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C1985, listen to big brother. That's right

At the headquarters of Jishi group, the figure of jitingyan appeared in the hall, attracting the side view of the staff.

They all know that the eldest miss of Ji's family is a very low-key beauty, but they seldom see her once a year. At this moment, she suddenly appears in the hall, and everyone looks at her in surprise.

Ji Tingyan has no jewels on her body, which gives people a very casual feeling. However, people can still see the value of her body at a glance. Her wrist, a seemingly beautiful watch, has to start in a million.

Ji Tingyan walks to the elevator with her head down. Cheng Yue follows her and looks at the hall of Ji's group. It's like the sky. On the huge sky, it's bright and bright. People will feel a sense of inferiority when they are in it. They will feel so small.

Cheng Yue secretly exclaimed in her heart how much industry and money Jijia has.

Ji Tingyan takes a special elevator to the big brother's office floor. The rigorous door is closed. An assistant quickly steps up to greet her: "the big lady is here. Is it to find president Ji? Or the chairman? "

"I'm looking for big brother." Ji Tingyan said with a smile.

"Ji is always in the office."

Ji Tingyan reaches for her hand and knocks on the door. Hearing her elder brother's voice, she turns to her assistant and says, "this is my friend. Please take her to the lounge."

Cheng Yue then left with her assistant. Ji Tingyan pushed the door in. Ji Mucheng was standing in front of the huge screen in the office with his hands around his chest, watching the stock market today. Leng Rui Mou son saw his sister coming in. He put down his arms and Mei Yu was slightly surprised: "when did he come back? Why didn't you say hello? "

"Just arrived at noon." Ji Tingyan went to him and took a look at the dense lines and numbers on the screen. Her skull hurt a little. I don't know how long the elder brother's brain is. It seems that he is very sensitive to numbers, but she didn't inherit it to Dad's business brain at all.

"What happened? Why did you come back early? Did you have a bad time with Bonnie? " Jimucheng inquired into her sister's expression and asked with concern.

Ji Tingyan shook her head: "it's not because of him, it's because of Li Jingwen."

Ji Mucheng's eyes flashed: "Li Jingwen? Isn't she your bodyguard? What happened to her? "

Ji Tingyan tells him the whole thing with a sullen face. Ji Mucheng's face is iron and green, and she holds it tightly.

"Damn woman, she dare to threaten you." After hearing this, jimucheng bit his teeth angrily, which made him more angry than hurt him. It can be imagined how frightened and helpless his sister was.

"Brother, where did you find her?" Ji Tingyan asked in a low voice.

"I was introduced by someone. I heard that she lived there and knew the place very well. I hired her, but I didn't expect that she would like to tie ting. What's more, you will become a rival. What's the attitude of tie Ting?" Jimucheng is very regretful. Only when Li Jingwen's details are not investigated clearly can her sister get into trouble.

"He was also very angry. He also said he would find Li Jingwen and vent his anger for me." Ji Tingyan's eyes flashed and her cheeks were a little shy.

"Are you in love with him?" Jimucheng laughed and saw through.

"I thought he was too cold to get close to. After a few days with him, I found that he was a very gentle person, which was good for me." Ji Tingyan chuckles and admits.

"Does he know who you are?" Asked jimucheng curiously.

, "I don't know, I haven't told him yet. He only knows my name is Ji Xiaonai. I don't know if he will investigate me secretly. His name is my nickname. I don't know many people. He wants to check. I'm afraid I'll have to work hard." Ji Tingyan's belly is black with laughter.

"Why don't you tell him who you really are?" Jimucheng is speechless. Sister, what kind of trouble is it?

"Elder brother, I don't want to tell him for the time being. I know that he is also excellent. However, our family background seems to be better than him. I'm afraid that if I say that, what will he do if he ignores me?" Ji Tingyan's pretty face flickers with sadness.

"You think so much, why doesn't he pay attention to you? Because your family is better than him? He will feel inferior? " Jimuchengjue's sister's brain circuit is a little strange.

"I don't know. I don't want him to know so soon." Ji Tingyan is a little uneasy. She has nothing to hide from others. But she is afraid that a love will not be so pure after considering her life experience and money.

"I know you just want to get along with him. You want him to like you and your family, don't you?" Jimucheng sighs. The gate is too high. Is it limited to girls?

"Well, that's what I mean. If he asks one day, I'll say, if he doesn't, I'll keep it from him." Ji Tingyan murmured.

"Well, you can make up your mind. You just said that he went abroad. Do you want to go to him?" Jimucheng wants her sister to strike while the iron is hot, and quickly stabilize this relationship.

"Ah? I'll find him? Not so good, right? " Ji Tingyan's face is hot and tense.

"What's wrong? When you ask him which country he is in, you quietly pass by and surprise him. It's very important for men and women to communicate and find more opportunities to make surprises. " Jimucheng is afraid that his sister is too wooden, so he will give her advice.

"Really? Did sister-in-law tell you that? " Ji Tingyan is stunned. Brother Jue's words are reasonable.

"I didn't know these interesting things before I went out with your sister-in-law. After I fell in love with her, I had a thick skin. As long as I could let her see me more, there would be some surprises." Jimucheng said shamelessly.

"In that line, with your advice, I'm sure my relationship with tieting will go further." Ji Tingyan decides to listen to elder brother's arrangement. Elder brother will not hurt herself anyway.

"First you ask him which country he is in and where he is. Then I will send you a private plane directly. When you stand in front of him, I believe he will be very excited."

"Well, anyway, I can't stay at home too long. At noon today, my mother asked me to go for a blind date. I'm so depressed." Ji Tingyan said stiffly.

"Our family are concerned about your emotional home. Don't worry. Aren't you busy now? Go to find feting. It's the most emotional test in a different place. You've just started to get emotional. You can't be separated. "

"Well, what about Li Jingwen? If she knew that I had not broken with tie Ting, she would surely find a chance to get even with me. " Ji Tingyan's beautiful face flashed worries.

"I'll send someone to protect you in secret. As for Li Jingwen, I'll arrange someone to go to her now and watch her every move. I will never let her get close to you." Jimucheng Junrong is cold. If he dares to hurt his sister, he will chase her to the end of the world and never let go.