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C793 where did you go

Ji's brothers are sitting in the car, looking very cold. Unexpectedly, they came to find Bai Zhenzhen, and they would pounce on an empty woman. Is this woman missing? "Elder brother, is it possible that she realized in advance that we would come to find her, so she hid?" Ji Yueze's heart is burning at the moment, which makes him angry and dry. He thinks that his father may have been killed by someone, and his whole blood has coagulated. Is this kind of terrible murder, as a son, OK?

"It's also possible that Ji Lin felt that we would come to her and move her away, or hide her from us." Jixiaohan has another layer of analysis.

But no matter what kind of analysis, it is extremely unfavorable for them at the moment.

"Ji Lin doesn't want to kill people!" Ji Yueze's eyes are suddenly angry, and the possibility of feeling it is also very big. If Bai really died, then there is no evidence for his death. "Ji Lin just came out. He dare not make such a fatal mistake again. I believe that he just hid Bai Zhenzhen. It's only a matter of time before we can find her with our influence." Ji Xiao said in a cold and heavy voice, but his eyes turned a cold light. If Ji Lin wanted to stop him, he could not get rid of it.

"Eldest brother, Bai Zhenzhen is a woman. She looks very cunning. I suspect that she is afraid of our revenge, so I'll hide. Otherwise, I'll ask Bai Yiyan to call and ask where she is." Ji Yueze sneered twice. When I saw Bai Zhenzhen last time, I felt that this woman was not simple.

"Yes!" Season owl cold nods.

In half an hour!

In a luxurious RV next to the crew, Bai Yiyan is surprised to see Ji's brother suddenly appear. They are sitting together, which is really an attractive scenery.

Two different temperament, similar handsome, but each has its own characteristics, absolutely amazing.

Bai Yiyan looks at Ji Yueze. She doesn't know why their brother is here.

However, the atmosphere in the carriage is very stiff, and the expressions of the two people are very dignified. Bai Yiyan is also nervous in a moment.

Ji Yueze took the lead in saying, "can you contact Bai Zhenzhen?"

"My aunt? What happened to her? " Bai Yiyan's heart was thumping, and a bad feeling came. Did Ji's brother show up here while aunt was coming? It's over. Did Auntie do something more excessive and offend them?

"My brother and I have something to do with her, but we have been to her home and company, but we have not found her, so we can only ask you for help to contact her!" Ji Yueze said solemnly.

Ji Xiaohan sits beside him. After listening to his younger brother, he starts to talk seriously: "Miss Bai, I doubt Bai Zhenzhen's life is in danger now. Please contact her first to see what's wrong with her."

Hearing the danger of her life, Bai Yiyan scares her face, takes out her mobile phone and dials it up.

When the phone rang for the first time, no one answered. Bai Yiyan's uneasiness spread. She continued to dial it for the second time. This time, Bai Zhenzhen still didn't answer, but turned off the phone directly.

"Her cell phone is off!" Bai Yiyan's face couldn't help being pale. Then, her eyes turned red. Looking at Ji Yueze, she begged, "can you help her? What's the matter with her?"

Ji Yueze's face was gloomy and ugly. He didn't listen to Bai Yiyan's plea. He just looked at his elder brother and said, "go back to the company first. We'll send someone out to find her and see what happened to her."

"Good!" Ji Xiaohan stands up and walks out with long legs.

Bai Yiyan stood in the same place and watched Ji Xiaohan leave. She had to look at Ji Yueze again: "did my aunt offend you again? Why are you looking for her? "

"Yes, she deserves to die!" Ji Yueze's angry low curse, thinking of his father's death, has something to do with her. He even has the heart to kill that woman now. "Ah!" Bai Yiyan's blood froze all over her body, and a cold feeling crawled over her heart. She couldn't help shivering. Then, she desperately reached out and tightly grasped Ji Yueze's arm, pleading in tears: "Ji Yueze, please help me find her. If she is really in danger, can you help me find her first?"

"I'll find her even if I don't help you!" Ji Yueze said angrily, then looked at holding his hand tightly, his brow frowned: "let go!"

Bai Yiyan just remembered that she was holding his sleeve tightly. She quickly released her hand and stepped back two steps.

After two steps forward, Ji Yueze turned around and coagulated her: "you continue to call your aunt. Maybe she just hid. If you want her not to lose her life, let her come to see us!"

"Well, I will!" Bai Yiyan's brain is blank at the moment. Ji Yueze says that Auntie will be in danger. What's the matter?

But she knew that Ji Yueze would not tell herself, and she had to stop questioning for the time being, just want to contact aunt as soon as possible.

"If you are not in the mood to work today, go back first!" When Ji Yueze saw her loss of soul, he knew that she couldn't do anything, so he had to tell her.

"Good!" Bai Yiyan nodded her head. Her brain was blank at the moment. She really didn't think about anything else.

The first thing Ji Xiaohan did when he returned to the company was to order Lu Qing to secretly send someone to investigate Bai Zhenzhen's whereabouts.

Lu Qing knew that it might have something to do with Ji Fu, and he was very active.

And now!

Abroad, Ji Lin stood in front of the window with a gloomy face. He just received a phone call, which made him very upset.

When he guessed that another purpose of Ji Xiaohan's coming to m country this time was to meet Ji Nan's former powerful subordinates, he was frozen.

Why did Ji Xiaohan go to see those people? What is his purpose?

Ji Lin hasn't figured it out yet, but he always has a bad feeling.

Is Ji Xiaohan really investigating his father's affairs? If he had any clue about the accident, Ji Lin would have been ruined by his nephew.

No, that thing, he did flawlessly, absolutely can not be exposed.

Since he can hide it for more than ten years without being discovered, he firmly believes that he can hide it for the rest of his life.

Before that, he must find out the woman he used.

But just now he found someone to look for Bai Liuyin, but he found that she had changed her name, married someone and disappeared.

Ji Lin is shocked. Why does Bai Zhenzhen disappear? Did she guess something, too? Or is she avoiding Ji's brother?