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C1991 is unanimous

Ji Tingyan's appearance is like a breeze in the life of tie Ting, which is as dull as an ancient well. It caresses his heart. In his current state, he can't leave her, and he will never put her in danger. Anyway, he will send her away.

Ji Tingyan holds the man and refuses to give up. For the first time, she feels so real that she can't let go.

In the room on the other side, Wang orange smilingly opens a bag to Cheng Yue, which holds a delicate backpack: "I bought it at the airport."

Cheng Yue took it up and saw that it was a very luxurious backpack, which must be worth tens of thousands of yuan.

"Why do you buy such an expensive one?" Cheng Yue opens her eyes.

"I think many girls like it. There are handbags, but I don't think you are used to it, so I bought you a backpack. It's a little expensive, but for me, it's not much money." Wang Cheng's face turned red and he was used to scratching his head, explaining nervously.

"We've only met a few times. Just give me such an expensive bag. I'm a scum man." Cheng Yue scolds him in a low voice.

"I I'm not a bad guy, sister. Why are you still swearing? " Wang orange's eyes are red and he wants to cry.

Cheng Yue looked at him as if he had been wronged. She sighed, "to tell you the truth, this is the most expensive gift I have ever received in my life. I dare not ask for it. Would you like to give it back sometime?"

"Why? Other women can use it. Why don't you use it? " Wang Cheng's face was startled.

"I'm not used to it. I still like cheap things." Cheng Yue is actually very moved. She has made several boyfriends before, and the most expensive one for her is a box of lipstick, which is worth more than 3000 yuan. She felt happy at that time. Until her ex boyfriend came to waste money, she didn't understand her value.

Wang Cheng is in a hurry: "elder sister, I bought it for you, you can take it for use. Anyway, I can't return it now. As a big man, I can't carry such a lovely bag."

Cheng Yuezhen dare not accept it, because she is not sure whether she will associate with such a small boy. She doesn't want to be a Cinderella and cheat his feelings. Wang Cheng is different from other men. He has a sincere heart. He should find a clean girl instead of her.

"Let it go first. There will always be a chance to deliver it later." Cheng Yue turns around and walks out. Her eyes are sore.

Wang orange stays in place like a pillar.

Cheng Yue comes out and takes a breath of fresh air. She feels less bored.

Ji Tingyan can't breathe. Junrong is hot. He has to push her away. "Xiaonai, unexpectedly, you are also very sticky."

Ji Tingyan is not joking with him at this time. Her beautiful eyes are full of tears and sparkle.

She looked at the man without blinking, like the feeling of sobbing, so that tie Ting felt that he was a heartbreaker, betraying her true feelings.

"How can I still cry?" Tie Ting doesn't understand Ji Tingyan's inner feelings at all. She finally comes, but he wants to send her away. Who doesn't cry?

Tie Ting wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes with her fingers and sighed: "give me your brother's phone number, I'll talk to him."

"What are you talking about?" Ji Tingyan asked him with a snuffle and sobbed.

"Talk about why he sent you here, and then talk about how to protect you." Tie Ting smiled softly.

"No!" Ji Tingyan is headstrong. It's really hard to coax. It may be the stubbornness of Ji's family.

Tie Ting really has no temper, so she has to let her go: "OK, if you don't give it to me, I'll find someone to ask myself."

Ji Tingyan takes out her mobile phone and dials up her elder brother's phone. It's already early in the morning in China. Ji Tingyan really doesn't want to disturb elder brother's rest, but since she wants to talk with him, she still wants them to talk.

"Here you are!" Ji Tingyan hands her mobile phone to tie Ting, turns around and opens the door.

At the same time, I saw Cheng Yue lying on the wall, dazed. When Ji Tingyan saw her depressed, she suddenly felt that she was no better than her.

Tie Ting looked at the rose red mobile phone in his hand and was stunned. Then he heard a clear male voice from the opposite side: "have you seen tie Ting? Was he surprised? "

"Mr. Ji, I'm tie ting." Tie Ting was embarrassed.

“……” The person on the other end of the phone was even more embarrassed. Jimucheng immediately gave a light cough, and the voice immediately became serious: "Oh, it's you, my sister?"

"She's here. I'm sorry she didn't disturb you." Tie Ting's voice is a little stiff. He and jimucheng haven't met each other, only heard about each other's taboos. At this moment, he suddenly wants to talk. He really doesn't know where to start.

"No, I always sleep late. My sister went there. Did she disturb your work?" Jimucheng always thought that feting was working here, so he would let his sister come to see him.

"I was just about to talk to you about this. These two days, I want to send xiaonai back. My side is very dangerous. She is not suitable to stay here." "Tie Ting said in a low voice.

"I know it's a bit messy there. I've also sent a lot of people to protect her. Aren't you there, too? You take care of her. She likes you very much. " Jimucheng sold his sister out very simply.

Tie Ting heard this sentence, naturally happy: "I also like her, but now is not the time to talk about love, I come here have business to do."

"What can I do for you? Don't mention it. I can do anything to please my sister. " Although Ji Mucheng is polite, he never loses in protecting his younger sister. His words only show that he helps his younger sister when she is happy.

Tie Ting can't laugh or cry. The feelings of these two brothers and sisters are very good. If there is a brother like this, Xiao Nai's life should be very happy.

"I don't need any help here. I just hope you can let xiaonai go. I just advised her that she wouldn't go." Tie Ting can only ask Jimu for help.

"I can't help her with her stubborn temper, but I'll tell her." Jimucheng doesn't seem to be joking when he sees tieting. He takes it seriously.

"Thank you. Let's talk when we have a chance. Let's hang up."

"Good bye." Jimucheng also hung up.

Tie Ting took a deep breath. Why hasn't he got married yet? He has a feeling of trying to please jimucheng? Strange.

Tie Ting comes out with her mobile phone and sees Ji Tingyan and Cheng Yue leaning against the corner to chat. He goes over and returns her mobile phone.

"What did my big brother say?" Ji Tingyan looked at him curiously and asked.

"He agreed with me. You stay for two days, and then send you away." Tie Ting said with a serious face.

The light in Ji Tingyan's eyes dimmed, and she whispered, "do you think I can only share happiness, not bitterness?"

"It's different. I want you to live safely." Tie Ting's eyes gently coagulate her.

Ji Tingyan looks into the bottom of his eyes, her heart beats faster, and finally she just purses her lips and nods: "OK, I'll listen to you this time."