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C725 family of four

Ji Xiaohan and Mushi sat patiently on the chair, with their long legs folded, drinking tea, chatting in a low voice and staring at the lake.

Not far away, Tang Xiaorui's two brothers and sisters are using the snowdrift castle and the snowman with the rolling orange. They are also having a good time.

Leisure time makes people feel lazy. Tang youyou holds the hot tea cup and drinks tea with his head down.

Pei Anxin also reached for the cup and looked at Mu Shi, who was sitting on a chair not far away, at night. The feeling of surging inside was very complicated.

"My stick is moving!" Suddenly, Mu shiye raised his eyebrows proudly, reached out to lift the rod, and slowly shook the rod. As expected, he saw a fat and big fish, greedy to be caught.

Season owl cold frowned, continue to stare at the lake, unfortunately, his pole, but no movement.

"Fish!" The little orange suddenly saw it, immediately shook the little penguin's body, walked to daddy's side, squatted down, looked at the fat fish in the bucket, grinning happily.

Tang Xiaohe and Tang xiaonai also dropped their toys and ran to the ground, two pairs of black eyes staring at their father's empty bucket.

Season owl cold saw that the little guys all came to join in the fun, immediately laughed: "you don't play with a snowman?"

"Daddy, why didn't you catch a fish? Uncle Ye's fish is so big! " Tang xiaonai immediately asked him naively.

Season owl cold very speechless smile, shrug: "perhaps my fish here is more intelligent, not easy to hook."

"Is it?" Tang xiaonai believed it, and then he said seriously: "then daddy and uncle ye should change their positions. The fish over there is more stupid and easier to catch."

The innocent words of the little guy made both men laugh.

"Xiao Han, you are not afraid of Miss Tang scolding you for educating your children like this?" When the night immediately asked fun.

Ji Xiaohan feels that he shouldn't cheat his daughter like this. He immediately explains in a warm voice: "xiaonai, fishing is not a technical job. It needs patience. Don't worry. Daddy will catch a big fish for you."

"Come on daddy!" Tang xiaonai immediately cheered beside, with a lovely face.

But Tang Xiaorui squatted down, with one hand on his face, and looked at the lake seriously, as if he was thinking about something important in life.

The atmosphere is quiet again. Soon, the fish hook of Mushi night is moving again. A fat fish is caught by him again. Mushi night's elated season owl raises his eyebrows: "see, I'm still more charming."

Ji Xiaohan wants to throw the bucket around him to make him proud.

He has been sitting by the lake for more than two hours, but Ji Xiaohan has not caught any fish, but mu shiye has got a good harvest, so he said smilingly, "God must know that you are richer than me, so let you have dinner!"

Season owl cold is a face willing to gamble and admit defeat expression: "well, I treat!"

It's getting dark. In the holiday village, the atmosphere is very lively. There are many high-end restaurants here.

In a very distinctive restaurant, a group of people entered a box.

After dinner, we decided to take a dip in the hot spring pool and go back to the hotel.

In order to avoid embarrassment, season owl cold and Mu Shi night are separated from the hot spring bath.

Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou changed their clothes and sat in the warm hot spring pool.

Tang xiaonai is like a little fish, swimming around in the pool, happy.

Tang Xiaorui and her character have never been on the same channel. He will always be quiet and mature, and his small body will sit upright.

"Xiaonai, stop playing and be careful not to choke!" Looking at his daughter, he was not at all worried. Ji Xiaohan smiled helplessly and had to tell her.

Tang xiaonai was so excited that she didn't listen at all. Next second, she won the prize.

"Ah, daddy, help, help!" Tang xiaonai choked two, immediately called for help.

Ji Xiaohan quickly reached out his hand and lifted her up. He saw the little guy's red face and dry cough.

"Stupid!" Tang Xiaorui said in a low voice.

Tang xiaonai stares at him. His small body is shrunk in daddy's arms. Where dare he move?

Tang youyou is smiling and watching. Seeing her daughter pestering Ji Xiaohan, her mood can't tell what it's like. She only feels sweet and happy.

Two little guys can't stay too long. Ten minutes later, they left the hot spring pool and went back to the hotel.

Two little guys who have been playing for a day are very sleepy after taking a dip in the hot spring water. They lie on the bed and soon fall asleep.

Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan look at each other and shake their heads and laugh.

"Would you like a drink?" Season owl cold suddenly reaches out to hug her in the bosom, low voice asks.

Tang youyou had the habit of stealing wine before, so Ji Xiaohan knew that she would like to drink two cups.

"Is there any wine here?" Tang youyou asked in a low voice

"Of course, there is a wine cabinet downstairs. There is everything in it!" Ji Xiaohan hugs her, kisses her face, and takes her downstairs.

In this strange environment, two people's mood are inexplicably some agitation.

The more strange it may be, the more relaxing it is.

Two people are leaning on the side of the wine cabinet, carrying a glass of wine to compensate.

"That's a good feeling!" Ji Xiaohan sighed: "you and your children are all around. There is no heavy work. Everything is so easy."

Tang youyou knows that he is in a tense state of mind and under a lot of pressure recently, so he goes to his side and leans gently on his shoulder: "Ji Xiaohan, you have earned enough money, or you can spare more time to rest later. Don't work so hard."

"I hope so, but now, someone can't relax me!" Season owl cold eye bottom flashed a touch of annoyance and cold.

"What's the purpose of Ji Shangqing's return?" "At present, I haven't found any action of him. I just find friends to drink and chat with each other every day. However, my grandfather told me about his plan to open a branch in China." Of course, Ji Xiaohan is looking at Ji Shangqing's whereabouts every day. He finds that he looks for friends to drink every day and goes to various places of entertainment, which gives people the illusion of not doing business.

"Why did he do that? Isn't his company listed abroad? " Tang youyou also learned something about Ji Shangqing.

"He may want to move back to China and get closer to me." Season owl sneers.

"Do you want to stop him from doing that?" Don youYou can't help worrying about him.

Season owl cold sneered: "this is not necessary, since he is going to move back to the country, for me, there is no threat, I am looking for an opportunity to do it to him."

"Season owl cold, you must be careful of him, you also must not have an accident!" Tang youyou mutters softly. Ji Xiaohan put the glass aside and gently hugged her: "for you and the children, I will be careful every step. Don't worry."