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Xia Xinnian took a sip of milk and felt a pair of fierce eyes staring at him.

She pretended not to see it, took a bite of her son's bread with sauce, and then she raised her chin slightly like a demonstration, touching the man's hostile eyes.

Xia Xinnian is not afraid of the fierce and cold eyes of Jimu. She feels that she has the courage to fight against him.

Her son was born and raised by her. Why should she be soft?

It's the first time for jimucheng to see a woman with such courage. When facing him, she looks proud and invincible.

Well, he'll make this woman pay for what it's like to be frustrated.

"Mommy, can you and daddy stop flirting in front of me?

Shame! "

The little guy couldn't understand the confrontation in the eyes of the two people. He took the picture of their big eyes and small eyes as the flirtation between the lovers. He immediately chewed the small bread discontentedly and muttered and complained.

Looking around?

No, no, no, my son must have misunderstood something.

She is clearly fighting for a place.

Jimucheng's sexy and beautiful thin lips are slightly on stilts, and then touch his son's bangs like a reward: "Daddy's handsome, let your mommy spend a while!"

Xia Xinnian drinks the milk on his lips and sprays it directly.

It was so sudden that two similar faces, one big and one small, turned to her.

Xia Xinnian quickly took the paper towel to clean the table, while wiping, he ordered his son: "don't look, eat!"

Jimucheng looks at the woman's appearance. The color of her eyes suddenly sinks, and the dark light flows under her eyes.

Is this woman on purpose?

Her mouth is still stained with milk, and she looks like a bloody hook. Jimucheng finds that he has failed.

In the face of such ridiculous things as her milk spray, he even had a physical reaction, and he grinded his teeth with hatred.

Since he slept with this woman five years ago, his body has broken down. It's like an active volcano that suddenly declared silence. In the past five years, it hasn't erupted once. He has seen many doctors and said that he's OK. He's also tried to find several women. They don't even take off their clothes, so he's disgusted to drive them directly.

But just now, the volcano that he buried in his body woke up, and there was a trace of eruption in the blink of an eye.


A small hand stretched out and swayed in front of his eyes. Then came a funny laugh from his son: "Daddy, are you crazy about Mommy?"

Xia Xinnian raised his head and stared at him angrily.

Jimucheng suddenly woke up and found that he had It's like this.

Damn woman! The man put the big palm on the table and clenched the root twice. It turned out that the problem was the woman.

He took the cup heavily to drink a saliva, in the body suddenly woke up that volcano temporarily pressed down.

In fact, he had already had a reflection last night, and it was very strong.

But because everything was so sudden last night, he didn't think deeply.

Until now, jimucheng has finally found that his physical problems are external causes.

And this woman, obviously, is the cure.

Xia Xinnian found that the man stared at himself as if he owed him millions.

She suddenly lost her appetite, wiped the corners of her mouth with a paper towel, stood up, bent over to her son and said, "Mommy is going to work, you listen to Daddy!"

"Goodbye Mommy!"

The little guy immediately waved his hand to her.

Xia Xinnian walked to the hall in peace.

Thinking of that man's cannibal eyes just now, she can't help shaking her long hair. Why does she think this man is more and more dangerous?

Xia shuran made a big breakfast by herself. She went into the bedroom in cool sexy pajamas.

"Honey, get up, I made breakfast for you by myself!"

Xia shuran fell into a man's arms and tickled his handsome face with his fingers. This face is becoming more and more mature, more and more masculine, and Xia shuran loves it very much.

"You eat first, I have no taste!"

He Jiaxuan woke up early, but he didn't get up and lay on the bed. There was another clear figure in his mind.

This time he went to meet Xia Xinnian. It was like a glimpse of her. Her beautiful temperament was deep in his mind.

"What's the matter?


Let me see! "

Xia shuran reached out to touch his forehead.


The man grabbed her hand and sat up: "there are so many things in the company today, I'll take the first step!"

He Jiaxuan went directly into the bathroom.

Xia shuran sat beside the bed, a pair of suspicious beautiful eyes flickering.

Women's intuition is the most terrible, she felt that since Xia Xinnian appeared, he Jiaxuan has not been so enthusiastic about her.

Last night she pestered for help, and he Jiaxuan refused her because she was tired from work.

Is it really because of Xia Xinnian?

He Jiaxuan went into the cloakroom, changed a suit and came out. Xia shuran didn't give up. "Honey, you used to like my breakfast best. Don't you pay today?

Full of my love

"No, I'll go to the company and have some. You can eat it yourself!"

He Jiaxuan took a kiss on her forehead and went out with the car key.

Xia shuran stood like a sculpture in the restaurant for a long time, and the servants nearby were surprised to see this scene.

"Little grandma, do you want to eat?"

The servant saw that she got up early in the morning to do it, and would surely eat it.

"If you don't eat, you'll dump it all for me."

Xia shuran, like being wronged greatly, lost his temper to the servant and ran upstairs.

Xia shuran looks at the mirror and his twisted face with hatred. There is no beauty at all.

"He Jiaxuan, do you regret marrying me?

Do you want to renew your old love for Xia again? I won't let you be satisfied! "

Xia shuran gritted his teeth deeply.

Originally, Xia shuran just warned Xia Xinnian not to disturb her happy life.

But now it seems useless just to warn her.

Her appearance has disturbed her peaceful life.

"Xia Xinnian, you have a son. He Jiaxuan doesn't know it!"

Xia shuran stretched out his hands, suddenly clenched them, as if he was going to breathe someone to death.

Xia Xinnian arrives at the company. As soon as she sits down, several women run around her.

"What are you doing?"

Xia Xinnian asked with a smile.

"Miss Xinnian, that We just want to know. Does jimuchen have a girlfriend? "

Xia Xinnian has a son. The whole company knows it. So, although she is only twenty-three years old, the younger ones are called her elder sister.