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C1074 call her a fool

In the early morning, the sun came in through the floor to ceiling window. On the round bed of the hotel, the girl curled up like a poor kitten, sleeping uneasily.

Luo Jinyu stood by the bed. He had already bathed. He had put on his clothes and was staring at the sleeping girl.

A mobile phone ring broke the quiet of this morning. Yang Chu instinctively opened his eyes and sat up. Next second, he began to rush in the direction of the ring of the mobile phone.

"Hello!" Yang ChuChu sticks it to his ear. "

OK, I'll be right there!" Hearing the assistant's voice, Yang ChuChu realized that she had two scenes to shoot at nine o'clock. She quickly put down her mobile phone and turned to the deep and melancholy eyes of the man. "

ah..." Yang ChuChu's face was surprised. Obviously, she completely forgot Luo Jinyu's things around her. Luo

when Jin Yu saw her reflection, her handsome face was heavy and her sadness was aggravated.

Very good. Last night, they fought until midnight. When they woke up, she didn't recognize anyone. Yang

when he saw his ugly face, he knew that he had overreacted, and he immediately gave a dry smile: "I'm so tired recently. I'm a little nervous and sad. I forgot that I came out with you yesterday. Now it's time. Do you want to go back? I need to shoot at nine. I have to get up quickly!"

Yang ChuChu said, pulled a messy long hair, will get out of bed. Did not

think that the next second, she was pushed back to bed by the man's hands.

"Ah..." Yang ChuChu did not expect that he would have such a move. His face was white. "

it's clear that I'm in your heart. Is it not as important as your work?" Luo Jinyu is jealous. What's more, it's not men's vinegar. It's better than Yang ChuChu's work.

Yang chuchuchumei's eyes widened with surprise, then she shook her head: "of course not, there is no comparability, you are you, work is work." "

No, unless you promise me that I am more important than your work!" Luo Jinyu didn't know why. At this moment, he would be so childish and unreasonable. Yang was really blindfolded by him. Later, she nodded her head as if she were soft. "OK, I think you are more important than my job!"

"Since I'm important, I'll ask for leave today. Don't work. Stay with me!" Luo Jinyu obviously hasn't been with her enough. Last night, even if she had been enough, at the moment, there was a sense of emptiness in his heart. He felt that only when he was with her could he feel safe.

"No, I really want to work in the past, Luo Jinyu. What's wrong with you today? How can I lose my temper like a child? " Yang ChuChu also felt something wrong with Luo Jinyu, and was surprised.

Luo Jinyu didn't want to become a stubborn person, but he was in a really bad mood. He felt that if he let her leave this door and meet her next time, he didn't know which day it would be. "

clearly, I want to take you out to play today. I know there is a beautiful town around the city. Shall we go for a walk?" Luo Jin Yu softens his voice, and there is no bullying just now, but only entreaties and expectations.

Yang ChuChu's heart was uneasy. She had accepted Luo Jin's deep affection. However, what she was afraid of now was that he looked at her with this kind of eyes, because she was afraid that she would sink and drown in it. "

I'm afraid not. Next time, we'll go again if we have a chance!" Yang ChuChu broke away from his party, got out of bed quickly, bent down in a hurry, picked up the clothes one by one, and ran into the bathroom.

Luo Jinyu looks at her white jade like figure. Her eyes are slightly constricted, and her big hands are clenched into fists, shaking and releasing again.

It seems that she has something to hide from him, and it's related to their feelings. Is it

mom? Luo

Jin Yu knows Yang ChuChu. She seems to be careless. Sometimes she gives people the feeling that she is not afraid of anything and can play even when she loves it. However, when she encounters something real, her courage will become very small. She will take into account the feelings of others at the first time and put her own feelings in the most humble and unimportant position. Apart from the fact that his mother can make her do this, he can't think of a second person. If an outsider comes to break up or prevent their love, Yang ChuChu must be on his front.

Now, she feels that she is an outsider, and he and his mother are just like a family.

"Fool!" Luo Jinyu stared at the door of the bathroom and murmured a low scold, but he was very distressed. Yang is hiding in the bathroom. The quick movements just now are very slow, even stiff. Good

it's not easy to put the clothes back on one by one. She stood in front of the mirror. The girl in the mirror with the hair and pale face is really not like her at all.

"Yang ChuChu, you should learn to grow up, and know which option is the best one. Your mother can't stand the taunts of others, so can you!" Yang ChuChu said this to herself from the bottom of her heart. Then she took a deep breath and began to wash. When she comes out, she looks like a normal person with a light in her eyes. "

I'm going first!" Yang ChuChu took his bag and dared not look at the man sitting on the bed, so he opened the door and went out.

Luo Jinyu's face was stiff, and she had a feeling of coming out to sell. Yang ChuChu was his guest, and she left irresponsibly after eating and wiping. A smile of self mockery came up from the corner of a man's mouth. When did he feel this strange feeling in Luo Jinyu?

Luo Jinyu didn't force Yang ChuChu to stay any longer, because he knew that he was not the only one who suffered, that little woman, just afraid that she would suffer more harm than him.

However, her cheerful personality made her reluctant to cry to outsiders, but she must have secretly hid and cried.

Yang ChuChu stood in the elevator and looked at the corridor. Luo Jinyu didn't come out again. He didn't know whether he was relaxed or lost.

But that's it. It's probably best not to get involved. Luo

Jin Yu stands in front of the floor to floor window and watches Yang ChuChu rush to the road. A black car comes and stops beside her. Her assistant anxiously gets out of the car, opens the door for her, and then plugs another book into her hand. Luo

Jin Yu can see all this clearly. Maybe, he can comfort himself. Yang ChuChu is really busy. She is young, but she is dedicated to her work. Only yesterday when she saw her kissing with other men, his heart still seemed to be severely pierced by something. He knew that two people were misplaced in the next second, but he still felt sad.