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C1279 the mystery is solved

The little interlude before going to bed turned over like this. Luo Jinyu didn't want to scold this little woman at all. At night, she still hugged her deep sleep. Yang ChuChu also decided not to do such silly things in the future. She should have confidence in Luo Jinyu. Qing

in the morning, Yang ChuChu woke up from his sleep, washed and walked out of the living room, heard the sizzling sound of fried eggs coming from the kitchen, and the smell of burnt incense also came out. Yang ChuChu stretched out and walked into the kitchen.

In the early morning of winter, water drops hang on the glass window, reflecting the man who seriously cooks breakfast.

The man is wearing a high collar knitted sweater and a linen leisure suit. The whole person is full of young masculinity. Although Luo Jinyu is much older than Yang ChuChu, he is now in the golden age of a man. He shows the charm of maturity and inclusiveness of a man. It is absolutely easy Capture a woman's heart.

Yang ChuChu blinked his sleepy eyes and looked at the tall and handsome figure of the man with a smile.

Lazily said: "morning, when did you get up?" "

are you hungry just after you get up?" Luo Jinyu had found her for a long time. He was busy with what he was doing. He took the time to take the hot soymilk out of the warm water, walked to her and handed it over: "drink while it's hot."

Yang ChuChu reached out and took it. His hands were in his palm. The hot body of the cup made her feel warm early in the morning. She took a drink, sweet and Zizi. "

do you really want to accompany me to the show today?" Yang ChuChu asked with a happy face. "

didn't you ask me to accompany you?" The movement on the man's hand was slightly stiff for a while, and the quiet eyes looked at her.

"Yes, I asked you to go, but you don't have to. You can refuse!" Yang ChuChu bowed his head again and took a sip. He still felt that it tasted good. "

you know I can't refuse you!" The man's thin lips are slightly raised. No wonder he didn't wear a formal suit in the morning. The reason is that he had to accompany Yang ChuChu to attend a winter hair jewelry exhibition at more than 10 noon. Yang ChuChu was also one of the invited models. Even if he pushed his work, he wanted to see her beauty with his own eyes.

"In the morning, my mouth is so sweet. I will reward you today!" Yang ChuChu immediately put out a queen like posture to say.

Luo Jinyu's expression was slightly startled, and then his smile deepened: "OK, I'd like to have a present today!" "

don't worry, I must give it, and I've already thought about it!" Yang ChuChu said with a smile, with a bright mind.

Luo Jinyu expressed curiosity and asked, "what is it? Can you disclose it in advance? " "

No, keep it secret. When the exhibition is over, you will know!" Yang ChuChu's smile is very mysterious. After breakfast, Luo Jinyu drove himself to the jewelry exhibition with Yang ChuChu. Lu

on the one hand, Yang ChuChu looks at her make-up with a small mirror, while humming a light song. Her happy appearance makes her more delicate and lovely. Luo Jinyu looks at her side eyes, but she is very excited. He can't help but laugh at himself in his heart. Now he has put her on the top of his heart. I'm afraid that she will have any flashbacks. Therefore, with concern, he will tense his heart and worry about everything about her every day. "

stop taking photos, you are beautiful today!" Said the man affirmatively.

"I know, but I think I chose the wrong lipstick today. This one is too fresh and tender. Obviously, I'm not stable enough. No, I have to change another one." Yang ChuChu said with a little mouth. "

it's up to you. I think you're good anyway!" Luo Jinyu really didn't understand this kind of cosmetics for girls, so every time he gave Yang ChuChu a gift, he would give all kinds of each one to her to choose.

Yang ChuChu sat down safely and honestly. He pulled on his seat belt and watched the road with him. "

by the way, it's clear. There's something I've always been curious about!" Luo Jinyu suddenly asked.

"What's the matter?" When Yang ChuChu saw his serious tone, his expression was also congealed and tense.

"Don't worry, I just want to know why you are Yang? Your mother's surname is Cheng. Why didn't you follow her? " Luo Jinyu chuckles. "

Oh, you're asking this. Actually, I followed the surname of an adoptive father before me. I heard from my mother. Before I was three years old, my mother was sent by my grandmother. My mother was forced by my grandmother to meet someone else. But later, my mother went on a hunger strike and nearly died. My grandmother took me back, but they asked my mother to call me" I am " The adopted daughter she picked up was not her own. My mother agreed to this condition, and I followed my former adopted father's surname all the time. In fact, my mother always hoped that I could have the same surname with her. My grandparents always disagreed, but even if they disagreed, my mother never married. She even called me her own daughter. My mother was too stupid. For me, she gave up My own life! " Yang ChuChu leaned on the back of the chair, his eyes were red, and secretly vowed that he would become better and have the ability of filial piety in the future. "

so it is!" Luo Jinyu finally knew the twists and turns.

"My mother is such a nice person, but I always make her angry before, I am too ignorant!" Yang ChuChu's special self reproach, maybe only when he has a child can he realize the greatness and tolerance of being a mother. In this world, maternal love is absolutely the most awesome. "

it's good that you're still young and can understand this. I'm a young generation and I still can't understand the hardships of my parents." Luo Jin comforts her with soft voice.

"Luo Jinyu, do you have a middle-aged man who is not married yet? Or, as long as his character is good, I want to introduce him to my mother. I don't want her to be single all the time. I want someone to take care of her. " Yang ChuChu suddenly asked him in a hurry. Luo

Jin Yu was a little surprised and thought carefully: "there are some I know that are not bad, but I'm afraid your mother will not see them." "

No, my mother doesn't pick No, my mother has been completely devoted to men. She doesn't choose. She just doesn't believe that men will really treat her. What should I do? " Yang ChuChu covered his face with his hands and looked worried. "

maybe she really needs to meet a person who is destined to open her heart knot and heal her inner pain. Don't worry about this kind of thing. Your mother is so kind and God will be fair to her." Luo Jinyu doesn't know how to comfort her. "

I know, I know that emotional things can't be forced, I can only pray to heaven more, so that she can find that person as soon as possible." Yang ChuChu sighed and said, just at this time, the car turned a corner and stopped at the door of a five-star hotel. Today's jewelry exhibition is held on the second floor of this building. All the people invited are from the industry. At this moment, in the hotel hall, not only the stars and fashion figures, but also many journalists and media gathered, which is very lively. Luo

today, Jin Yu is wearing casual clothes and his hairstyle is a little younger. Unlike the usual way, he always combs his back. His aura is full, but today he has recovered his 28 year old youth temperament.

"Is that the Lord of Luo family? It's really eye opening. How could he accompany Yang ChuChu to the fashion show? It seems that he really dotes on this little girl. The low-key Luo's ruler even exposes himself to the camera. "

"I heard that he really dotes on Yang ChuChu. He gives gifts every few days. I don't know how many women he envies!" "

take a picture, I want to be exclusive!" Luo

Jin Yu and Yang ChuChu go to the hall. When they are about to reach the signature wall of the red carpet, Luo Jin Yu still passes by the side channel in a low-key way. Yang ChuChu doesn't have to go to sign with him. After she signs her name, she goes to Luo Jin Yu quickly.

Just as the two men walked forward hand in hand, not far away, a pair of mother and daughter's eyes were about to dribble out the venom.

"Mom, did you see that little bitch didn't come alone!" Fang Kexin clenched his fists and gnashed his teeth. When he thought that the man he liked was holding her hand, her face turned green. "

I don't care how many people she's here today. I'm going to expose her shameless bastard!" Liu Lanleng hums.