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"Then, if he tries to steal your toy again, you can tell teacher to let him handle it. Don't bite him anymore, do you understand?" In short, biting is wrong. " Ji Xiao Han didn't know what to say to make the little fellow understand, so he could only hug him like an old lady and reason with her non-stop.

"Alright, I'll remember it next time!" When Tang Xiao Nai heard her father tell her a good idea, she wasn't so sad.

Ji Xiao Han kissed her little face, and saw that her little face was still covered with tears.

The father and daughter duo left the classroom and headed downstairs.

The female teachers who passed by them were excited and excited, they did not expect to be able to witness Ji Xiao Han himself with their own eyes.

However, when they entered the school, they had already been subjected to extremely strict rules. Even if they saw any important figures with their own eyes, they were not allowed to speak carelessly to anyone.

Therefore, when they clearly knew that Ji Xiao Han already had two cute children, they had to keep it a secret as well.

Moreover, they were curious about one question at the same time.

Why are all Ji Xiao Han's children surnamed Tang?

Shouldn't her surname be Ji?

Or perhaps, these two children were not Ji Xiao Han's biological child?

That was impossible. The two children both carried the shadow of Ji Xiao Han.

Well, it was an unsolved mystery.

Ji Xiao Han carried his daughter down to the grass patch where he could see Tang Xiao Rui and a few other older kids playing football on the grass. The little guy was a bit taller than the others of the same age, but there wasn't the slightest bit of fear when he was with the older boys.

"Tang Xiao Rui..." Ji Xiao Han shouted.

Tang Xiao Rui, who was about to catch the ball, heard this low roar. He was so shocked that his feet slipped and he almost fell to the ground.

"Come here!" Seeing him frozen in place, Ji Xiao Han immediately waved his hand.

Tang Xiao Rui could only lower his head and sigh as he walked over. Looking at his father's two sisters who were crying like peaches, he said disdainfully, "You're not crying anymore? Are you done crying? "

Tang Xiao Nai did not cry in the first place, but when she heard that her brother had mocked her the moment he came over, her small mouth flattened, and she immediately wanted to cry again.

"Tang Xiao Rui, stop messing with your sister. You clearly know that she's hiding in the classroom crying, why don't you go and comfort her?" Ji Xiao Han immediately scolded his son in anger. He felt that his son truly deserved a lesson.

Tang Xiao Rui shrugged his shoulders: "I'm going. He was the one who told me to go away, so of course I'm going."

Hearing his son's words, Ji Xiao Han didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Your sister told you to leave, and you really left? Do you understand your sister's true intentions? "

"I don't understand. She told me to go away because she didn't want me to coax her." Tang Xiao Rui curled his lips.

Ji Xiao Han was stunned, frowning.

Could it be that this was a woman's naturally awkward character?

"You're not allowed to leave your sister alone next time, do you understand?" Ji Xiao Han didn't know how to teach his son a lesson now. This little guy was extremely quick-witted.

"I understand, I won't next time, but you have to talk about her. She bit her classmate's finger and bled. This isn't good, Mummy will have to beat her up again if she finds out." Tang Xiao Rui immediately went to educate his sister like a little adult.

Upon hearing that he would be beaten up by the Mummy, Tang Xiao Rui immediately started crying, as if he was just a pitiful child.

"Don't speak nonsense, the Mummy won't hit people recklessly." Ji Xiao Han immediately reprimanded his son a few times, then lowered his head and said to Tang Xiao Nai: "Daddy will take you home first, okay? We'll apologize to our little friend later. "

"En!" Tang Xiao Nai didn't want to stay in school anymore, she just wanted to lie down and sleep in her father's embrace.

Tang Xiao Rui wanted to play ball in the school for a while longer, so he did not follow the father and daughter out.

As Ji Xiao Han sat in the carriage, he looked down and realized that the little fellow in his embrace had fallen asleep at some point in time. It was crying so hard that it was sweating profusely.

Ji Xiao Han took a tissue and gently wiped his daughter's sweat. He could not help but sigh.

Ji Xiao Han first sent his daughter back to the villa to be taken care of by the Uncle Yuan, then he rushed back to the company.

Around 6 PM, Tang You You returned home and found his daughter hiding behind the sofa, as if she had done something wrong.

Because Tang You You understood his two children very well, his daughter's small actions immediately attracted Tang You You's attention.

She put down her bag and wanted to go behind the sofa to hug her daughter, but the little guy acted as if he was shocked and ran away.

"Xiao Nai, why are you running? Don't let Mom hug you." Tang You You was startled, but after that, she felt that it was funny.

Tang Xiao Nai ran into the dining hall again and hid behind a chair. Her two big black eyes looked at Tang You You through the two empty holes in the chair.

"Strange, what's wrong with this child?" Tang You You put his hand on his waist, and looked at his daughter's actions strangely.

Tang Xiao Nai was still playing hide and seek with the Mummy, she was really speechless, just at this time, the Uncle Yuan walked in.

"Miss Tang, you're back!"

"Where's Little Rui? Why haven't I seen him? "

"Little Young Master is playing with toys on the second floor."

Tang You You knew that the little fellow let Ji Xiao Han buy him quite a few fun toys yesterday.

No wonder he left his sister alone in the living room.

"Uncle Yuan, what's wrong with Xiao Nai? Do you know? " Tang You You immediately asked the Uncle Yuan curiously.

Since Ji Xiao Han didn't say anything special to him, he could only speak the truth: "In the afternoon, after Young Master sent Young Miss back, Young Miss ended up like this. I don't know what happened to him either. Maybe he was scared. "

"Afternoon?" What time is it!? " Tang You You tensed up.

"Around 3 o'clock!"