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C1574. He's addicted

LAN Yanxi thought Ling Mo Feng was joking with her, but unexpectedly, he lazily dropped such a sentence, she was shaking all over, and Mei Mou looked at him with amazement: "what you said is true? Don't lie to me? "

The man sees her this lovely naughty expression, thin lips can't help but attach, in her Qiao nose spot: "when did I tell you a lie?"

LAN Yanxi's heart trembled, and her beautiful big eyes flashed the evil light immediately: "I can help you bathe, but I want to repay."

"What return? You said Ling Mo Feng has found out her routine for a long time. On the surface, she is a pure little woman, but in her bones, there are many flowery intestines. However, he actually loves her bad appearance, which makes him reluctant to look away from her face at the moment.

"I I haven't thought about it yet. " LAN Yanxi Mingming has thought boldly in her mind, but she counsels again. After careful consideration, she is a girl. She must not have the shameless idea of rubbing Ling ink front.

"Well, I'll wait until you think about it. Now, help me take off my coat." Ling Mo Feng knew that she was a woman with a heart and no courage, but she was so coquettish that she was almost half of his life.

Just think about it. I want to give her my life. What else can't satisfy her?

Lanyanxi stretched out his hand and gently took off his coat for him. He hung it on the hanger beside him. Turning around, he saw that he was wearing a white silk shirt. Lingmo Feng's skin was originally as white as an aristocrat. At the moment, the excessive blood loss made him feel pale and weak. Even the thin red lips in ordinary days were lack of blood.

I don't know why, LAN Yanxi feels that Ling Mo Feng is so sick and charming, just like the Western blood sucking prince who doesn't know how to describe his feet. He is pale with noble breath, which makes people hate that he can't jump on him and offer to his country.


"Ah?" It was only when he heard the man's low cry that Lan Yanxi found out that he had been staring at people for five seconds, without turning his eyes.

Ling Mo Feng asked with a silent smile, "what are you looking at?"

"I I didn't see anything, just look at you. " LAN Yanxi came over with a shameless smile: "come on, you can unbutton your tie. I want to see it."

LAN Yanxi, with his hands around his chest, gazed at him with an expression of appreciating the beautiful picture.

"Don't you want to help me?" Ling Mo Feng's face was slightly shocked.

"But I just like to see you do it yourself." Blue Yan hopes to blink bad.

Ling Mo Feng really can't guess some careful thoughts of this woman, but since she said she wanted to see, why didn't he show her the reason?

The long, white and clear fingers stretched out to loosen the black bow tie, and Ling Mo's front was a bit shy. Before this woman didn't mention it, it was just a very daily action of him. But now, he felt like a little wolf dog trying to please the rich woman.

This kind of feeling makes people feel helpless and want to laugh.

"Well, it's sexy." LAN Yanxi gave him a favorable comment after he saw that he was loose.

"Yan Xi, you Are you playing with me? " Ling Mo Feng is going to be angry with her. However, he fell in love with the feeling of being bullied by her. Is he incurable?

LAN Yanxi laughs at once, and feels that Ling Mo Feng is stupid. She's so powerful that she's drunk.

"It's just playing with you that you find out, Ling Mo Feng. You know how weak you are now. Do you really want to be bullied?" LAN Yanxi laughed in a big way.

Ling Mo Feng's face was speechless.

"Where am I weak?" Ling Mo Feng wants to come back immediately.

LAN Yanxi is like a flirting with the irresponsible elder sister. He goes over and reaches out a finger, which provokes the man's strong and sexy chin: "look at the poor expression, elder sister loves you!"

"Lan Yanxi!" Ling Mo Feng Jun's face stiffened, and he immediately accentuated his tone, calling her with his family name.

LAN Yanxi felt as if he had gone too far. He quickly retracted his finger and said, "why don't you let people play?"

Ling Mo Feng really hates why he's hurt at the moment. If he's good now, I can't see this woman dare to play with him in this tone. He has to let her out of bed tomorrow.

