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Take the child to see her

"Mummy …" The door opened, and Tang Xiao Nai who was in pajamas stood at the entrance. Soon after, she pounced and hugged Tang You You: "Mummy, are you angry?"

Tang You You crouched down, buried her face in her daughter's shoulder and said in a low voice: "Mummy is not angry, but you don't have to play next time, okay?"

Tang You You was momentarily at a loss on what to do. She felt as if something was amiss in the air, and tried very hard to avoid him.

Unfortunately, he couldn't dodge it!

The aura of a man was too strong, too strong to ignore.

"What happened today? Is it because I'm too tired? " The man's voice was very low, and he had already walked in front of her. He was very close to her, almost sticking close to her.

Tang You You tried her best to push back and keep her voice low, but her voice was a bit indifferent. "Maybe, I want to sleep now!"

"Wandering, something's not right with you today. Did something happen?" He could tell that she had something on her mind, and that it had something to do with him.

Tang You You didn't look at his eyes, because she was afraid of sinking into his eyes again.

"No, you're thinking too much. I'm just nervous. Tomorrow is the press conference!" Tang You You deliberately found an excuse to speak.

"What's there to be nervous about? Didn't you already prepare everything?" Ji Xiao Han chuckled, he suddenly extended his finger over, wanting to touch the hair at her ear.

However, the moment his fingers touched her, he could clearly feel the woman slightly move backwards to avoid his gaze.

"You have business! "Tell me!" Ji Xiao Han was already sure, and his voice immediately became deeper.

Tang You You immediately pushed him away: "Really, I'm going to sleep!"

Ji Xiao Han watched as she walked towards the bed, and in the next second, she was lying down.

Ji Xiao Han's healthy body was slightly stiff, his brows were knitted tightly as he looked at her intentionally turning her back to him.

The bedroom was very quiet. Ji Xiao Han stayed inside for only two seconds, then turned and walked out.

Seeing him leave, Tang You You heaved a sigh of relief.

Her heart was still not strong enough. When she faced him just now, she couldn't do anything.

Tang You You was a little annoyed, she hated herself for being like this.

Ji Xiao Han had not fallen asleep yet when he returned to his room. He was playing a new game with his phone, and when Tang Xiao Rui saw him enter, he immediately hid his phone under his blanket and asked with a smile: "Daddy, is Mummy asleep yet?"

"Take out your phone, stop playing, go to sleep!" Ji Xiao Han knew that this little fellow was playing with his phone.

Tang Xiao Rui suddenly placed the phone in his hand, and asked: "Daddy, who is Ji Yun Ning?"

The expression in Ji Xiao Han's eyes froze, and then, he stared at his son in dissatisfaction: "You flipped through my contact record?"

"Can't you look? Who is this Ji Yun Ning? You went to see her last night. " Tang Xiao Rui crossed her two small hands in front of her chest, and her tone revealed great dissatisfaction.

Ji Xiao Han looked at his son's small expression, which was full of annoyance and annoyance, and said depressingly: "He's someone I knew in the past, don't let your thoughts run wild, hurry up and go to sleep."

"Daddy, you can't go see another woman behind Mummy's back. If Mummy finds out, she will definitely be very angry." Tang Xiao Rui was no longer as indifferent to him as he was in the past. Instead, he began to advise him.

"I know, it won't happen again!" In front of the truth, Ji Xiao Han could not deny it either, so he could only promise his son.

"Then can you tell me who is this Ji Yun Ning?" If Tang Xiao Rui hadn't asked for it to be clarified, he wouldn't have been able to sleep.

Looking at his son's determined face, Ji Xiao Han could only reply, "She is my uncle's daughter!"

Tang Xiao Rui let out a long "oh", and then laid down. "Your uncle's daughter, your cousin, is fine. I can finally sleep without worry!"

Ji Xiao Han looked at his son's cunning look and really wanted to slap his butt.

However, he couldn't do anything about it. His son was so sensitive because he didn't have a sense of security. He loved his mother too much, and at such a young age, he was already protecting the people he loved.

Ji Xiao Han reached out and pulled his son into his embrace. The little guy immediately muttered, "Daddy, why are you hugging me? I'm really not used to it!"

"Stop talking, go to sleep!" Ji Xiao Han didn't care about the little fellow's struggles, he just wanted to hug him.

Although Tang Xiao Rui was not used to it, his small mouth was already opened wide. He was in his father's embrace and closed his eyes.

However, Ji Xiao Han was unable to sleep. He looked at his son's small head, pressed his lips against it and kissed: "Good night, my little fellow!"

The second day was a big day for Only Idealism. It was also a big event for the entire entertainment circle.

Tang You You woke up around six. She didn't eat breakfast, so she picked up her car and drove away early.

Thus, the little guy's work after getting up all fell onto Ji Xiao Han's body again.

"Daddy, why didn't you give me a school uniform?" Tang Xiao Nai asked in surprise as she saw her father standing in front of her wardrobe with his hands touching her beautiful princess skirt.

Ji Xiao Han finally picked a Princess Lei Si dress that was bright red. He smiled and said to her daughter: "Xiao Nai, today father will bring you to a very fun place. I won't be going to school, do you want it?"

"Yes, Daddy, where are you taking me?" Tang Xiao Nai Shun Jian's eyes lit up, her face filled with excitement.

"Father will not tell you about it yet, I'll let you keep it a secret for now!" Ji Xiao Han was already wearing his daughter's clothes very smoothly.

He also knew how to match his daughter with a pair of long black silk stockings. Finally, he picked out a pair of small red boots.

The little fellow's long hair was combed very smoothly as well, and a very delicate little flower was placed on both sides of the little fellow's long hair.

"Let Father have a look, my little princess is really beautiful!" Ji Xiao Han looked at his daughter, who had already been dressed up very sweetly by him, and a satisfied smile was plastered on his handsome face.