked her hands and responded warmly.

It doesn't mean that she doesn't want him. On the contrary, she is going crazy.

Before, when Luo Jinyu kissed her, he would have a little awe. Most of the time, he would kiss her mouth or something.

But now his lips, away from her little mouth, came upon her white neck.

When he kisses for a moment and reflects it, he suddenly realizes his own damned idea. Luo Jinyu stops all of this, looks up, looks at the little woman's slightly dazed expression.

Yang ChuChu also had some accidents. Luo Jinyu had treated her politely before, which made her feel resentful all the time. She doubted that she was not feminine at all.

But just now, she seems to feel that men don't just like themselves. In the love, there seems to be a possessive element.

This discovery made Yang ChuChu's mouth rise inexplicably, and she was very happy.

Seeing the corner of her mouth rising, Luo Jin Yu was a little fidgety and asked her with a strained expression: "what are you laughing at?"

"Nothing!" Yang ChuChu's mouth turned up even more. Later, she spread out her hands, covered her face, and continued to be secretly happy.

Luo Jinyu was full of vinegar. At this moment, she looked happy like a little fool, and also inexplicably disappeared.

When both of them calmed down, the atmosphere was inexplicably awkward.

"Luo Jinyu, I didn't expect you to eat so much vinegar." Yang ChuChu took the lead in speaking, breaking the silence.

"Who said I was jealous? Do I have it? " Someone's hard spoken attitude is not to admit.

Yang ChuChu said directly: "you have written it on your face. I'm not a fool. Can't I see it?"

Luo Jinyu immediately turned his face out of the window and snorted.

Indeed, he is jealous.

"You don't really think I have anything to do with Moxian. We just met at school today. We haven't been in touch for years." Yang ChuChu immediately began to explain.

"I think it's very good for you to be together. You are of the same age and have the same hobbies. There must be many common topics. Would you like to consider him?" Luo Jinyu said deliberately and indifferently.

Yang ChuChu turned his mouth away and said angrily, "is this your truth?"

Luo Jin looks slightly stiff, bows his head and keeps silent.

Yang ChuChu pretended that he didn't understand the meaning of his words, and frightened him: "that's OK, I can get along with him..."

Said, she will push open the door, did not expect, a big palm, strong will hold her: "you dare to try."

Yang ChuChu's mouth suddenly became happy again. She sat up straight, turned her head, and said with a smile, "Luo Jinyu, are you so uncomfortable? Just like it. Why are you angry with me? "

All the male self-esteem of Luo Jinyu seems to have been lost in front of this little woman. He only hums: "yes, I like you, Yang ChuChu. I didn't expect that you are very attractive. I really moved you."

"Of course!" Yang ChuChu's face was full of contentment.

The tension between the two men melted in an instant. Luo Jinyu sighed: "I admit, I can't stand you being with other men, even if that person is my cousin."

"I've known him since I was a child. I've always regarded him as my childhood playmate, but nothing else." Yang ChuChu had to continue to explain.

"Is it? Why didn't I notice you when you played with him since he was young? " Luo Jinyu frowned. Indeed, he didn't find Yang ChuChu's impression in his heart when he was a child.

Yang ChuChu immediately angrily tooted his little mouth: "maybe I was too ugly when I was a child. I can't get into your eyes, Luo family master."

"That may be true!" Luo Jinyu's expression of approval.

"What do you say? Who is ugly? I'm from Xiaomei to DAHAO As expected, Yang ChuChu is a little girl. She has all the awkward surnames.

Luo Jinyu saw her angry, and he finally chuckled, "didn't you say you were ugly?"

"I said ugly, that's to make you coax me, I'm not ugly, maybe you were full of your ex girlfriend Miffy at that time!" Yang ChuChu got angry in an instant.

When Luo Jinyu saw that she mentioned her predecessor, he immediately comforted her with a warm voice: "well, don't be angry. I'm joking with you. Now, I'll invite you to dinner."

"It's almost like that!" Yang ChuChu was coaxed by him in an instant.

"Do you want to take my car, or do you want to drive yourself?" Luo Jinyu asked softly.

Yang ChuChu had no choice but to show his hand: "my car is right behind you. If I don't drive, I'll throw it on the side of the road."? Lead the way, I'll follow you! " Finally, the misunderstanding was solved. Both of them were in a good mood.