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C684. This is a disaster

Sweet, sweet, Nuo and Nuo, a handsome guy, shouted sweetly and hit people's heart directly. Ji Yueze looked at her and found that she had changed her character again. She was no longer the strong and unreasonable, but the pitiful look, a pair of intoxicated eyes, blinking at him, like a dog begging for food.

"I want water, give me water!" Bai Yiyan's voice is still pleasant and pleasant. It seems that people can't bear to refuse her request.

Ji Yueze felt that he was a little thirsty, so he took a drink of his own water glass.

Bai Yiyan stares at him and drinks half a cup of water. Her mouth is about to smoke. How can this person be so hateful? Knowing that she wanted to drink water, she even drank it so happily in front of her.

"Save some for me!" Bai Yiyan's head is dull. She is patting the buzzing head and reaching for the cup in his hand.

Unfortunately, Ji Yueze really drank all the water in a wicked way. When he decided to pour another glass of water for Bai Yiyan, suddenly, he felt two soft hands suddenly swooping into his arms, then, encircling his neck and pulling him down hard. He was unprepared, and was really pulled down by her strength and bowed his head. He felt a soft lip, which was attached directly to his thin lip.

Next, she was like a fish lacking water.

Ji Yueze's eyes suddenly widened. Next second, he pushed the woman back, and Bai Yiyan fell to the ground unprepared. It was hard to get up again.

"How dare you!" Ji Yueze gets angry. When he goes to see it again, he finds that Bai Yiyan has been pushed to the ground by her powerful Vajra palm. The whole person looks even more pitiful.

"I don't want to wait!" Ji Yueze wrinkled his brow, but he turned around to accumulate a glass of water and came with it.

Squatting down the tall body, looking down at the woman who has slept in the past.

She spread out all over the place, blocking her beautiful white face. Ji Yueze had to reach for her, let her lean back on the bend of his arm, and then put the water close to her mouth.

Sure enough, Bai Yiyan instinctively Gulu up. She is really thirsty.

After drinking the water, Bai Yiyan seemed to have a good time, and her pink tongue circled around the corner of her mouth, so she continued to sleep contentedly at the bend of his arm, with an undefended look.

Ji Yueze didn't have any idea at all, but when he saw this woman make the move just now, he felt a flame, which rushed directly into his chest, and his willpower had the impulse of breaking up in an instant.

Damn it!

Is this woman on purpose? She's not drunk at all? Deliberately challenging his nerves.

Ji Yueze directly threw her back to the ground, and Bai Yiyan moved a comfortable sleeping posture with satisfaction. She slept in a dark world and ignored the common things in the world.

Ji Yueze continued to lean against the wine cabinet, turning his eyes, the window was already a red light flashing, the arrival of night, as if all kinds of Secrets of people are buried.

Ji Yueze's mood was confused for no reason, and he was not interested in the wine tasting just now.

He looked out of the window at the lights, and then at Bai Yiyan, who was lying in the landlord's deep sleep. The fire in her chest didn't drive it away.

Maybe, he should take a bath and have a good rest, and the feeling of scratching his heart will subside.

Ji Yueze goes into the bathroom to take a bath. Because he lives alone all the time, he has a habit of not closing the door when he takes a bath.

Hearing the sound of the water, Bai Yiyan woke up again, and she continued to moan.

From childhood, she was so drunk this time, so she didn't know that she was drunk, and she would still be so miserable.

She still wants to drink water, but in the dark, she can only look for water in the bright place.

She staggered into the room, then stumbled into the bathroom.

Is closing his eyes, enjoying the warm water season Yueze, after hearing the sound, a fierce turn around, saw Bai Yiyan leaning against the wall.

A pair of intoxicated eyes, looking at him with water, he hurriedly reached out to do something in fear, but he could not protect the upper part, but at last, he still felt that it would be more appropriate to protect the lower part.

"Bai Yiyan, what are you doing? Get out of here. " Ji found that it was a mistake to bring this woman back, which directly disturbed his original life.

"Water..." Bai Yiyan's small mouth cried, but she really rushed over. Ji Yueze's frightened face changed. She thought Bai Yiyan was going to do something to him. Unexpectedly, they just wanted to drink water.

Shi Shi drinks water in a strange way. She sticks out her little tongue and drinks it on him.

With a bang, Ji Yueze only felt thunder and lightning in his brain, and his body seemed to be burning with fire.

Just now, the feeling of being oppressed is all stirred up.

Ji Yueze has never been so close to a woman, and has never been touched by his chest. So, at this moment, he is shocked as if he can't speak, and only the numb feeling, from the one she drinks, quickly spreads to his whole body.

"Enough!" Finally, Ji Yueze reached out and grabbed her.

The water on the top of her head was not closed, and all of it was sprinkled on Bai Yiyan's head and body.

She gradually came to her senses. When her eyes changed from intoxication to confusion, she saw an iron and cold handsome face.

"Ji Yueze, where is this?" This time, Bai Yiyan was finally awakened by the water. She blinked her eyes and asked him.

Ji Yueze didn't expect her to wake up so soon. Her eyes were even colder: "get out!"

Get out of here?

Receiving this word, Bai Yiyan found that she seemed to annoy him again.

So she looked around herself. In the mist, she saw a dark forest.

"Ah..." It's a dead beat. How could she stay in the bathroom with Ji Yueze?

When Ji Yueze saw her eyes open sharply and let out this scream, he thought that he had another action to do and immediately protected it. This time, he was ruthless: "still rolling?"

Bai Yiyan covers her eyes, turns around and runs, but bumps into the door wall. She cries for pain again and runs out of the living room.

Ji Yueze Jun's face is black and ugly. Suddenly he has an impulse to kick her out of the door. It seems that this is really a big mistake. He should let her stay in her small home pitifully and ignore her.