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Tang You You was choked by his words!

Ji Xiao Han said with deep emotion: "You're still angry at me for the things that happened in the beginning? Now that you have given birth to my child, it is like an honor for you. Now, I finally understand how difficult it is for you, as a single mother, to bring two children with you, I believe that Mu Shi Ye has a deep understanding of this now, as the father of a child, other than being grateful to you, I should take good care of you. Did you give me this chance? "

Ji Xiao Han looked at her and was startled to see that her beautiful eyes had narrowed. Did he say something wrong again?

Tang You You suppressed his heart, pretended to be calm, and followed the man out.

After passing through a corridor, the light in Tang You You's eyes dimmed a little, and she saw a corridor in the air beside them that had a clear atmosphere.

"May I visit there?" Tang You You had always wanted to take a look at the scenery of the entire arena from the corridor in the sky.

It must have been very spectacular, very amazing.

"Of course, let's go!" Ji Xiao Han very naturally grabbed her small hand.

Tang You You couldn't help but roll her eyes. This man was unreasonable, she obviously didn't like to hold hands with him.

But why, every time, did he repeat this gesture, as if he had lost his memory?

Was he doing it on purpose?

What a hateful man.

The light in front of him became more and more dazzling. Waves of light wind blew towards him.

Tang You You's beautiful eyes suddenly widened in shock. She had already walked up the glass corridor.

"Ah …" After Tang You You let out a startled cry, his entire body seemed to have frozen over, and he could not even move a single step.

The man beside her had an enchanting laugh. "You're not afraid of heights, are you?"

Tang You You did not dare to look down, because she never thought that this corridor was actually made of pure glass.

The corridor downstairs was clearly not made of glass.

"Save …" "Save me!" Tang You You only felt that her breathing was a little hurried, her small hand suddenly entangled onto the arm of the man beside her.

It hooked so tightly that his own body was practically sticking onto's body, "Ji Xiao Han, hurry up and get me away, I'm dizzy!"

Ji Xiao Han saw that her little face had suddenly turned pale and muttered a curse. He hurriedly pulled her into his embrace and ordered in a low voice, "Close your eyes!"

Tang You You quickly shut his eyes and felt his paralyzed body being hugged by two strong and sturdy arms.

Immediately afterwards, the fear that came from the depths of his body vanished.

Trembling, she opened her eyes and met the man's concerned gaze. "Are you alright? I didn't expect you to have such a severe fear of heights."

Tang You You's body was still trembling slightly, she felt that her legs had lost all of their strength.

"How did you manage to build a glass corridor at such a high altitude?" Tang You You felt that this was simply killing him.

Ji Xiao Han's hobbies were not something that ordinary people could like.

"This way, I can practice my courage!" Ji Xiao Han smiled faintly.

Tang You You's complexion had yet to recover, she only felt as if she had experienced a nightmare. The feeling of floating in the sky just now, was like a shadow that could not be dispelled at the bottom of her heart.

"I'll carry you to the office and lie down for a while!" Ji Xiao Han walked with heavy steps towards his office.

Outside of his office, Lu Qing and the rest of the assistants all opened their eyes wide in disbelief as they watched Ji Xiao Han carrying a woman into his office.

"Oh my god, which woman was so lucky to be able to have Quarterly carry his inside?"

"I don't know. I didn't even see that woman's face clearly, could she be the girlfriend of the recently rumored Quarterly?"

I never thought that the Quarterly would have such a gentle side to him. I really misunderstood him in the past and thought that he was not interested in women.

Lu Qing heard the group of people beside him discussing softly and immediately shouted sternly, "Have you guys finished your work? Is there anything you can discuss about the boss? "

Hearing Lu Qing's rebuke, everyone immediately shut their mouths and did not say anymore.

At this moment, within the office!

Ji Xiao Han gently placed the terrified Tang You You on the sofa. Seeing that her forehead was covered with a layer of sweat, he guessed that he was truly frightened.

"I'll get you a glass of water!" Ji Xiao Han said as he pressed down on the internal phone on his desk.

A moment later, a female assistant came in with a cup of warm water.

This time, she could finally see Tang You You's face clearly.

She could be considered beautiful, but her forehead was wrapped in gauze and her face was pale. In addition, she was only wearing light makeup. From the looks of it, she wasn't the type of woman that would cause anyone to be shocked.

The female assistant was clearly a little disappointed. She thought to herself, I'm even prettier than her.

But why did the Quarterly treat her with such kindness?

Ji Xiao Han personally walked over, took the water, sat by her side, and passed the water to her lips: "Drink it, slowly pressure."

"Thank you!" Tang You You whispered.

"When did your illness begin?" Ji Xiao Han frowned and asked.

It was only then that Tang You You remembered the scene of himself being mistreated by Tang Xue Rou and her mother when he was young.

He had mistakenly thought that she had stolen the money and tied her hands together, hanging them on the balcony on the second floor. Although it had only been hung for half an hour, Tang You You's fear of heights had still fallen at that time.

After that, she found out that Tang Xue Rou took the money, but her mother believed that she stole it.

"It was when I was young." Tang You You drank two mouthfuls of water and her mood calmed down a lot.

"Who created such a shadow?" Looking at her pale face, Ji Xiao Han felt his heart ache.

If he were to find out, he would have to torture those people many times over.

"What is it? You want to take revenge for me again? " Hearing his question, a smile flashed across Tang You You's pale face.

"Of course, I won't allow anyone to hurt you like this, even if it's a long time ago." A touch of coldness instantly appeared in the depths of Ji Xiao Han's eyes.

Tang You You thought of that family, thought of her former family, she suddenly became silent.