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C1895 want a sister?

Xia Xinnian thought that the man would dislike what she had drunk, but when she saw that the man had come to her mouth, her heart trembled, her head bowed, and the corner of her mouth rose involuntarily.

"Let's go to the fifth floor. I know there are women's clothes there. I happened to come out and buy you some."

Men are in a good mood and want to spend money for women, which may be a common problem for all men.

"Daddy, buy it for Mommy alone?

I don't seem to have any clothes. "

Xiaoyuchen deliberately teases daddy with a smile.

He found that the look in daddy's eyes was more and more gentle. Does that mean they will get married tomorrow?

"Buy it for Yu Chen, I will not use it."

Xia Xinnian shook his head and refused his kindness.

"I can't pile up my son's clothes. I won't buy them for him. I'll buy them for you. Let's go."

The man despised looked forward to looking at his son, decided, first pet big, then pet small.

Xia Xinnian couldn't help laughing. The little guy kept protesting: "Daddy is good or bad. Don't buy me clothes."

"Yuchen, daddy will buy it for you later. You can't cry. You are a little man."

Jimucheng found out that he offended the little one and urged him gently.

Xiaoyuchen made a face at him: "don't worry, I don't cry. I'm not a little girl. Daddy wants to buy more for mummy. Otherwise, I'm really angry."

Jimucheng is speechless. His son's belly really inherited him. When he was a child, he also asked his father to love his mother. Unexpectedly, now he has a small routine, exactly the same as when he was a child.

Is this a good reincarnation?

The women's clothing store on the fifth floor is full of famous brands in the world. Xia Xinnian is also a designer. In fact, she does not have much demand for clothes. After all, she is in touch with this aspect every day.

She felt that a woman's temperament, first of all, was not supported by clothes, but her own self-cultivation, coupled with self-discipline management of the body, self-confidence was the most attractive woman emanating from the bone.

"Go in and have a look."

Jimucheng doesn't know much about women's clothes. However, the two little princesses at home opened a new door for him. He only knew that clothes should be matched with shoes, sachets, and various jewelry necklaces. From head to toe, they can hardly be duplicated. Women Always on the way to love beauty.

After Xia Xinnian went in, she chose two sets of clothes to try on, and jimucheng sat on the sofa holding her son and waited.

"Daddy, when will you take me to see my grandparents?

I want to know what they look like. "

The little guy played with daddy's long fingers and asked stiffly.

Jimucheng found out that these days, he only tried to compete with Xia Xinnian, but forgot to show the picture of his grandparents to the child. He felt guilty for his carelessness.

So, he quickly took out his mobile phone and turned out the photos. There were only a few photos in his mobile phone, because he didn't love taking photos by nature, but his two sisters couldn't love it. Every year, he collected an album for his family, which recorded their family's life.

Is it that all the girls are the sweetest and warmest people in the whole family? He can't imagine what it would look like if there were only two people in the family, he and his brother.

Thinking of this, jimucheng suddenly stopped turning his mobile phone and looked directly at his son and asked, "Yuchen, do you want a sister?"


The little guy froze, blinked a big eye: "where is my sister?"

Jimucheng is baffled by his son's words. He almost wants to say it in his mother's stomach. But after careful consideration, it's not right. He hasn't sowed any seeds yet. How could there be children in her stomach?

"Cough I mean, do you want a sister in the future? The little girl is lovely, waxy and soft. It's very fun. "

In a word, jimucheng wants to have a daughter. From childhood to adulthood, he takes care of his twin sister and that little sister, and gets a lot of happy memories from it.

"Just like the little girls in our class?

But they love to cry. I like my brother. "

Little feather Chen's idea is very simple, younger brother can play with him, younger sister does not play together however.

"Two sons?"

Jimucheng's expression shakes twice, but he really likes his daughter.

Xia Xinnian changed a suit of clothes and came out. He was waiting for the man and his son to give her a positive look of appreciation. But when she came out, he found that a big one and a small one were chatting, and they were talking like nobody else. Even when she changed her clothes and came out, he didn't look at it.

Xia Xinnian's self-confidence was hit so hard that she had to go to them. Jimucheng found her. He quickly turned his son's face over. The little guy's eyes turned and he saw the mother who had changed her new clothes.

"Wow, Mommy, you are beautiful."

The little guy immediately praised.

Xia Xinnian heard his son's words, and his face turned red. He found that the man looked at her with a smile.

"I'll have another one."

Xia Xinnian turns to go.

Jimucheng grabs her: "buy all you like, go home and show me one by one."

"Something's wrong."

Xia Xinnian likes his former sentence, but she doesn't like the latter one.

Why does she wear him alone.


The little guy laughs.

A few red faced shopping guides beside also laughed. Just now, they had a crush on this man. But when they saw him looking at the hostess with such a doting eyes, they suddenly realized that they could not even talk to jimucheng, but this beautiful woman could flirt with him.

Jimucheng is cheeky, and it's a shame to be scolded. On the contrary, he shrugs his shoulders and smiles more happily.

In any case, it's like a couple showing their love.

After Xia Xinnian bought two clothes, she went back home, because she really didn't want to go shopping.

On the way back, the little guy was looking through jimucheng's mobile phone. Suddenly, she saw a very beautiful picture of a woman. His black eyes flashed, and he quickly pointed to the picture and asked jimucheng, "Daddy, who is she?

It's so beautiful. It's better than Mommy. "

Jimucheng glanced at her side eyes, boasting: "of course, she's your aunt, my sister of dragon and Phoenix, from Xiaomei to da."


Aunt is so beautiful. What about these two? "

The little guy opened another page, this time, it was two younger boys and girls.

"These are my brother and sister."

Jimucheng looks at his family's eyes, full of tenderness.

"Why are you all twins?

Why don't I have a sister? "

The little guy began to think about life, and then he doubted life. Daddy has a sister, daddy's brother has a sister.