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C854 the curse of malice

In the morning of the next day, the news of Ji Xiaohan's engagement with Tang youyou was exploded. The reason for the explosion was not that the reporter had dug it out, but that Ji Xiaohan's invitation had been sent out early in the morning. Therefore, the person who received the invitation would naturally take it out to chat, so some media took the opportunity to report it. However, in the process of reporting, they did not Xuanran, who oversold the engagement banquet, only spoke according to the facts. At present, all the media reporters are human beings. They know who's material can explode without limit, but some people's material, even if they give him a hundred courage, can't say anything. Ji Xiaohan's scandal will be cleaned up in less than an hour on the Internet. Therefore, if it's about his black material, who doesn't know how to scribble, The consequence is not only the loss of job, which may cause the whole company to fall down, but also the prison. It's really a big man.

Ji's family is full of joy. The old lady also got up early in the morning. She and uncle Yuan went to pick up some festive furniture and decorations. Tang youyou still plays with two little guys in this large manor. Today, Tang youyou decides to take his children to the green corridor to have a look at the wind. Two

little guys are wearing thick down clothes. Ji Xiaorui's is blue, and Ji xiaonai's is big red. Although they are twins, the height advantage has been shown. Ji Xiaorui is obviously half the height of Ji xiaonai's head, and looks like two brothers and sisters.

Ji xiaonai is a snack product. Since she lived in her father's house, she has been very nutritious recently. The whole person is chubby, like a small ball, with a knitted hat, just showing a delicate face, like a elf, cute and explosive.

Due to the bad weather in the most time, don youyou seldom takes the children to play in the remote area of the manor.

At the moment, Tang youyou leads two little guys, stepping on the snow, to the corridor. In winter, all the sceneries are depressed. However, the sceneries here are pretty good. In the corridor, there is no obstacle of snow. The two little guys start to get alive and jump. They are not happy. Don

followed them, warm in heart. Feeling

in the past six months, the two little guys have grown up a lot. Just now, she held her daughter and found that she didn't have the same strength as before. After a short walk, she began to breathe.

All of a sudden, I'm afraid that when my children grow up, they can't kiss, hug or pinch their faces as they did when they were young. Now

when she kisses her daughter, her daughter pushes her aside and kisses her son. Her son can't bear the expression. Of course, this doesn't mean that the child doesn't love her anymore, but they grow up. This kind of intimacy makes them a little embarrassed, because it's their son.

The mobile phone rings suddenly, Tang youyou takes a look, and a smile rises from the corner of his mouth. It's

Liu Xi! "

happy New Year Don youyou smiles and says his best wishes to her. Liu

Xi smiled and bloomed at that end: "you and Ji are about to be engaged. Congratulations, the clouds are finally rising."

"Mummy, have you received the invitation?" Tang youyou is a little embarrassed. "

it's a great honor. I'm really happy to have the opportunity to attend your engagement banquet with Ji Zong." Liu Xi didn't dare to think that she would have the chance to attend the engagement banquet of Ji Xiaohan before, but now her daughter is the future hostess of Ji family. Just think about it, she is still very excited.

"Ganma, what are you talking about? You are my Ganma. If you don't invite me, you can still do it!" Tang youyou laughs. "

it's really not easy. You and Mr. Ji have come all the way. They are going to blossom and bear fruit. Oh, no, they have already Liu Xixiao is more happy.

Tang youyou blushed: "mummy, didn't you say you were going out for a vacation? Where can I play now? "

"I was going to go abroad, but now I have to postpone it. At least I have to go after your engagement banquet. I don't want to miss the best day of your life. Your mother doesn't have such luck. Instead of her, I will see you marry a good family with my own eyes and dream to tell her at night." Liu Xi is sad to think of Xi RI's good friend. At the beginning, she was asked by her good friend to help take care of Tang youyou. It seems that the picture of Tang youyou is still vividly remembered. Tang youyou's eyes are red with tears when she is young. I didn't think that time passed so fast. She was already the mother of her child and was about to get married. When he came to his adoptive mother, Tang youyou's face was also inexplicably sad: "yes, it's really shocking!" "

well, don't mention these things. Your mother has knowledge under the spring, and will be happy for you. You will be happy and wait to be your bride. Hang up first, and see you the day after tomorrow!" Liu Xi finished and hung up. Don

looked at the distant child and sighed. Overseas!

Ji yunning stares at the news on the Internet. Ji Xiaohan and Tang youYou are about to be engaged. All of a sudden, they are so fast, just like a knife, which sticks in her heart so hard that she can't breathe. Once

she thought that she would be the most beautiful bride of Ji Xiaohan. She dreamed many times that she was wearing a pure white wedding dress and Ji Xiaohan's romantic hand in hand walking through the red carpet. In the holy palace, she received the blessing of her relatives and friends and listened to the priest's oath of life.

Unfortunately, those are only her empty dreams.

Now, Tang youyou wants to realize this dream. She must be very happy and proud.

It's worth showing off and proud to be able to conquer the season owl cold. "

I won't make you happy, Tang Youyou, you wait, I will make this engagement banquet your nightmare. Every time you think about it, it will be like a needle in your heart, embarrassing and shameful!" Ji yunning bited his teeth and said a vicious curse.

She took the wine next to her and drank it all at a draught. When she was drunk, she laughed smugly: "Don Youyou, the man I can't get, I won't let you get it so easily. I will try my best to stop you, even if I go to hell."

Tang youyou is holding the children's small hand, intending to go back. Suddenly, she feels a little dull in her heart. She stops and frowns. This feeling is very bad and uncomfortable.

"Mommy, what's the matter with you?" Ji Xiaorui suddenly held her hand tightly and asked.

Tang youyou chuckled and shook his head: "I'm ok. Let's go. We're back. It's too cold!"