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C865 failure to do so

The atmosphere of the scene is fermenting. Everyone's eyes are looking at Ji Xiaohan and Tang Youyou, who just stepped down from the stage. I didn't expect that they would push such a strong message at this time. It can't happen any more. It seems that someone deliberately broke today's happiness and wants to fill in for Ji's family. Obviously, LAN Yue also heard the voices around her. Her face froze and her face was as white as snow. Her body trembled with fear and uneasiness. Sitting next to her, Ji Yueze has a dark, ugly face and cold eyes. And

sitting in the middle of the table, Ji Xiaohan suddenly tightens his big hand holding the cup, and the back of his hand is blue. He looks at Ji Lin intentionally or unintentionally. The cold is like a cold electricity, which makes Ji Lin feel shocked. Don't look pale. Obviously, she didn't expect this kind of thing to happen on her own happy day. Although it's not a deliberate fabrication, it's a fact. But some people chose to publish this news today. That's intentional sabotage. The faces of the old man and the old lady were not very good-looking either, because they were the old man. When the breath stopped, they coughed in an instant. They coughed fiercely, which made the people around worried.

Ji Xiaohan's two brothers, as well as Ji Lin's father and son, all rushed in the first time, concerned about the old man's condition. "

Grandpa, are you ok?" Season owl cold low voice concern. The old lady gave the old man a good turn on his chest. The old man raised it in a breath, but his face was gray. Looking at the situation, Ji Xiaohan hurriedly told Lu Qing, "let the doctor come in and send my grandfather back."

Lu Qing nodded in response. In a short time, two nurses and two professional doctors came in. The old man was a little hard to breathe. Although he had something to explain, he was still depressed in the chest, and his face was blue. At the same time, he could not explain anything. He had to be taken home by the doctor.

The old lady's face was anxious and worried, and her heart ached and she said: "who is the immoral person who published this news at this time? There is no humanity at all. It's better to demolish ten temples than to destroy a marriage. This man is going to be damned. " Ji did not change his face, but his heart sank. Looking at his mother's angry look, he regretted for a moment. "Grandma, don't worry, I'll find out that man. He will have a retribution."

"Xiaohan, you try to suppress this matter. Today's engagement banquet can't be destroyed in any way. This is what your grandfather and I want to see the most." When the old lady finished, she left in a hurry. She wanted to go back and take care of the old man.

Season owl cold sees grandma to leave, the facial expression moment is cold as frost.

The guests of nearly one hundred tables in the hall are looking at this scene with a surprised face, because it's really worth waiting for. They just want to see the season owl cold who never makes mistakes, and how to explain it in public.

Although Tang youyou is not his own sister and has no blood relationship, he is a family after all.

The love story between LAN Yue and Xia Weiwen also made a big splash in the circle. Some older people were even invited to their second wedding. Don

standing by Ji Xiaohan's side, holding two children in his hand, the two little guys are still at a loss. They don't know what happened at all, but they guessed that it shouldn't be a good thing, otherwise, daddy and Mommy's face won't be so ugly. LAN

Yue sits on the seat, lowers his head, looks a little sad and helpless. Ji

he stared at Ji Lin coldly, hoping that he could not smash his face with one fist. Ji seems to know the anger and hatred burning in Ji Yueze's eyes. He shrugs: "it's a pity that such a beautiful banquet has been destroyed!" Season

but Xiao Han sneers: "it's really shocking that someone's conspiracy may fail." Ji's face didn't look very satisfied. It's very common. When he heard Ji Xiaohan's words, his face changed a little. Season

Xiao Han reaches out and holds Tang youyou's arm, as if to comfort her silently. Tang

after a moment's hesitation, he saw Ji Xiaohan turn around again, step on the steps, stand at a high place, and take the microphone from the hands of the etiquette host beside him.

Everyone at the scene is waiting for the development of this matter. When Ji Xiaohan comes to power, everyone is holding their breath and waiting for him to make an explanation for this matter. When Ji Xiaohan was about to say something, LAN Yue, who had been sitting still, suddenly walked quickly to the stage.

Before Ji Xiaohan spoke, she took the microphone directly from his hand.

Her eyes are still gentle, tears flash, scanning the presence of the guests.

"Dear guests, I know you have received a message about my marriage with Mr. Xia Weiwen. In fact, you don't have to look at my son and daughter-in-law with surprise and doubt. Their relationship is legitimate, legal and moral. Mr. Xia Weiwen and I have already ended their marriage. Please don't let it happen again Suspect my son and daughter-in-law, they are really in love to come together, please bless them, thank you very much! "

LAN Yue's voice is gentle and sincere. Everyone believes everything she says.

The expression of the guests at the scene was calm after their surprise. It turned out to be a false alarm.

LAN Yue and Xia Weiwen have been divorced. In that season, Xiao Han and Tang youyou became husband and wife. It seems that they were not hindered by their relationship. The faces of Ji and Ji Shangqing changed in the moment when LAN Yue's voice just dropped, and they were stiffly written into their eyes.

Ji Lin is holding the hand of the cup, exerting a little force, and his eyes are full of cold light and sarcasm. Don't

know whether you are taunting yourself or others. Ji Qingshang is sitting beside him, and his heart is stirring.

It's really careless. He only told Jilin Tang youyou that he was Xia Weiwen's own daughter, but they didn't investigate the relationship between Xia Weiwen and LAN Yue.

"Oh, it seems that everything is not right!" Ji Lin's light words seem to be for Ji Shangqing. Season

Shangqing's heart shakes, takes up the cup to drink, and doesn't answer.

After LAN Yue finished speaking, she got off the stage and went back to her position. Tang

looked at her gratefully, and felt that Ji Xiaohan could have such tolerance and magnanimity, and his mother felt happy.

At the scene, everyone began to enjoy food and wine, and continued to talk about the happy marriage. Season

Lin used to come to see a good play. Now that the good play is over, he feels that it has become a big joke. It's a bad feeling.

So, he got up directly, went to Ji Xiaohan, said a light sentence to leave first, and then he really left.