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In fact, Ji Xiaohan pays attention to Ji yunning, and Tang youyou also sees her. Because when most of the guests leave, she sits there, which is quite eye-catching. Season

Xiao Han frowned, his eyes flicked on Tang youyou's face: "don't get me wrong, I asked her to come here, just for the sake that she is our season family."

Tang youyou shook his head: "I didn't get it wrong, I just felt it. She seems very sad. Maybe it's not a good thing to invite her over!" It is

that Ji yunning's expression at the moment can't be hidden. She is sad as if she will die next second. She seems to have the emotion of trying to bear to cry.

Ji Lin didn't leave either. He took a look at Ji yunning and shouted at her in a low voice: "don't look, let's go."

Ji yunning looks at Ji Lin with a stiff head, and puts on her sunglasses again. She stands up, but instead of going to the banquet hall, she goes to Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou in front of the stage.

Out of instinct, Ji Xiaohan takes a long step forward to block Tang youyou and face her. Don

youyou is also worried, because the appearance of Ji yunning at this moment is really a little uneasy. "

congratulations, brother Xiaohan!" Ji yunning came over and didn't do anything out of the ordinary. He just raised a sad smile and said a blessing to Ji Xiaohan.

"Thank you!" Ji Xiaohan also returned two words to her.

Ji yunning looked over at Tang youyou and said, "I really envy you, but I also hope you can be his wife at ease. Don't waste his heart." Don

youyou didn't have any good feelings for her. Suddenly, hearing her say that, youyou was stunned. Season

yunning said these words, and there was nothing else to say. He turned around and left, but the figure of turning around gave a feeling of loneliness.

Ji Shangqing also sat still, his eyes were complicated and painful, so he stared at Tang youyou like that.

It wasn't until Ji Xiaohan's warning eyes came that he closed his eyelids. Xiao Han took Tang youyou's hand and left directly. The old lady returned. She seemed to see Ji Shangqing's legs were not sharp just now. She came back to see him. "Mom, today's wedding is a success!" Ji Lin saw his mother and said with a smile. The old lady nodded: "it's OK. There's no special situation. Unlike the day of engagement, I don't know which immoral person will have such a boring scandal at the wedding. To let me know who it is, I have to smoke a few ears of melon seeds from him." The old lady has a bad temper. Ji Lin knows it. Hearing this, he shied away from his mother's eyes and pointed to Ji Shangqing: "his leg is hurt. I'll help him pass." "

I was just about to ask, Shangqing, what happened to your leg? Did anyone hit you? " The old lady immediately walked over and asked him heartily. Season

Shangqing's face is not good-looking, and he is concerned by his grandmother. He also looks indifferent: "it's OK, grandma, I want to go back now, and don't eat!"

"How can we not eat when we are here? Come on, let your father help you through. " The old lady is a very traditional person. She leaves without eating. Some of them are not very good. After all, they are a family.

"I can't eat it!" After Ji Shangqing finished speaking, he stood up directly. He didn't need Ji Lin's help. He just turned and walked to the church door.

The old lady chased after her a few steps, and Ji Lin said after her, "Mom, let him go!" "

How do you take care of your son and how can you hurt him?" The old lady was still very worried. At the door of the hall, Ji Shangqing's driver came quickly to help him. The old lady followed, seeing Ji Shangqing's face was not very good, and asked, "why do you still stink on such a happy day today? What's going on? Talk to grandma. " "

grandma, I'm fine. Hurry back to dinner." Ji Shangqing didn't dare to talk to the old lady. I'm afraid that she will be beaten again.

The old lady sighed and watched his car leave, which turned back to the scene of the banquet hall.

Ji Xiaohan and Tang youYou are sitting on the main seat, and the bridesmaid and best man are sitting beside them. At this time, the banquet hall was very busy. Almost all the good wine and delicacies were on the table, and everyone enjoyed eating and drinking. Tang

youyou and several bridesmaids have also changed their clothes. At this moment, Tang youyou is wearing a red wedding dress. The whole person is very charming and attractive. Women's clothes are also rose red, and everyone's styles are different, except for the same color and different styles.

Ji Xiaohan and Tang youYou need a toast according to the Convention. They walk down in a circle. Ji Xiaohan's face is slightly red, and he is already a little drunk. Ji Yueze follows him and helps him to drink a lot. By the end of the banquet, Ji's two brothers were drunk, lying in the leisure room and didn't want to move.

Tang youyou sits beside Ji Xiaohan. She doesn't drink any wine. All she drinks is water. At the moment, she's not drunk at all. Man is lying on the sofa, his suit jacket is off, and the bow tie on his chest is torn by himself, because it's a little hot.

Tang youyou looks at the sleeping man without blinking. His fingers reach out to his handsome face and sketch gently.

Satisfied low sighed a, Tang youyou cannot help but low head to go, in the thin lips of the man gently kissed twice. "

MM!" As if to have the induction, the man suddenly extended his hand, pressed twice in her head, as if not willing her to leave.

Tang youyou was shocked. He thought that the man was going to wake up, and she would not move in his chest. No, men don't wake up, as if they are asleep again.

Tang youyou breathed a sigh and took down his big hand. Don't be

people say that marriage is very tiring. Tang youyou really realized it. He is really tired.

She took off her high-heeled shoes and found that her legs were red and swollen. As expected, she could not wear this kind of hateful height.

Married, after the title is not to change? "

husband?" Tang youyou murmured two words in a low voice. Only when she called out, she shook herself twice. She was really not suitable to say the words that were full of flesh and numbness. In the leisure room on the wall, Bai Yiyan also sits beside Ji Yueze. Just now she watched him actively follow his elder brother to stop drinking. She was worried that he would get drunk. Unexpectedly, she did not want to get drunk.

In fact, Ji Yueze is not so drunk. He is still sober. He narrowed his drunk eyes and looked at the woman sitting beside him. Suddenly, Bai Yiyan put her hand in his arms. She was stunned and pushed him gently: "you should have a good rest when you are drunk. Don't mess around!"

"Kiss me!" Ji Yueze made unreasonable demands.