However, as soon as the vice president's mind flashed through the images, he was ashamed again.

"Well, don't make you angry. I'm not right. I'll take a bath for you now." LAN Yanxi immediately put away his mind and reached out to take off the tie for him, and then stretched out his small hand to unbutton his shirt.

Unexpectedly, she just took one of her fingers off and was held tightly by the man's left hand.

"Why?" Blue words, with a quiver in her eyes, raised her head and looked at him.

When Ling Mo Feng saw her lifting her eyes, the beautiful little mouth opened slightly. He couldn't resist his inner impulse. As soon as he bowed his head, he bit her.

"Hello hello, Ling Mo Feng, don't mess about." LAN Yanxi stepped back in two steps, blushing with shame, and urged him nervously: "you're hurt."

"Don't you know that the wounded beast is more powerful?" However, the man still grabbed her arm, and the tall and strong body came towards her step by step: "it's the fire you picked up, you don't intend to extinguish it?"

"Wait, I'll get the water..." Lanyanxi immediately gave a perfect answer.

Ling Mo Feng's stuffy heart suddenly choked. It's very good. He's very good at pretending to be stupid.

"You can quench my thirst." The man suddenly snapped, and she fell right into his arms.

The next second, he released her wrist, no injury to the left hand movement quickly a good chin pick, thin lips again bully.

Lanyanxi feels that this time, it seems that she really annoys this man. It's over. It's over. It's all because she's too playful.

"Well!" Just when Ling Mo Feng wanted to show off his masculinity, he accidentally touched his injured arm. He couldn't help groaning and let go of the little woman in his arms.

"What's the matter? Is the wound cracked? Is it bleeding? " LAN Yanxi was just dizzy and distended. Her brain was blank. Hearing his low hum, she immediately reached for his arm with concern and asked nervously.

"It's OK. Take a bath." The man is a little annoyed, handsome face shows a little paler feeling.

LAN Yanxi hurriedly ran into the bathroom and said, "I'll drain the water. First, sit down and rest. Don't move."

Seeing the woman so diligent, Ling Mo Feng felt less pain in the wound.

LAN Yanxi quickly fills Ling Mo Feng's bathtub with hot water. Then, she turns around and comes out and hooks her finger at him: "come in."

Ling Mo Feng can't breathe because of her bad action. Well, this woman treats him like a little wolf dog.

It seems that he has to make the wound better, turn over to be the master and bully her everyday.

LAN Yanxi ignores the depressed expression of the man directly. When he comes over, LAN Yanxi immediately starts.

Ling Mo Feng is actually quite shy, but LAN Yanxi treats him directly as an injured person. He is agile and clean.

However, lanyanxi was stunned. The next second, she covered her pretty face and immediately turned around. The voice came unnaturally: "sit in now. Remember, don't get your wound."

Ling Mo Feng was still shy, so she didn't dare to look at herself. He suddenly felt that he had won the competition: "Yan Xi, why don't you look?"

"I don't want to see it." LAN Yanxi had a quick glance just now, and her heart would jump out of her chest. Oh my God, she finally saw the real thing. She had sneaked a few glances on the Internet before, but she felt so ugly. Unexpectedly It's not that ugly.

Ling didn't want to play tricks on her. He went straight to the bathtub and sat in it. He let out a sigh of relief. Then, he murmured softly, "thank you, Yanxi!"

LAN Yanxi was ashamed and embarrassed. Suddenly he heard that, he immediately forgot his shame and turned to look at him: "thank you. Am I an outsider? I'm your wife. "

"No matter who you are, I am very happy to have you with me." Ling Mo Feng said with a chuckle.

"It's like how pitiful you were when I wasn't around." LAN Yanxi squatted down, reached out his hand and gently rubbed on his body: "the water temperature is OK."

Ling Mo Feng nodded: "it's good, but it's a little hot."