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Yang Chu Chu immediately beamed with joy, looking extremely beautiful and young.

Luo Jin Yu was stunned by her sudden smile, he never thought that someone would laugh in such a pure and simple manner.

"Hurry up and go in, I'm afraid your mom will look for you!" In the garden, a gust of cold wind blew over, instantly awakening Luo Jin Yu's burning heart. He immediately regained his usual cold demeanour.

Yang Chu Chu turned around and looked at the brightly lit hall, and shook her head: "I don't want to go in, and I also don't want to come into contact with my mother's group of friends."

"Why?" Luo Jin Yu was very surprised, he never thought that her heart would actually give people a feeling of loneliness.

Yang Chu Chu turned around, with a trace of sadness in her eyes: "I hate the way they look at me. You should also know, that I was born from my mother's forbidden fruit after she stole it from me, and gave birth to me at the age of sixteen. I am currently with my mother at any occasion and everyone says that I'm not like her daughter.

Luo Jin Yu never thought that she would actually despise his mother for being young and beautiful.

"Your mother is only thirty-four years old this year, and five years older than me. Do you know how big the gap is between us now?" It was hard to cover the self-mockery in Luo Jin Yu's voice.

Yang Chu Chu suddenly turned her head, and looked at him with a stupefied expression.

Luo Jin Yu seemed to be shocked by his own words, and his tone became even colder: "Since you know me, then you know what type of woman I like. My ex-girlfriend is extremely beautiful and charming, definitely not something a childish girl like you can compare to."

Yang Chu Chu's beautiful face became sad again. Indeed, she had understood his ex-girlfriend before, she was a rich young master, and she was a part-time model. She was so beautiful that she stood beside him, but she could not even see her shadow.

"If it was that easy to give up loving someone, I would have given up long ago!" Yang Chu Chu said sorrowfully, her eyes filled with layers of tears: "Let me be frank with you, I fell in love with you at first sight, I don't know why I even liked you. I obviously have many suitors, all of them were very outstanding, very outstanding, but I was attracted to you.

As Luo Jin Yu's words came to a halt, his heart was filled with an unspeakable bitterness and reluctance.

He stared at her unblinkingly and saw her beautiful big eyes blink slightly as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Yang Chu Chu sobbed as she wiped her tears with the back of his hand, laughing self-deprecatingly, "Indeed, I can't compare to your ex-girlfriend, and I may not be your type. You are so proud, so outstanding, so many women that you can choose from, what right do you have to like a woman like me who has insufficient development?

After Yang Chu Chu finished speaking, she quickly walked over to his side.

Luo Jin Yu's handsome face stiffened. When he turned around, the petite figure had long been gone.

He took a step forward, his hands supporting himself on the cold white jade railing. Looking at the scenery and lights in the distance, he felt an indescribable feeling of depression in his heart.

When Luo Jin Yu calmed down and returned to the banquet hall, he saw that Cheng Ying was chatting with her sisters by himself.

From the looks of it, Yang Chu Chu had already left first.

This stubborn little thing had come specially for him, but he had angered her and made her run away.

"Big brother, where did you go just now?" I'm looking for you everywhere! " Luo He Ning suddenly appeared behind him and asked resentfully.

"I went for a walk!" Luo Jin Yu replied.

"Come and drink together!" Luo He Ning asked with a smile.

"No, I'll go back first!" After Luo Jin Yu finished speaking, he turned around to greet his elders. He turned and looked at Luo He Ning, and patted him on the shoulder: "Remember, do not drink too much, if you throw our Luo Family's face, I won't forgive you!"

Luo He Ning immediately said unconvinced: "How could I possibly lose face? Big Brother, don't worry, I will definitely drink less! "

Luo Jin Yu walked out and sat in the carriage!

As the car slowly drove away from the villa area, suddenly, under the lights, he saw a petite figure walking forward step by step with her head lowered like she was suffocating.

Her shadow was drawn long by the headlights.

With her appearance, she really did look like a student.

"Stop the car!" Luo Jin Yu's heart trembled. It was so late but she was only a girl walking on the night road. It was too unsafe.

Although this was a villa for the rich and was considered safe, how could he be at ease?

The car stopped, Luo Jin Yu pushed the door and walked over quickly.

Yang Chu Chu also saw the car stop in front of her, but she did not expect that the person who would get off would be Luo Jin Yu, so she was a little stunned.

The next second, she wanted to turn around and walk down the other path.

Didn't this man dislike her? Then she might as well not meet him at all, so as not to get in his way.

"Yang Chu Chu!" Luo Jin Yu saw that she was about to escape and immediately shouted loudly.

Yang Chu Chu didn't know why, but she obediently stopped moving and looked at him with a trace of grievance: "Is there something you need?"

Luo Jin Yu quickly walked in front of her, his voice low and filled with annoyance, "Why are you walking alone?"

"Can't you? My legs are nimble and convenient, I want to relax! " Yang Chu Chu was still angry at his cold words just now, she felt that since she did not like him and said that he was not comparable to her ex-girlfriend, she would not cause trouble for herself anymore. This man's control was too broad.

Luo Jin Yu wanted to laugh at her childish words. Indeed, she had silently walked such a long distance by himself, and his legs were indeed nimble.

"Get in the car, I'll take you home, it's not safe for you to walk by yourself!" Luo Jin Yu did not want to reprimand her for anything, so his tone slowed down a little.

"I don't need you to send me off. I can walk out by myself!" Yang Chu Chu didn't take his good intentions and insisted on going by himself.

"If some outlaw dragged you home, it would be useless even if you cried!" Luo Jin Yu was determined to take her away, because he didn't dare to imagine that scene.