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Season owl cold took a bath to come out, discover bedroom and sitting room do not have Tang youyou figure, so, he walks toward balcony.

Sure enough, I saw her holding a glass of red wine and leaning on the railing. The wind was blowing her long hair, soft and peaceful.

"What's the matter? What are you doing? " Looking at her back, Ji Xiaohan felt that she had something on her mind, so he leaned over and stood behind her, with one hand gently around her slender waist and his voice full of concern.

"Nothing!" Tang youyou quickly looks up to drink up the red wine, turns around, looks up at the season owl cold.

Just after taking a bath, the water drops still hang on the short hair of a man, which is full of masculine atmosphere and wildness.

Tang youyou looked at it and was a little stunned. Next second, she reached out, hooked up the man's neck, weighed up her toes, and put her lips on his thin lips with trembling. She rubbed them clumsily.

"Ji Xiaohan, you really look good." Tang youyou won't praise him easily, but, if she doesn't say it, it doesn't mean that she doesn't love him. On the contrary, the more tolerant the emotion is, the more enthusiastic it is. "Did you find out?" Season owl cold some narcissistic hook lip smile, next second, the big palm moves to her brain back, holds her small head, thin lip in her pink lips long suck a, dumb voice said: "you don't realize that you found too late? I've always been like this,

Why didn't you say I looked good before? "

Tang youyou bowed his head and smiled shyly. "I've found it before. Maybe it's not so deep with you, so I'm sorry to praise you in front of you." "Do you want me to praise you? Tang Youyou, you are so beautiful. It's your eyes. I remember that when I was very young, I saw you. At that time, you were a month old baby. In my memory, you have a pair of very beautiful big eyes. Now, my daughter inherits your eyes. When I grow up, I'm afraid that many boys will lose sleep. " Season owl cold low smile praise her and daughter.

Tang youyou is stupefied. Mei Mou blinks twice: "have you seen me? Is it true? " "Yes, at that time, I was only six years old. Ji's family and Xia's family made friends. You were born with dragon and Phoenix. On the day of full moon wine, I went. You were lying in a small flower basket with a heart shape. If I remember correctly, I should be." Season owl cold light smile, think of him and Tang you

the fate of you, and feel heartache.

Tang youyou listened to him quietly, just wanted to rub his face against his chest, and never wanted to leave again.

"Ji Xiaohan, our fate was decided shortly after I was born, don't you think?" Don youyou closed his eyes and asked him in a low voice.

"Yes!" Ji Xiaohan raised her chin and kissed her gently: "well, let's eat first. When we spend time with you, we don't feel enough. Only in this time can we become meaningful!"

Tang youyou chuckled. Why does this man love to hear what he said?

It's even warmer than love talk.

After dinner, Ji Xiaohan suddenly hugged her to his arms and pointed to a direction and said, "I have prepared a surprise for you. Do you want to see it?"

"What's the surprise?" Tang youyou asked curiously.

"Close your eyes!" Ji Xiaohan looks at the time on the mobile phone, then reaches out and covers Tang youyou's eyes.

Tang youyou obediently closed her eyes. When the man's low voice came in her ear, she opened it abruptly, and saw a building not far away, suddenly lit up brilliant fireworks.

Those fireworks burst into the sky, beautiful and breathtaking.

Tang youYou can't believe looking at the man behind him: "you prepared for me?"

"Yes!" Season owl cold thin lips light: "like it?"

Tang youyou looked at those beautiful and perishable fireworks again, and murmured, "I like them very much. They are beautiful!"

Fireworks suddenly like a huge heart star, exploding in the sky, Tang youyou's eyes are straight.

For more than ten minutes, fireworks gradually disappeared from the sky.

Suddenly, Ji Xiaohan looks like a big boy with some embarrassment: "I don't know how to please you, so I asked someone to think of this way for me. I'm afraid you don't like it!"

When Tang youyou turned around, her eyes were already full of tears. She rushed into the arms of the man and sobbed softly, "I like all the things you do for me. Ji Xiaohan, I like you!"

Ji Xiaohan listens to her choking voice and is slightly stunned. Since he likes it, why is he crying again?

Woman, it's a hard creature to understand.

"I like you too, and I'm more afraid of losing you. Fortunately, we have a pair of smart and lovely children. With their help in the middle, we won't become real strangers at least." Season owl cold says with a light smile.

"Well, I don't want to be a stranger to you!" Tang youyou is now frightened when he hears three words from strangers.

Season owl cold gently raised her chin, and saw her face full of tears. She couldn't help but said: "well, don't cry. If you cry like this again, I can't guarantee that I will still feel pity for you. Because when you cry, your eyes make me more moved."

Tang youyou is directly amused by his words. Where is the feeling of crying?

"Don't you let me go tonight? I won't let you go. " Tang youyou directly pulls up his big palm and goes to the bedroom.

Season owl cold eyes color slightly a deep, no longer want to control their emotions about to turn, this night, is destined to belong to them.


Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou don't want to get up. They are lazy in bed. Tang youyou looks at the photos in her hands. In fact, she secretly takes many photos of Ji Xiaohan and her children. Now, when she looks at them, she feels that at that time, he is full of warmth and security.

"What are you looking at?" Ji Xiaohan looks over his shoulder, takes a look at her figure on her mobile phone, and looks at her eyebrow: "when did you take it? Why don't I know? "

"If I let you know, it's not called stealing photos!" Tang youyou said with a little complacency.

"Now, let's take a picture and leave a memory." Ji Xiaohan reaches for her cell phone.

"No, we're like this now. In case the photos leak out, we're all finished." Tang youyou immediately shook his head and refused.

Ji Xiaohan thought that her photo might leak out and let other men enjoy it, and he dismissed the idea instantly.

"Next stop, where else do you want to go?" Season owl cold gentle finger, caresses gently in her back, low voice asks her.

"I want to go home!" Tang youyou sighed: "although I still want to go to many places, I can see the children's faces, and I know that no matter how far I run, my heart is tied to them."

"Well, let's go back!" Ji Xiaohan wants to have children. "Let's get up and book a flight home!" Tang youyou turned over and sat up, relaxed for a few days, and sank again.