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C1108 reasons for zero scandal

Yang Siyu is the granddaughter of Ji's family. She has been outstanding since childhood. At the age of 24, the old lady has paid attention to her since she was a child. She feels that if she can marry one of her two grandchildren when she grows up, she will be very satisfied. After Xu became an elder, he saw that all the excellent young people wanted her to marry the young people in his family. In this way, he could keep his descendants excellent all the time. "

think of the language, you take a seat first, I will call down my home Xiaoze, you meet, meet!" The old lady is very gentle and kind to Yang Siyu. Maybe she looks right.

"OK!" Yang Siyu nodded and smiled, but when the old lady turned to go upstairs, her face flashed a helpless color. Ji

when Yueze heard that the guests were coming, he immediately exchanged a look with his eldest brother. Ji Xiaohan indicated with his eyes that he would act on his own initiative and not annoy his grandmother first. Season

Yue Ze nodded and felt aggrieved. If it's said that he's still dating people, isn't it going to be a big joke?

"Xiao Ze, hurry down, people are waiting for you!" The old lady urged him discontentedly. "

here we are!" Ji Yueze stands up, and Ji xiaonai suddenly runs over: "uncle, wait for me, and I will go to have a look!"

"Xiaonai, don't go. Daddy will take you down in a moment!" The season owl cold long arm a stretch, the daughter's small body hugs to embrace in the bosom, does not let her follow down to make trouble. This little guy has a lot of mouths and speaks straight. I'm afraid she will fill in the mess. Season

xiaonai had to give Baba a a bad nod: "OK then!"

Ji Yueze followed the old lady downstairs, and the old lady said to him, "I'll see a girl in other people's house, talk well, don't make them angry. You are a man, and you need to show the demeanor and bearing that a man should have, you know?" "

got it!" Ji Yueze dare not contradict, can only nod. The old lady was relieved to see that he was doing well today: "there are still many good girls in the world. You just lack a pair of eyes for discovery. Grandma helped you. Next, you can get along with her well and hurt her. I can't spare you."

"Grandma, how do you know it must be her who is hurt? Maybe it's me! " Ji Yueze laughs helplessly. The old lady glared at him.

At this time, the two men have followed the white jade steps.

"Yang Siyu?" As soon as Ji Yueze saw the girl sitting on the sofa, he immediately called out her name.

Yang Siyu stood up and smiled: "it's me, Ji Yueze, long time no see." "

grandma, do you want me to meet her?" Ji Yueze looks surprised. As soon as Yang's expression changed, he was a little anxious. "

What do you say? I asked her to come to dinner just after she came back to work. What are you talking about, son?" The old lady didn't expect her grandson to be so forthright. She gave him a warning in her eyes.

Ji Yueze narrowed his eyes, and grandma would not have told Yang Siyu that she had come to meet him? Otherwise, how could grandma be such a face to kill? "

Oh, it's my mistake. Grandma, I've known her since we were little. Besides, we can't get along with each other since we were little!" When Ji Yueze saw Yang Siyu, he was relieved at last, because he had a strong premonition that Yang Siyu would not like him, because when he was a child, he often bullied her, and she hated him to death. The old lady really wanted to hit the grandson with a crutch to make him pay attention to his words. Unexpectedly, he was so indiscriminate that she was always angry.

"Granny Ji, Ji Yueze and I have known each other since childhood. Why don't we go out for a walk? Anyway, it's not time for dinner." Yang Siyu suddenly put forward with a smile.

When the old lady heard that she wanted to get along alone, she immediately nodded happily and promised: "well, you young people have your own thoughts. You talk slowly, Ozawa, and take good care of your thoughts and words." Ji

the more Ze heard Yang Siyu, the faster he proposed to get along with him alone. When his eyes changed, he was shocked.

No, doesn't this woman like herself now? Don't you hate him as much as you did when you were a kid? Season

Yueze didn't know where his self-confidence came from. After this kind of recognition, he immediately became alert.

"Come on, come this way with me!" Ji Yueze is the master. Of course, he will lead the way. Yang

thought with a smile and no words, followed him, and they walked along the beautiful garden path. Season

the more Ze listened to the voice of high heels behind him, a little depressed, two people walked a silent way, no one spoke. "

Yang Siyu, how can you get along with each other?" Ji Yueze stops and turns to look at her.

Yang Siyu's expression is light: "I can't find my boyfriend. My family is worried. Of course, I hope I can find someone to get married quickly."

"Are you kidding? You can't find a boyfriend on this condition? I think you have too high vision. You have to be alert. " Ji Yueze and his childhood playmates don't need to be polite.

"Maybe!" Yang Siyu's face changed, a little sad. "

then how could you agree to see me? You don't like me, do you? " Ji Yueze feels that if he is a person who doesn't know him, at this moment, he can't guarantee whether the other party feels about him or not. However, Yang Siyu knows him and runs over again. There is only one possibility. Yang Siyu likes himself.

"You are still inexplicably narcissistic and confident. When you were a child, you said the same!" Yang Siyu laughed at his silence.

"I'm not kidding you. I'm asking you seriously!" Ji Yueze immediately got serious.

Seeing his rare serious look, Yang Siyu suddenly wanted to tease him: "what would you do if I really liked you? Will you marry me? " "

marry?" Ji Yueze was stung by the word. What came to mind was another beautiful face. He promised her that he would only marry her in his life.

"Yes, marry me? Will you? " Yang Siyu sees that his handsome face has changed color, and continues to ask him seriously.

Ji Yueze turns around, fingers in the neat branches upstream walk, picked a leaf, light ridicule way: "before marry you, I hope you can understand me a little more, perhaps, you will not necessarily like such me!" "

what kind of you? Tell me! " Yang Siyu asked curiously. Season

Yueze stops. She is in a hurry. She doesn't know what reason to find to let her go. Suddenly, he turns around and says, "do you know that all these years since I started my career are zero scandal?" "

know something, what's the matter?" Yang Siyu continued to ask.

"Then why don't you think I have any gossip?" Ji Yueze frowned, and there was a touch of sadness in his words.

"Maybe you are a person with a more single-minded relationship and don't care." Yang Siyu said lightly.

"No, I can't, I won't lift it!" Ji Yueze said frankly.