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C1739 may the world be gentle to her

Yang ChuChu chuckled and did not know why. Hearing this, she felt inexplicably relieved. He was afraid that she would leave.

"Don't worry, I won't leave you, my feelings for you have never changed, but I'm afraid that one day, you will not want me, I had a dream before, for me, the memory is fresh, you let go of my hand in the dream, I have been running after you, but you are more and more far away from me, and finally I can't find you, that dream, I'm afraid that it will become Reality, so that morning, my first thought was that I would give birth to one of our children. Even if one day you leave me, I have at least one child with our blood on him. He will certainly not leave me. "

Yang ChuChu looked at a place, and with a touch of sadness, she said something she felt would never say in her life.

Luo Jin looks at her in amazement. Why hasn't she mentioned this?

Is it because she had a dream that she had a baby with herself?

Yang ChuChu said with a face full of shame. He felt that he was stupid to say this.

"Well, that's why you can't wait to have children?"

Luo Jinyu said that she was hurt. She thought she wanted to have children if she could not love him.

"Almost. When I woke up that morning, my first thing was to find a needle."

Yang ChuChu looked up at him with a smile and said his embarrassment.

Luo Jinyu's chest heaved so much that he needed to pinch himself. What did this little woman do.

"Don't be angry. I did it because I liked you so much."

Yang ChuChu saw that the man's face was not right, and she quickly explained.

"The way you love me is special."

Luo Jinyu laughs helplessly, but anyway, it's a way.

"Yang ChuChu bowed his head and laughed out:" I said such an embarrassing thing, can't you make fun of me with this thing

"No, I just hope you don't have this dream next time, or our second child will come in this way again."

The man laughed bitterly.

Yang ChuChu: "..." Don't make fun of her. Isn't that the way to make fun of her?

"Well, I'm joking. Don't take it seriously."

Luo Jinyu quickly reached out to touch her long hair and comforted her gently.

Yang ChuChu gave him a white look: "I asked my mother for lunch at noon to discuss marriage. Would you like to come together?"

"I have a meeting to hold at noon, maybe I can't make it. Just discuss it with your mother and tell me the result."

Luo Jinyu completely obeyed Yang ChuChu's request for marriage, which he didn't ask for.

"Well, I'll go first. You have to be honest."

Yang ChuChu said, but also deliberately like the queen of a finger, pick a man's strong and stylish chin.

Luo Jinyu said that she was speechless. Sometimes she was cute and liked, sometimes she was mischievous and made people have a headache.

"Don't worry, be honest."

Luo Jinyu is attached to her body and kisses her face slightly, which looks like an oath.

Yang ChuChu turned away satisfied.

She asked her mother to meet in the restaurant at noon, and Cheng Ying came here with a smile on her face. Since the matter of Fang Yang was solved, her life has made another progress. Cheng Ying was originally beautiful, and her temperament is very outstanding. Now when she appeared, in the eyes of others, she looks like Yang ChuChu, like a sister, not like a mother or a daughter at all.

"Mom, I think you look ruddy and have a good time?"

Yang ChuChu immediately asked her with a smile.

"I think so."

Cheng Ying is also light now. She used to have a daughter who didn't obey her orders. She had a headache. Now, the daughter was completely handed over to Luo Jinyu to take care of her. She's not free. It's time for her to seize the tail of a good time and enjoy her life.

"Mom, you have a boyfriend?"

Yang ChuChu's eyes opened wide and asked with surprise and joy.

Cheng Ying immediately took out the mobile phone mysteriously, opened a picture and put it in front of Yang ChuChu: "how about it?

Help mom check it out. "

Yang ChuChu immediately looked at the man in the photo carefully, and saw that he was in his forties with elegant temperament and correct facial features, but he was a talent.

"Mom, what does he do?

How do you know each other?

When did you meet? "

Mom is going to make a boyfriend. Yang ChuChu cares more than anyone and is very happy for her. She is finally going to start her new life.

"I met at a work exchange meeting. We were introduced intentionally. I was very exclusive at that time, but later I met and talked with each other for a few words. I found that the three views of the two people were very similar."

Cheng Ying said that he took two sips of coffee with him. Once immersed in the emotional world, there will be a warm atmosphere on his body. Cheng Ying's current state is to give people a positive look.

"Mom, I'm glad you came out, not tired of the past."

Yang ChuChu's eyes are a little sore. She is so big. It's the first time that she saw this kind of relaxed temperament in her mother. She used to live every day with a single nerve. She didn't understand her own business. There were so many things in the company. She was too stressed to breathe. It seems that heaven is fair. She won't let a person live so tired forever. She will be given a chance A window to let in the sun.

Cheng Ying's hand slightly shakes with a coffee cup, looks up at her daughter, and chuckles: "you are so clear, you are really grown up and sensible, and your mother is very pleased. It seems that Luo Jinyu, the son-in-law, I am really looking for the right one. Later, he will be in charge of you. My mother has nothing to do, so it's time to think about my own life."

Yang ChuChu chuckled, "Mom, I'll change my surname back. I'll take your surname. Anyway, it's over."

Yang ChuChu's surname followed others. When Cheng Ying gave birth to a child, her family followed others' surnames in order not to affect her future. But later, Cheng Ying didn't give up to take Yang ChuChu to others and asked for the child back, but the surname in the Hukou Book couldn't be changed. Therefore, he always thought that Yang ChuChu was still surnamed Yang.

"It's OK. I don't care what your last name is. You're my daughter."

Cheng Ying said with a smile.

"By the way, I came to you to tell you that Luo Jinyu and I are going to get married in the near future. Do you have any opinion?"

Yang ChuChu immediately asked her with a smile.

"Getting married?

Well, I've been waiting for this day for a long time. Who said that? "

Cheng Ying is happy for her daughter.

"What Luo Jinyu's mother said, we have no problem. The wedding plan has already been done by Luo Jinyu. Before the belly is bulging, I can do it first. I can also feel more at ease."

Yang ChuChu looks down at his stomach, a little embarrassed.

"Did you tell Luo Jinyu it was about his son?

What did he think? "

Cheng Ying has been ready to be a grandmother for a long time. However, when she thinks that her daughter will experience the pain of childbirth, she is worried. But this is the only way for every woman. She only hopes that the little guy will not upset her mother too much.

"Said, he saw the clothes and toys you bought last time, he guessed, I can only tell the truth."

Yang ChuChu couldn't help laughing. Luo Jinyu was angry about it.

"Good son, good son."

Cheng Ying sighed, not that she has the idea of son preference, but that her son does not need to experience the pain of childbearing.

Yang ChuChu said to himself, "Mom, do you think I'm realistic?"

"No, Tang Qi certainly wants you to be pregnant with a son. This is what every mother-in-law wants. It's clear. To be honest, I still love you. Tang Qi certainly has requirements for you."

As a mother, Cheng Ying also feels helpless and powerless. She hopes the world will be more gentle to her daughter, but she can't do it. Only she really loves her.

"Well, mom, we're talking about marriage, so let's not talk about these sad things."

Yang ChuChu really wants to be very open. Anyway, as a daughter-in-law, she has to show her respect to her mother-in-law.

"Of course, I don't have a problem. If you need my help, just say that no matter how much money or effort you give, mom will give you."

Cheng Ying said softly.

"Of course, I can't ask you to pay. Just give me some advice."

Yang ChuChu replied with a smile.

"My money is also for your children in the future. What are you polite about?"

Cheng Ying also laughed.

After hearing this, Yang ChuChu was sad and happy. Her mother really paid too much for her. For the rest of her life, she would accompany her well.