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"That's fine, Miss Tang. I knew you were a very trustworthy person. I hope that we can work well together in the future. Also, if you have any other activities in the future, can you invite me?" I don't need the entrance fee. Seriously, I just want to come over and enjoy the show! " Xia Zi Yan shamelessly recommended herself.

Tang You You was speechless at this. In fact, although Xia Zi Yan's tone was polite, it was also because her identity was different now. If it was him in the past, Xia Zi Yan would definitely not have this kind of attitude.

"We'll see when the time comes. I won't be sending you off!" Tang You You did not immediately agree to her request.

Xia Zi Yan was still a little disappointed. She actually wanted Tang You You's direct answer, since her answer was very vague as well, then it meant that she wouldn't necessarily have the chance to participate in various events in the future.

It was really too miserable, to not even take a single cent of the entrance fee, and not even qualified to receive Tang You You's favor. For the arrogant Xia Zi Yan, this was definitely a huge blow.

Thus, although she still had a smile on her face, the moment she walked out of Only Idealism, she immediately started cursing.

You're not inviting me yet, you're simply too arrogant. When I get to the position of the First Sister, I will definitely ignore you, hmph, I will definitely work hard to become a Big Star that you can't afford. "

Xia Zi Yan had a reason to struggle. She felt that she was being looked down upon by Tang You You, so she decided to work even harder to climb up.

After sending Xia Zi Yan off, Tang You You went to her godmother's office to drink tea.

When she mentioned Xia Zi Yan's words to her mother, Liu Xi also had a surprised expression on her face: "Who said that, we didn't say anything like that."

Tang You You shook his head in distress: "I don't know who spouted nonsense either. If I need two million to design a set of clothes, then after working hard for a few years, wouldn't I become a rich woman?"

"You're already a rich woman, do you still have to wait?" Liu Xi hurt her.

"Don't worry, even if you don't beg me, I will send someone to investigate!"

While the two of them were chatting and drinking tea, the assistant knocked on the door and came in. As soon as she came in, she said, "CEO Liu, Assistant Tang, just now, we received a call from several brokers, some of them are big coffee stars, they want to talk about cooperation with Assistant Tang."

"Ah …" Tang You You's hand that was holding the teacup trembled. "No way, I already asked for such a high price, and there's actually a celebrity looking for me?"

Liu Xi raised his hand and said to the assistant: "I got it, send the details over for me to take a look later. Don't reply for now, and don't reject it either!"

After the assistant left, Liu Xi snorted lightly: "These Big Star, they have all secretly competed, and now they finally have a platform to compete with each other, each and every one of them will frantically try to find you to cooperate, and if they succeed, it will become a skill that they can shine with."

"I really can't understand their world. Spending so much money just to compete? "Then wouldn't I have earned that much money for nothing?" Tang You You was amazed, she never thought that the world of celebrities was so incomprehensible.

In the past, she had been so preoccupied with designing things that she had never bothered to find out who her clients were.

Tang You You sighed bitterly: "Sigh, sometimes life feels really strange, making money used to be so hard, even if I have to work twice as hard, I might not be able to get the same returns, but looking at it now, making money can actually happen so easily, there is no fairness in this world."

"Wandering, don't be so emotional. These customers have come looking for you, do you want to meet them? Maybe this is your chance to make a fortune? " Liu Xi felt that he could use this opportunity to earn a lot of money, because this opportunity was not something that just anyone would have.

"Godmother, do you think it's because I earned their money that my conscience hurts?" Tang You You might still be thinking about his own harsh times in the past, but he felt that the money he earned this way was not kind at all.

"What do you mean by 'conscience hurts'? Do you know how much they can earn by shooting a show? That's a sky-high price, you understand? They don't lack this money. Seriously, they are the kind of people who have money and nowhere to spend it. If you earn money from them, you can take it out to do charity for them in the future. Liu Xi had already seen through the evilness and complexity of human nature, she felt that Tang You You was simply too naive. Sometimes, she wouldn't be willing to tell her about the evilness of human nature, but he also hoped that she would take the chance to grow, because she was still too young. Nobody knew what would happen in the future, and it wouldn't be a good thing for her to see more of the dark side of human nature.

Tang You You felt that what her godmother said was reasonable. How about she meet these Big Star s?

After an assistant's arrangement, Tang You You had to see a total of three Female Celebrity s today.

One of them was the new star under Ji Yue Ze's control, who heard that he was born in a wealthy family, and was born in a wealthy family. She was dressed very beautifully, and had the grandiose temperament of a rich family girl, and her entire body was covered with famous brands and prices reached a total of a few million.

A woman who was worth tens of millions just by going out must be able to afford such an expensive design fee.

"Miss Tang, my name is Gao Fei Fei!" When the woman entered, she immediately started laughing and introducing herself without any airs of being a Big Star.

Of course, because Tang You You's current status was much higher than hers, she had no choice but to lower her status to speak.

"Hello, Miss Gao, I heard you wanted to find me to design this for you?" Tang You You quickly asked with a smile.