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C1369 so dangerous

When Cheng Yuan heard the driver say that she would take a shortcut, her face suddenly changed, and she immediately became alert.

She made an instinctive response to the unknown danger, maybe it was the habit she cultivated when she was a soldier.

"Stop. I'm not going downtown. Take me back to the hotel!" Two minutes after the driver turned the car to another road, Cheng Yuan immediately asked for a cold voice.

"Ah, the vigilance is quite high!" The driver didn't want to pretend to be a good man anymore. He reached under his seat and pulled out a pistol. He shot Cheng Yuan in the back seat.

"Asshole!" Cheng Yuan reflected that although she was quick, the bullet was wiped from her shoulder and immediately splashed with blood and dyed her clothes red.

The driver didn't expect to shoot at such a close distance, but he didn't kill the woman. He was shocked. Next second, a handbag hit his gun hand hard from behind. It was very powerful. Even if the man was as strong as a cow, he couldn't help it. The pistol immediately fell down.

At the moment, a scarf was pulled from the back of the driver's back, strangling the driver's neck. He wanted to pick up the gun, but he couldn't reach out. His face was red and his neck was thick. He couldn't resist.

The taxi lost control, ran to the side of the mountain, hit the low bushes, all the way straight to the side of the cliff.

Cheng Yuan is determined to strangle the man who shot her, because if he doesn't die, he will kill her.

The taxi was totally disoriented. In the violent top wave, Cheng Yuan's hand loosened a little, which made the man find the chance to resist. He hit back with a fist. Cheng Yuan had no time to escape. She was hit hard on her nose, and nosebleed came out from one side of her nose.

"Dying!" Cheng Yuan directly uses her hand to force a split on the man's neck, only to hear the sound of a neck card, and the man directly breaks his breath.

Cheng Yuan watched the car's speed not decrease, but because of the downhill road, the speed is more crazy.

Cheng Yuan's face was pale with fear. At this time, she had to run for her life.

Unfortunately, when the door was locked, she could only kick one side of the door hard. At the moment when the car flew out of the road, she was thrown out of the door and fell into the rolling sea with the car.

The icy sea water poured into her mouth and nose, directly into her five viscera and six abdomen.

If it's not for her strong mental quality, I'm afraid she's scared to death. Cheng Yuan is not an ordinary woman. She has long-term experience in field training and escape. Therefore, although she fell from a high altitude, she kept a breath at the moment when she fell into the water. She also struggled to survive in the surging sea with this breath.

She desperately swam to the coast, cold to the bone of the sea, devouring her last willpower.

"I can't die. I don't want to die!" Only the instinct of survival remained in her heart, supporting her frozen body.

Finally, she swam to the shore, which was not a good place for rescue, but stood up in a cave beside the hanging bank.

Cheng Yuan dragged her last breath and let her body roll into the narrow cave.

She was frozen, but her mind was still clear. She knew that there would never be only one person for such a murder. That bastard must have a partner nearby to support her. She can't escape in a hurry at present. Half of the way, she met that person's partner, and she had only one way to die. She went to the cave first to avoid. She hoped that she would have a chance to escape before freezing to death.

Cheng Yuan's guess is correct. Shortly after her taxi fell into the sea, two cars came over. Five or six people came down and quickly ran to the place where she fell into the sea. Looking at the cliffs tens of meters high at the foot of her feet, and the sound of the raging waves clapping on the shore, a group of people showed a proud smile.

"It looks like death!" One of them whistled and was in a good mood.

"Then we can hand in the money. With this money, we can do whatever we want. Don't aggrieve ourselves any more. It's a pity that our good brother died for our good days." Another man is also excited, as if to see a better tomorrow waving.

"Wait a minute, do you think that woman is so easy to die? Shall we look for her body? " One of the men said with a little caution.

"Who is going to look for it? Are you? It's such a big wave. She's sunk long ago to feed the sharks. I don't want to go down to see the disgusting picture! "

"That is, who can fall down and live?" Another man shrugged his shoulders.

Finally, a group of people walked around the two sides of the mountain and found that the taxi didn't even float out of the scum. Finally, they were reassured that Cheng Yuan was dead.

Cheng Yuan's bag sinks to the bottom of the sea with the taxi. She wants to inform LAN Yanxi, but she has no strength. In the cold, she faints.

LAN Yanxi is a little bored and scribbles on the book with a pen. She really wants to write Ling Mo Feng's name, because when one loves another in his heart, he will want to write his name secretly, which is an instinct of emotional release.

In the end, she could only hold back, because she was afraid to show her inner feelings.

Qiao Zhuo sits not far behind LAN Yanxi. His mobile phone suddenly vibrates. He stealthily takes out his mobile phone and looks at it. Suddenly, a gloomy face makes a happy smile. Cheng Yuan, who gets in his way everywhere, is dead.

In fact, Qiao Zhuo doesn't have too much resentment towards Cheng Yuan, but feels that she is impeding his good deeds everywhere, which makes him hate to let her disappear from the world.

Everything is going well. Cheng Yuan is so easy to solve. Next, he has to hurry to deal with LAN Yanxi.

Jodrow's obsession with lanyanxi is getting deeper and deeper. Every day, he looks at her wandering in front of his eyes. His already turbulent mind is getting deeper and deeper.

He even felt blue Yanxi's stupefied appearance was so beautiful, let alone her sweet smile that people want to bite on the pure.

Qiao Zhuo has actually figured out how to cheat LAN Yanxi out. Now that Cheng Yuan is dead, he has to act at night. Otherwise, it will be very troublesome for Ling Mo Feng to notice.

When LAN Yanxi had lunch at noon, she called Cheng Yuan, but she didn't show up in the service area. Her mind hummed.

How could it not be in the service area? What's the meaning of this?

Isn't Cheng Yuan going downtown to find her friend? It's impossible for the mayor to have no signal. Besides, Cheng Yuan has always been concerned about her. She used to go to the bathroom for a second longer, and she would find her. Now, she has disappeared for a long time without any information. LAN Yanxi is alert and worried. Is Cheng Yuan in danger?

LAN Yanxi dials up several more phones in a row. The result is the same. Cheng Yuan's cell phone loses its signal, which is the first time.

"Cheng Yuan, you must not have an accident!" LAN Yanxi's eyes were red. She couldn't even eat lunch. She went back to the room and found a spare cell phone. That's her contact information with the adjutant Chu.

"Miss blue, what can I do for you?" The voice of adjutant Chu came.

"Cheng Yuan went to the city early in the morning to find her friend. She hasn't come back yet. I can't get through to her phone. Is she in danger, adjutant Chu?" Lanyanxi asked anxiously.

"I'll call her about it. Please wait a moment!" After Chu's adjutant finished speaking, he hung up the phone. Then, he also called Cheng Yuan twice, which showed that he couldn't get through, just like LAN Yanxi said.

"Miss LAN, don't worry. I've installed a tracker on her cell phone. Now I'll find out where she is!" Adjutant Chu said, and hung up first.

LAN Yanxi's brow was cold sweat. She was really worried about Cheng Yuan's accident. After all, protecting her was also a very dangerous thing. If it really bothered her, LAN Yanxi would blame herself.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door of her room, and she was shocked.

LAN Yanxi walked to the door with vigilance and expectation. Did Cheng Yuan come back?