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C1024 wronged him

After being scolded by his son, Ji Lin said with emotion, "who is to blame? She's too reckless. Save her life. It's too big. "

"She must be all right!" Ji Shangqing bit his teeth and said word for word. "

I hope she can come out safely, too!" Ji Lin seems to be tired. He sits on the chair beside him and closes his eyes tightly. His expression seems calm, but it is full of sadness and pain.

He felt that he had not been so bad before, and he was unwilling to do big evils. His heart was good at the beginning. When he was young, he also pitied the vagabonds on the road, and fed bread to the shivering dogs and kittens on the road. He was also angry because he heard that an old man had been abandoned by his children. When did he start, the more his heart grew More and more narrow, more and more dark, more and more can not accept the unfair things in the world. When he came to this step, he thought he was forced by the unfairness of the world step by step. He didn't do harm to anyone in the first place. He didn't have to do harm to others, but what was the problem? The door of the operation room suddenly opened, and the two doctors came out, took off their masks and shook their heads to show their regret. "

No, it's impossible. My sister will survive. Doctor, you must save her. She can't be gone like this." Ji Shangqing excitedly grabbed the doctor's hand, shook him vigorously, pleaded with them

"I'm really sorry, we did our best, but your sister's injury is too serious, we haven't started the operation, she has no breath." Doctors are also sad and hard to do. It's their duty to save people's lives. However, when this happens, they have no choice but to feel sad for their families.

Ji Shangqing's eyes turn red in a second, and his tears circle in his eyes. He smashes his fist on the wall and is defeated by the helpless reality. Ji's closed eyes suddenly opened, as if the result were the same as he expected. "

it's hard for you, doctor. Can I go in and see my daughter? I want to say goodbye to her for the last time! " Ji Lin went over to ask, voice sad to make people want to sympathize with him. "

Yes!" The doctor nodded. Ji yunning stepped in with a heavy step, and his eyes were still red at last. He stood in front of the operating table and looked at the young and pale face stained with blood. He reached out his hand and gently stroked her cheek, lowered his head, and whispered in Ji yunning's ear, which had lost his life: "yunning, forgive me, next life, find a good family to reincarnate!"

Ji Shangqing rushes in and looks at his lifeless sister. His rotating tears finally fall down. His hands are on the operating table and his eyes are scarlet. "

so young, so young to leave, oh, life is really fragile." Ji Shangqing suddenly emerged a lot of feelings, he said in a hoarse voice, saying, but felt that such a fate is really ridiculous. Ji turned to look at him: "Shangqing, do you think your sister really committed suicide? Or is she being forced? "

Ji Shangqing suddenly shivered and looked up at his father incredulously:" what are you doubting? Did someone hurt her? " "

your sister set up a bureau for me before. However, if she was caught by someone, she would be nervous and scared to death. If someone let her out of control, she would drive fast in that situation, and there would be an accident again." Ji Lin sneers, his hatred flashes in his eyes.

"Damn Ji Xiaohan, is he really behind the scenes?" Ji Shangqing's face is livid.

"Well, we don't have any evidence. Even if your sister doesn't have this disaster, she will be in prison for 20 or 30 years. Do you think that for a young girl who loves freedom, those four walls will make her feel worse than death?" Ji Lin pulled a smile and sighed. Season was shocked again, and the cold came up. He said with a livid face: "why does season owl not do it even now? Why? Does he mean to create pressure on yunning? "

"Some people's brilliance lies in attacking people's hearts. Now it seems that you are not his opponent." After Ji Lin finished speaking, he turned around and walked out, saying, "yunning's future affairs will be dealt with by you. I'm so sad!" Season

Shang Qing looks back at his father's back, and his mood is in a mess.

"Ji Xiaohan, you killed my sister. Won't your conscience hurt?" Ji Shangqing gnashed his teeth and became angry.

After Ji Shangqing left the hospital, he drove to the imperial mansion to find Ji Xiaohan.

As soon as he got to the hall, he rushed into the elevator without registering.

Although the guard recognized his identity, his expression of killing was still worrying. He went up to stop him: "Mr. Ji, are you looking for Mr. Ji? Please come to the front desk... "

"Go away!" Ji Shangqing's anger is high. At this moment, if anyone wants to stop him, he will reach out and strangle him. That

guard was really frightened by his murderous expression. He quickly asked the front desk to call Lu Qing, the assistant of Ji Xiaohan, to report.

Ji Shangqing takes the elevator to the office floor of Ji Xiaohan. Lu Qing has already met him at the door of the elevator. "

Master Ji, if you have anything, you must use this method..."

"Where is Ji Xiaohan? Let him come out to see me, son of a bitch! " Ji Shangqing is biting his teeth angrily and roaring. Seeing his scarlet eyes, Lu Qing was still in tears. He was stunned for a moment. What happened? Can let Ji Shangqing so lose grace and reason.

"Are you looking for me?" A cold and lukewarm male voice came from Ji Shangqing's left corridor. Ji

Shangqing turns around and sees Ji Xiao walking towards him.

"Season owl cold, you damn!" Ji shangqingmeng rushes towards him. Next second, his hand seizes Ji Xiaohan's lapel and scolds him fiercely: "you are the most damned person. Why don't you die? If my sister is guilty, she will not die! "

Ji Xiaohan originally wanted to open him with a fist. When he heard his words, he froze all over, and a pair of handsome eyes fixed on Ji Shangqing's face: "what did you say just now? Who is dead? " His voice was obviously stiff and tight, and his pupils seemed to be constricted together.

"You don't play here anymore. Didn't you force her to death? Ji Xiaohan, my father is right. I'm not as good as you. When I was born, I'm not as good as you everywhere. I don't have your high acting skills! " Ji Shangqing's hate is over. He pushes Ji Xiao cold hard. Season

owl cold hit his back on the wall.