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Don't be surprised, I also don't want to stir up too much trouble. You are not an ordinary person, I believe any woman who is close to you will be stripped by her ancestors for eighteen generations, I just want to live a peaceful life, so, I don't want to have anything to do with you. The children are already living here, if you want to play with them, I won't object. The reason why Tang You You had raised such a condition was also after careful deliberation.

Ji Xiao Han was completely shocked by her words.

"Daddy, my Mummy hates trouble. Just agree to her request." Tang Xiao Rui's sharp eyes looked straight at Ji Xiao Han, and within those large eyes, there was a tiny warning.

It wasn't that Tang Xiao Nai didn't understand their words, she just didn't want to interrupt them. Since young, it was enough for her brother to help Mummy speak up.

"Fine, I will try my best to keep this a secret. However, I still feel that there is no wall that can block wind. What if …"

"If my Mummy gets hurt due to your relationship, or if my father is responsible for compensation for the mental damage, then you can say that you have money. My Mummy can still be bought, but it might be a bit expensive!" The little guy was straightforward, and spoke up for Mummy. Sometimes, Mummy wasn't as smart as him.

Hearing his son's words, Tang You You was speechless for a moment. Why did it feel that his son's words made some sense?

"That's right, just as my son said." Tang You You suddenly wanted to kiss her son twice.

Ji Xiao Han felt that he was about to be played crazily by this mother and son, thus, he could only place this little hope on his daughter.

"Xiao Nai, what do you think?" Ji Xiao Han had originally thought that if her daughter stood on his side, he at least wouldn't be so helpless.

Tang Xiao Nai said childishly as she smeared the butter on her small mouth: "Mummy and Big Brother are right in everything they say. Daddy, what about that pony you promised to buy for me last night? When can I see them? I want to be friends with them. "

Looking at this little glutton, Ji Xiao Han could only silently take a tissue and wipe off the cream on his daughter's mouth.

"Don't worry, I'll get Uncle Yuan to buy it for you today, but are you sure you want to become friends with the pony?" Ji Xiao Han was suddenly worried about his daughter's IQ.

"En, Mummy said that the little animals are also our good friends, we have to love and protect them. When the pony comes back, I will go feed them grass everyday." Ji Xiao Han was once again defeated by the little fellow's naivety.

Helpless, he could only look at the mother and son in front of him. His slender fingers lightly tapped the table twice, indicating that he agreed.

Tang Xiao Rui immediately exchanged a victorious look with Mummy, and Tang You You finally couldn't hold back and kissed his son twice.

"Don't tell me there are two other conditions. I will only allow you to raise three conditions. Any more and it will be gone." Ji Xiao Han was really afraid of this woman, her first condition had already made him panic and lose all of his aura.

"Daddy, you're so stingy. Men are brave men, aren't you supposed to be very generous? Three conditions are not enough at all. I feel that the thirty conditions are all gone. " Tang Xiao Rui was indeed a scammer, at this moment, he immediately expressed injustice for the Mummy.

When Tang You You saw that the man's face was so dark that it seemed like a heavy storm was about to fall, she immediately said with a beaming smile: "Son, such a petty person, it's best not to take too much into consideration.

's bottom line was completely trampled by this woman, and she had even trampled on it countless of times.

"Tell me, what are the conditions?" Ji Xiao Han was so angry that he almost died.

Tang You You said indifferently: "Actually, I just hope that in the future, no matter what the occasion is, when we meet, we can pretend to be strangers."

"You're going to pretend you don't know me? Heh, who would believe that? There is no one who would not recognize me. " Ji Xiao Han arrogantly wanted to fly up to the sky.

Tang You You was at a loss for words, and could only say indifferently: "Don't misunderstand, of course I can't pretend that I don't know you, I'm talking about you pretending that you don't know me, I'm pretending that you don't know me, and that you're at a company, you're not my boss, as long as you pretend that you don't know me, I believe that my job will not be affected."

Ji Xiao Han finally got what it was like to have nothing to say.

He knocked on the tabletop twice more, as if in agreement.

"The third!" He wanted to hear what other excessive conditions this woman could speak of.

Tang You You thought for a moment, then said: "The third condition, is that I hope that you do not restrict my freedom of communication, that I can meet anyone, and that I can have any kind of emotional interaction with anyone. Of course, I will not stop you, although you are the father of a child, but you will definitely find another woman to marry or something in the future.

"Tang You You, your conditions are too excessive. What you mean is, you have already found a partner to marry?" Ji Xiao Han really wanted to bellow. You didn't even mention me as your marriage partner, it was too much of a disgrace to him.

The two little fellows by the side all stared at Tang You You at the same time, their little faces were in panic, as though they were about to be abandoned by the Mummy.

When Tang You You saw the pitifully crying children, he immediately comforted them, "My darlings, don't listen to his nonsense. Mummy is still single right now, and I haven't found anyone he likes. Mummy has very good eyes. Even if he found an uncle, the precondition would be that he would love you. You must not be sad, okay. "

Ji Xiao Han felt that this woman was simply speaking nonsense. In this world, who loved children more than him?